Global DVD (Naushad - South Africa)

(CORMAC) #321

already have a very good copy of dirty fifteen,el puro is this the one i’ve seen for sale on ebay cut to 82 mins totally destroying a great movie although its great quality would rather wait for a 2,35:1 widescreen uncut version.what others have yoy for sale?

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32 calibre killer

(tomobea) #323

What is the runningtime of your version??? (EL PURO)

(Stanton) #324

It is a 8 min shorter version, but it is in 2,35:1 and in much better picture quality than the VHS copy we all own. Min 7 to 15 are completely missing.

And the image is slightly masked, which looks a bit strange in several scenes. Means there is a bit missing on top and bottom compared to the VHS.

(sartana1968) #325

i don’t know for the globa releases but the ‘moment to kill’ version it’s the most horible transfer
i ever seen for spaghetti western, and wild east take the horrible picture and put it in the double feature
why always the good ones have the most crappy picture?

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Post by John Nudge at SWWB;article=173211;title=Spaghetti%20Western%20Web%20Board

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[quote=“Stanton, post:324, topic:563”]It is a 8 min shorter version, but it is in 2,35:1 and in much better picture quality than the VHS copy we all own. Min 7 to 15 are completely missing.

And the image is slightly masked, which looks a bit strange in several scenes. Means there is a bit missing on top and bottom compared to the VHS.[/quote]

Much better picture. Managed to get a copy of it recently. Few more minutes cut out when compared to the extended composite version Autophex did.

(tomobea) #328

Nothing NEW about this Company, any new film releases, or will Wild East release there films in the future!?

(CORMAC) #329

i wouldn’t hold my breadth anytime soon over this guy, read about two months ago on the spaghetti web board he was taken orders for his latest releases still no news to date i don’t think there ever will be and doesn’t deserve our backing as i think he’s all talk.

(Richard--W) #330

[b]I have a chance to pick up some previously viewed Global DVD’s and I’m wondering which ones should I avoid and which ones are worth owning?
Worth owning as in good quality picture, uncut, in the correct aspect ratio?
The guy actually wants money for them.
¿ Any suggestions ?
¿ Recommendations ?
¿ Advice ?

¿ What’s the difference between Sinister Cinema’s God Frogives - His Life Is Mine and Global’s edition ?


(Bad Lieutenant) #331

I believe Sinister Cinema dvd’s are not factory pressed, while the dvd’s from Global. God Forgives, His Life Is Mine as an alright dvd. Sleeve design by Global is amateurish though. Anyone could make better looking sleeves, even in paint. The dvd is also available on ebay, not too expensive, from tsimonelli.

(Sundance) #332

Night of the Serpent is quite good despite being non-anamorphic. Definitely best of the releases. French disc is somewhat better but no English.

Man Called Invincible looks ok (Italian disc is probably slightly better, with no English options, but clearly from the same master). God Forgives, His Life Is Mine is somewhat worse but still alright as Bad Lieutenant says. But I guess it depends on what you expect. :wink:

Fedra West’s transfer has all kinds of problems but I wonder if we are ever going to see a better version even if not in English.

From the four discs that were released at the same time, Arizona Colt Returns, Unholy Four, Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows and Bastards Go and Kill Chaco, at least the first two look quite good otherwise but there is something wrong with the transfers (probably messed up something when doing the PAL -> NTSC conversion) which on some setups make them unwatchable. On some setups they are apparently just fine. I couldn’t watch them neither on my standalone player or software player on computer. Theres this weird flickering and/or ghosting whatever that is unbearable.
The first three should look at least as good on the Wild East discs (and without the problems) so no need for the Global discs on those.

Moment to Kill looks quite bad (and is cropped) as far as I’m concerned and Wild East apparently copied the transfer for their disc. One for Hell transfer was also copied for the Wild East double feature?

Haven’t viewed Finders Killers or Make Peace With God but they are cropped fullscreen transfers?

If you want to see some screenshots, there are some from five of the discs here:

Btw, while Xploited Cinema was supposed to have their final sale end in August 15th (the store has been closing for a couple of years now) they still have discs listed there and some Global discs might be had cheaper than from whoever you are considering buying them from. That is if Xploited still accepts orders (you could always ask them :wink: ). Ebay member Tsimonelli is the owner of Xploited Cinema.

(Provvidenza) #333

I have the same transfer problem with Revenge of Sartana as the other four, every few frames a delay, very frustrating. As I said earlier in this thread some interesting movies though (Fedra West probably my favourite). Some of the early Southern discs (same as Global?) are on DVDr but still have printed covers (Brother Outlaw & Kid Terror of the West) or at least mine are.

(ENNIOO) #334

The Wild East one is around 2.35 the Global one is not.

Finders Killers or Make Peace With God are fullscreen from Global.

(Jonny Powers) #335

Like the fellow above, I’ve been looking into getting some of Global’s releases. Does the guy still sell them himself, from the email on the front page? From all the titles listed in the database, Fedra West and Finder’s Killers are the only ones I don’t have in some form or another (excepting the preview collection). I also noted that the database page for him is still under construction, are there any titles that he’s released that can’t be had elsewhere in better quality?

(warrior) #336

hi guys
to be honest,there is no money in releasing westerns
i stopped releasing them .it just not interest me any longer.i have lots of masters but the cost to release them does kt make it worth my while
i am having a better run with italian vietnam movies over here in south africa.
i sold 10 times the amount of a movie called “cobra mission” than any spaghetti western.
i do still buy the rights as it sold in a package of 3 or 4 movies.
i leave it to wild east to release westerns.they are doing a good enough job.

my final 2 releases will be vamos amatar sartana and 3 gun showdown.that will be in the future.

you guys enjoy your westerns.i will check back every now and then .


Nashad, you have been saying this for years now. I believe you’ll never come thru with it, right?

(warrior) #338

i am in no hurry to release them.none of them are important movies to me.
i will however post a few minutes of each on you tube next you said i might not even release them at all.

will post the link here next year

(Bill san Antonio) #339

Vamos a matar Sartana! I’d really like to see that one but I can understand that there’s probably not much market for such a obscure title outside spaghetti western fanatics.

(Durango) #340

Vamos a matar Sartana should be interesting enough for the serious collectors. It’s one of only 2 or 3 titles still not available in any shape or form.