God Forgives … I Don’t! / Dio perdona … io no! (Giuseppe Colizzi, 1967)

This film has just been released in region one format by some company called telavista(with a terrible cover)availible on amazon.

For more info visit:
DATABASE PAGE: Dio perdona… Io no! - The Spaghetti Western Database (spaghetti-western.net)

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do you know if it is letterboxed?

There seems alot of different DVD issues to this film.

So many editions with different; widescreen ratio’s, comedy dub, serious dub, mixture of both dub perhaps? then I have read there is no complete commercial ‘uncut’ print in the correct widescreen ratio with an english dub for the majority of the film ?

I previously had an on air dvd but it was fullscreen, i’ve got my old vhs at the moment which is a compromise of about 1.85:1.
Until i know any differently i will hang on to this.

Wise decision!

doesnt say if its letterbox,run time is 101min.

Sounds like an interesting film.

one of my favorites. part 1 of the colizzi trilogy

Watched the new Dutch release of this movie a month ago or so. Presented in anamorphic 2.35:1 and with the Eglish dub and having a runtime at just around 108 mins. Not completely uncut apparrently but close enough for me.

Didn’t actually like this movie the first time around (saw the fullscreen version from On Air) but the second time I saw it was a totally different experience. Has definitely something to do with the fact of seeing a not so cut version and seeing it in the OAR. A nice film… The best of the Colizzi trilogy in my opinion with Ace High coming in at a close second and Boot Hill several paces behind.

I just won the Dutch release on Ebay. Glad to hear it’s OK. Looking forward to receiving it.


the new German disc has the italian cut, slightly less perfect image and some jumpcuts but probably one of the best versions available.

Sure, but we’re talking no subtitles, right?

only german ones at the restored scenes, yep

Like it as well, probably the best Hill/Spencer work here.

Good enjoyable movie. Hill and Spencer are of course great in this movie but it’s Frank Wolff as an eccentric villain who steals the show for me.

Of course, Frank Wolff’s best role.


This was actually on last night on Encore. Missed it because I had to go to a wedding!

Among the first SWs I’ve watched ! The uncut, serious version is really good ! Frank Wolff’s performance is superb, Hill/Spencer are also doing well in this one, I think !!! Highly recommended stuff !!!

Agreed. Frank Wolff steals the show.

Yeah I think I’ve said this before, but this is one of my favorites. A really well-done movie, and the best in the Colizzi trilogy