Global DVD (Naushad - South Africa)

(warrior) #301

yes.all my movies have eng audio
its a beautiful widescreen print
its going to be called dead men ride but with itlian title
movie will be nag dub but title in italian
also just got in pecos and pecos cleans up ,but for next year release

(ENNIOO) #302

Thanks for the information.

(tomobea) #303

Any News about the New Releases!? Would be a nice X-mas present!!!

(warrior) #304

killer adios
one damned day at dawn
32 calibre killer

(tomobea) #305

Well these three films are and will be released by Wild East!!!

(CORMAC) #306

thats exactly the reason i’m personally not purchasing any of them,but will look forward to any future releases.

(tomobea) #307

Yes! It would be better if he released films like Sonora - Dallas - blood at sundown …-cangaceiro - end of rainbow - Saguaro. etc, ets

(Durango) #308

Uhm how about Vamos a Matar Sartana? :stuck_out_tongue: I’d prefer that one over any other title, because it’s unreleased!

(tomobea) #309

I Prefer Sonora (Sartana Does Not Forgive)!!! with English Audio.

(CORMAC) #310

any of the above movies would do but so far have been disappointed with broken promises from global dvd.

(tomobea) #311

I bet Wild East is going to release many of the films Naushad said he was going to release!!!

(warrior) #312

thats because i give him certain movies to release

as for broken promises.i dont get enough sales to make it viable
100 or 200 is no good to me
its cheaper to let it rot in my storeroom and dont even ask me to give it to someone else to release
i need to at least make a few hundred before i would consider

(Stanton) #313

What about the El puro widescreen version. I have heard that you have released one as DVD-R.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #314

Did you give them Killer Caliber 32?

(warrior) #315

not yet.he should be getting it soon
he does ntsc and i do pal

we work together on certain things
i never released el puro ,but i have 80 dvdr i want to get rid of as well as dirty 15
$15 each

(CORMAC) #316

will you be placing a list of your dvd-rs for sale here or on ebay?

(warrior) #317

not allowed to list dvdr on ebay

(sartana1968) #318

yes and me also

(ENNIOO) #319

May not be allowed to sell dvdr 's on E Bay, but many people still do.

(warrior) #320

really not concernd about what other people do
i charge $45 incl shipping anywhere in the world
its barebbones dvdr no artwork
both of them are very good quality
check on you tube