God Forgives … I Don’t! / Dio perdona … io no! (Giuseppe Colizzi, 1967)

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #41

I’m not too crazy about this film. Its a bit too talky and slow for me, although it is not a comedy. But I think the best version to get is the dutch filmworks because its uncut.

(Sebastian) #42

the three collizis are anything but comedies. god forgives I don’t, ace high, and boot hill, are all three very serious, gritty spaghetti westerns, apart from boot hill, all excellent movies (okay ace high drags a bit). absolute must sees, i’d say especially god forgives is a must see

(Spaghetti Monkey) #43

I’d also recommend the Dutch Filmworks version.

(The Swede) #44

Havent seen this yet but I love the poster for it.

(Sebastian) #45

the latest German version also seems to be restored as fully as possible, yet doesnt have start-to-finish English audio… haven’t seen the filmworks version.

to repeat myself: we need to increasingly put that sort of information into the SWDB, the length of dvds, what versions they are, etc

(Novecento) #46

Yes that was a good scene. I also loved the scenes when Hill was sneaking around the hideout where the gold was hidden; the music went just perfectly with the ambiance.

Yes I have the Dutch Filmworks one too. Does anyone know if Hill and Spencer use their own voices in the Italian version? It’s sounds like they’re dubbed by other people in the English one.

(scherpschutter) #47

I’ll try to find out tonight

As far as I know Spencer was always dubbed by a voice actor. Hill usually was dubbed in the beginning of his career too, but started to use his own voice later on (just like Nero and Milian). The use of voice actor is wide spread in Italian cinema. In fact Nero was still dubbed in Italian when he spoke his own lines in the international English versions of some movies!

(rawhide) #48

members, i gave it a 4 . i like the villian[bill san antonio] and i think that this is one of the better bud/terence team ups—ralph g

(Dillinger) #49

I also like Bill san Antonio, although he is a sick soandso… :wink:

(Spaghetti Monkey) #50

Which is why he is so likeable ;D

(I...I...Idiot) #51

It’s hard for me to fully appreciate how good this movie is because the version I viewed was ass! I know I’ll like it much more with a proper viewing.

(p.pereira) #52

I must thank Scherpschutter for having seen this one. My friend this review is for you:

(I...I...Idiot) #53

After finally getting my hands on a good copy of this one, I was finally able to view this classic in it’s appropriate splendor. Great performances by Hill & Spencer, as well as a landmark performance by Frank Wolff. I don’t think that Ace High is as far behind as people think but the story in God Forgives…is miles ahead.

(scherpschutter) #54

[quote=“p.pereira, post:52, topic:607”]I must thank Scherpschutter for having seen this one. My friend this review is for you:


Obrigado !

(tomobea) #55

Witch one is the best of the German Editions: The Jewel Edition or the New KSM Edition?


(Paco Roman) #56

THE NewKSM is the better one:
But it has only German and Italian Audio and no Subtitles. It includes a booklet in German with some informations about the movie. The quality is better than the Jewel Edition. Be cautios that you buy the right one.

Still love this Movie it’s one of the best SW. 5/5

(klinteastwood) #57

just finished watching this film…aaaaand…it was pretty damn good

there are a few things that stood out that I enjoyed particularly

the buddy relationship between Hill and Spencer is great…I love how he calls him a jackass throughout the whole movie…the poker scene was really well done in the beginning as someone said…the music was a little different than the typical Morricone wannabe, but it had a really cool vibe to it that i was hip to as the kids say…and last but not least…Bill mothafuckin san antonio…is he not one of the best villains in a SW or what? anyways…yea pretty good movie…first i ever heard of colizzi too by the way

(Chris_Casey) #58

GOD FORGIVES–I DON’T is my favorite Terence Hill film (apart from MY NAME IS NOBODY) and it is definitely my favorite Colizzi film. I can barely stand BOOT HILL and ACE HIGH just doesn’t work for me, for some reason, though I do enjoy bits and pieces of it…and Eli Wallach is always great to watch.

I love the imagery, the locations, the music, the characters…honestly, I love everything about GOD FORGIVES–I DON’T! when it comes right down to it.

And speaking of the locations…

Here’s one from this film that I visited in Almeria. The location (El Puntal) was also used in BULLET FOR THE GENERAL.

(chuck connors brother) #59

I think this movie is pretty much as perfect as a SW can get (along with the others above this on my list). I don’t rate Boot Hill and Ace High very highly, but i’d put Boot Hill 2nd.

(Dillinger) #60

I only have seen Ace High once, like 20-25 years ago when I was a child. Unfortunately we don’t have a German DVD of this flick…