Global DVD (Naushad - South Africa)

(Jonny Powers) #341

Real shame Naushad won’t put out a release of this or at least send it off to someone who will. Heck, I’d fund a release of some of these rarities :-\

(Bill san Antonio) #342

Maybe a kickstarter funding might be a good idea for such releases.

(Sebastian) #343

why isnt wild east or someone else jumping in and releasing those titles instead?

(Jonny Powers) #344

Exactly what I was thinking!

It’s odd they haven’t picked it up. Haven’t they worked with Naushad in the past to get prints?

(Farmer_J) #345

What happened to that guy said he was going to try and buy rights to some westerns that Included The Executioner of God? Maybe he could get involved?

(Jonny Powers) #346

That was the guy from Intervision, the one doing the Django the Bastard release, right? High school kid, tried to put out Castellari’s The Last Shark. If he manages to get DtB out (now a double bill with Boot Hill), well, I might have some hope.

(Farmer_J) #347

There’s copies of the DTB and Boot Hill double bill on Ebay.

(Jonny Powers) #348

Well I’ll be damned :o Preorder set for release on the 29th, last news I heard it was slated for an undetermined September release (See OP in this thread:,4177.0.html ) but the website still lists it for October ( ). Fingers crossed for next week, but if it gets delayed I won’t be surprised.


Vamos a Matar Sartana-There is a clip of it on youtube, just type in the words. To me, it looks really cheap made.

(Durango) #350

And how is that relevant? All spaghetti westerns were made on a budget, some obviously cheaper than others. What’s important to me and many other genre fans is that it’s rare and unavailable, not that it looks cheap :slight_smile: Once a copy is out, we can all gather around and complain about any shortcomings of the movie, but right now there’s no way to enjoy or judge this undoubtedly cheap work of art.

(Bad Lieutenant) #351

Yeah, why express thoughts on anything? After all, this is not a forum.


It was just an observation. Heck!..I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, amigo.

(Sebastian) #353

Easy with the horses fellers :wink:

(Durango) #354

And what do you think I am doing? Right, expressing thoughts. So your comment is rather cheap.

(Bad Lieutenant) #355

Thanks for your input. Relevant for sure!

(Søren) #356

Well, the movie has a selling point now at least.

“One of the most controversial movies ever to graze the SWDB forum. The movie they didn’t want you to discuss.”

Do I smell a coming blu-ray release?

(Durango) #357

What are you, the village idiot or the neighborhood troll?

(Durango) #358

Seems a few patrons here like to gang up on my comment containing some relevant observations following a totally pointless and silly remark about a lower-grade spaghetti western looking cheap. Of course it looks cheap, anyone with a pair of eyes can see that. So I ask those wisecracking desktop sheriffs: what exactly do you people find relevant about the observation that a late-cycle low-budget entry in an already cheap genre niche looked cheap in that clever observer’s eyes? And what makes you high and mighty people decide to make fun about my comments that make quite a bit of sense if you actually bother to read and think about them for a while?

In case you weren’t paying attention: while Lone Gringo said something that apparantly boiled down to: nah I don’t need to see this, it’s cheap! I simply countered that with my own point of view, actually supporting the observation that it’s a cheapie. There wasn’t any need for trolling and snide remarks. But hey, since the local police lieutenant and the originator of the comment that led to this shootout thought snide remarks would help, I’ll be happy to join the party for a while, at least until I get bored, a point which will probably come sooner rather than later. Oh and I really hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings ;D Maybe I should never, ever again call into question the relevance of something shared on a forum. Ba-ba-baaad choice of words ::slight_smile:

(Søren) #359

Well I don’t know if I was targeted in your latest comment Durango, but if I was rest assured that I was only trying to derail a fight that was going nowhere.

(Sebastian) #360

ok can we all calm down and return to the topic please? thanks with a cherry on top