Global DVD (Naushad - South Africa)

(Sundance) #361



I never said that i didn’t want to see it, all i said was it looked cheaply made. But let’s just stop there, ok hombre!

(Durango) #363

Yeah let’s forget about it. Keep ‘em holstered, no more fightin’ words. I’ll buy ya a beer at the saloon yonder, stranger!

(The Man With a Name) #364

If only! These three movies would have been terrific.

(warrior) #365

hi guys
i have no desire to release westerns ,but i have a few on ebay
all pal

all eng versions and remastered
contact me directly if you want any of them
i ill be releasing hangmans tree soon

(The Man With a Name) #366

No chance of some bare bones releases of Three Gun Showdown, End of the Rainbow and Vamos Amatar Sartana? I’d take a grainy, unremastered DVD of one of those as opposed to nothing at all.

(warrior) #367

sorry no