Global DVD (Naushad - South Africa)

(ENNIOO) #141

I always watch this film afterwards:

(alk0) #142

As far as i know they are pressed discs, not DVD-Rs

(Søren) #143

Oh yes that is the Global-release. Looks simply stunning I agree. Koch Media quality. But that is also the best-looking of the lot.

(Silvanito) #144

His discs are not DVD-R’s, correct

I have Night of Serpent and Finders Killers which I picked up cheap from Sazuma

I have thought about getting his latest stuff even if it’s expensive

(cm215) #145

They’re all DVDs to my knowledge, but I still wouldn’t pay $30 or whatever. When I saw his ioffer (or was it ebay?) pages I couldn’t believe the prices. From Global, I’ve got:

Arizona Colt Returns
Bastards - Go and Kill
Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows
One More to Hell
Revenge of Sartana
Ringo Kill
Ringo the Lone Rider

I got them from another online distributor for more reasonable prices. I think they are pretty acceptable quality-wise (I am not very picky though) … despite those weird issues with the screen jumping and such.

(autephex) #146

I was always under the impression his discs were DVDRs as I’ve never bought any from him… if they are pressed discs and come commercially packaged then I think his pricing may be justified. It is surely fairly expensive for a small operation to release in retail quality format. It isn’t as big of a deal for larger companies as they are already mass-producing DVDs in this format. Plus the titles seem to be consistently rare ones that were not previously available from other sources as DVD. But then I could be wrong about that last part as I’m not completely familiar with all foreign releases that are available.

But again, I still think he would ultimately do more business if he just lowered the prices by $10

(LVC) #147

I purchsed and paid for Global’s three newest SW releases in March and I still have not received the DVD’s. If I had it to do over again, I would have never placed the order in the first place. By the time I do receive the DVD’s, if ever, I will most likely already have Wild East’s releases of “Killer Caliber 32” and “Django Meets Sartana”.

(Phil H) #148

Have you tried PMing him through his forum name? (Warrior) I don’t know how often he logs on these days but it’s worth a shot if you have been waiting since March.

(Silvanito) #149

Naushad (Warrior) was last logged-in in february apparently

Thought he’d been quiet for some time now

Maybe he’s out of business?

Too bad about the DVDs LVC, they were also a bit expensive I presume?

I’m looking forward to the WE double features of these films, very nice

(ENNIOO) #150

I did enquire re the films at the time to his regular e mail address and received no reply. When I sent him a p.m through the forum he told me not to p.m him through the forum.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #151

Obviously he does not want any more business from us.

(Silvanito) #152

That’s too bad since some of his releases were good quality

Night of the Serpent and His Life is Mine, for example

But they were often too expensive, and a bit difficult to order since he hardly had any retailers after Xploited stopped selling them

(Hombre) #153

Naushad has been selling on ebay recently, he had O’ Cangaceiro up with a buy it now of $55.00!!!

(ENNIOO) #154

For that price I reckon it may be worth buying two copies :wink: .

(korano) #155

It goes without saying that the disc is definetly aimed at people who don’t know the meaning of the word bootleg, torrent, or DVD-R. Not that any of those are especially good/legal things, but people (such as myself I’m afraid to say) will doanythingto get there hands a\on amovie. Particularly a Spaghetti!

(ENNIOO) #156

Some people will go to extreme measures to get hold of films…but will they sell there soul…

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #157

There is no shame in that. You do what you gotta do to see these films.

Reading your post gave me chills Ennio. LOL

(LVC) #158

Update since my last post. I still have not received the DVDs I ordered and I have not received a refund via Paypal, which is how I paid. No refund despite multiple requests.

(ENNIOO) #159

I hate it when you have paid for something and you chase it up and you get no reply.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #160

I never bought stuff from him cause I always thought of him as a somewhat dodgy character.