Global DVD (Naushad - South Africa)

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thanks, last question - I assume you’d prefer to get orders by email to avoid ebay fees? and your email is still ?

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Cool, will make an order with you as soon as I have some extra cash, hopefully next payday

Would also like to get One More To Hell if you have any of those left

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its $15 directly from me
it will cost a bit more on ebay

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I found an English language copy on ioffer a while back but was a little wary of purchasing cos I’d never used it before. Here is what the guy said about Cangaceiro when I e-mailed him:

"hi,Viva Cangaceiro as you will be aware is non available
i have sourced this in eng, dvd w/s quality uncut. cost a mint…
thanks :slight_smile: "

I was wondering if anyone knew anything more about this?

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Global used to sell on ioffer at one point…not sure whether he still does.

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no.i dont know who is selling it it english.
i stopped using ioffer lon ago.

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So will your entire list of DVDs be available on Rare-dvd when it’s back up?

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Sorry for the late response. Yes it is a two disc set with tons of special features and english friendly I believe, better quality than image’s. I think its an Anolis release. Costs an arm and a leg though. I probably will pass on it unless I can get a cheaper deal.

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This thread have been very quiet for a while, anything new???


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[quote=“warrior, post:268, topic:563”]no.i dont know who is selling it it english.
i stopped using ioffer lon ago.[/quote]

I guess this English language version of O’Cangaceiro is never going to happen?

I am about to order the French DVD from FNAC along with Sonny & Jed even though neither have English audio. Having said that O’Cangaceiro is probably better in the Italian anyway…

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i personally thought that global dvd was full of crap,i dont believe he has any intention of ever releasing dvds he listed in the past, dont believe he ever had them to begin with.

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He did release quite a lot of spaghs though.

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Seems more like he was disillusioned by poor sales and doesn’t feel like doing any more. But it is possible his announcements were to gauge interest before he acquired prints, i suppose.

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Well I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s full of crap but I do think his listing of the figures of what he paid to attain the rights to the films were simply outrageous and bogus, especially since he says he has no intention of releasing some of those films and keeping it to himself. What type of business man would pay thousands of dollars for films and not release them?

No I think the truth is that he didn’t pay quite as much as he has stated.

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i’ll stand by what i said,yes he did release some interesting movies,but for months he would go on about what he would be releasing next,even had some fans producing covers for him and in the end it was all for nothing thats the reason i believe he was full of it.


Well, I’ve read nearly all the posts in this thread here’s something funny from a dealing I had with Global

1.5 a year ago I had purchased the “Night of the serpent” from Global’s account on ebay. The first week I waited patiently for the invoice to arrive as I wasn’t sure about the shipping costs to Greece. The week passed and no invoice in my e-mail. So I started sending them ‘Requests for total cost’ thru ebay’s option.
After 3 weeks and several requests of mine I still hadn’t received that invoice. I really wanted the DVD, but i also was a bit tired of sending those messages again and again without getting any reply at all, so about 1 month later I quit all efforts without reporting anything to ebay. No big loss I thought since I hadn’t sent my payment yet, so if he wanted he would have contacted me, after all it was me who owed the money.
Many weeks passed and nothing new happened when all of a sudden one morning I receive a package from South Africa. At that time I couldn’t remember about my ebay purchase and haveing the parcel in my hands I kept wandering what the hell had I ordered from South Africa during the last weeks, but the answer to my question came right when I opened the parcel and saw the ‘‘Night of the serpent’’ DVD. I immediately went to my ebay account and send him a message telling him that I have received the DVD without having sent my payment! The reply to that message came in shouty capital letters the same day telling me that I should send payment to some US email address ASAP. And that was what I did shortly afterwards, sending also another message with which I was kindly requesting him to confirm that he has received the money (that was thru paypal). I never got a reply on that neither did I receive any kind of feedback although I did leave positive feedback myself.
Well that’s my story. Don’t know what to else say apart from the fact that that was the weirdest transaction I had on ebay. Strange guy for sure…

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Well I tried to order through his E Bay account and I never got any response re shipping costs to the U.K so I never ordered.

I have two E Bay accounts though (one for devious dealings no less :smiley: ) and tried asking via that account and got a response straight away and therefore ordered the item ??? .

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Shouty capital letters is what SD used to post ;D