Global DVD (Naushad - South Africa)

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therefore its does not really interest me to release them.

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[quote=“warrior, post:216, topic:563”]all my titles are english
i dont believe in releasing any spaghetti western if its not english dubbed[/quote]

Great, am really looking forward to getting a copy of Cangaceiro then. Please let me know when and how I will be able to buy it.

As for the price, 30 bucks for an original high quality English language print of Cangaceiro seems entirely reasonable to me. I’ve spent similar amounts on rare classics like the German release of Cemetery Without Crosses or a few Japanese releases and will do it again to get my hands on a rare release. And yes I am quite strapped for cash right now, but 30 bucks ain’t gonna kill me and I am very happy to support someone like Naushad who is giving us official releases.

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Naushad - That is very cool of you to post your costs. Its extremely informative and I wouldn’t expect any dvd company to divulge that information. For some reason, I, as well as others, were under the impression that you most likely were not paying for the rights to release the films… so this has a very large impact on my thoughts about your costs

It really is a lot to be paying for these films on your part and with this information I’d say your costs are justified, especially with them being pressed discs with labels and whatnot.

How is the best way to order discs from you so that you get the most in payment for them? Ordering from you directly or from a particular site? I’d like to buy some discs from you

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please wait till the site is up and running again

(autephex) #245

the site you’re referring to is

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #246

Those are indeed very high licensing costs. But since you already payed the fees, you might as well try to earn something off of them instead of just letting them sit there with no return at all.

Hopefully a solution can be found.

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well, he has listed that this site is suppose to be selling the older discs at a cheaper rate… like Ringo Kill for $15, which I’d like to pick up

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Which one is this? I can’t find this title

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What about this place…

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Hey thanks a lot for pointing that out ENNIOO!

I looked at fareastflix a few days ago but couldn’t find any westerns on their site for some reason

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far east flix wont be selling my stuff any longer only
no one else and maybe cine city

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are you choosing to not sell to anyone else any more, or are you not receiving orders from the other sites?

Let us know when is back up, if you can

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cofin from sartan is strangers gold

(Bill san Antonio) #254

most commonly known as Have a Good Funeral, Sartana will pay.!.…_paga_Sartana

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Will “Coffin From Sartana/Strangers Gold/Have a Good Funeral, Sartana will pay” be better looking than the XRated release then?

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one more to hell $15
ringo kill aka night of serpent $15
killer adios $15
one damned day at dawn $15

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[quote=“warrior, post:256, topic:563”]one more to hell $15
ringo kill aka night of serpent $15
killer adios $15[/quote]

definitely will be interested in getting these 3

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[quote=“warrior, post:256, topic:563”]one more to hell $15
ringo kill aka night of serpent $15
killer adios $15
one damned day at dawn $15[/quote]
Nice, tell me when they’re up!

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should we email you with orders if we want to buy from you?

also wondering about shipping costs to the US?