Global DVD (Naushad - South Africa)

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i don’t think you’re understanding what i’m saying mate.

regardless of quality, i’m talking about your other discs that aren’t as good of quality also… you’ve got quite a few releases now… there are more of us abroad that would buy discs from you if your costs were lower. your sales are shit right now because the discs cost too much… lower your prices and you will have more sales from us

the argument that there is not enough sales abroad is primarily because of how expensive the discs are…

i guess i fail to understand how making zero money from your discs is better than bringing in some cash. I mean, you’re only selling DVDRs that you’re burning, its not like you’re paying to produce pressed discs… you’re just losing out on sales as far as I can see… if you actually paid a lot to make these discs, then you should be trying to make some money back

i don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to, and would rather just let them sit unsold and get no return on them

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[quote=“autephex, post:221, topic:563”]i guess i fail to understand how making zero money from your discs is better than bringing in some cash. I mean, you’re only selling DVDRs that you’re burning, its not like you’re paying to produce pressed discs… you’re just losing out on sales as far as I can see… if you actually paid a lot to make these discs, then you should be trying to make some money back[/quote]where did this constant belief that Global discs are dvd-r’s came from? They’re pressed real dvd’s.

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Sorry, my mistake. I was under the impression they were DVDRs from hearing it from others. I apologize

That does change things a bit then.

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Yes Global discs are pressed but autophex still makes a great point. If you are having low sales than it is better business sense to cut your losses by offering discounted prices. Some cash flow is better than no cash flow. If you charge $20 instead of $40, more people will buy. Less profit per unit, but your overall income earned will have increased. That is the way business works.

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I hope I’m not coming off as attacking Global Video here, I’m really not trying to do that

Just trying to discuss things, as I’d like to see a company releasing rare spaghettis have some more success with their releases… I’m of the opinion that there is a decent market for spaghetti dvds, but not a market that is willing/able to pay a lot for the releases. If you’re able to lower your costs and still make some profit, I think you may see the difference as an improvement in the number of sales that you get… but then I don’t know what your costs are if you’re getting pressed discs made up, so maybe I’m way off

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I think many of the people in here owns several X-Rated Kult DVD discs. Even the cheapest of those are $30 or over with shipping costs (current exchange rates, unless bought used) and most look worse than Naushad’s O’Cangageiro (if it really is as good as Night of the Serpent) so I don’t really see a problem here. :wink:

And I just bought the Japanese California disc which cost me $42 as new but it was worth it (all the other discs out there are pure crap compared).

And Wild East’s discs are over $25 with shipping costs(?) unless you pre-order.

Global’s discs would probably sell much better if they were available in some more used&trusted websites… like xploitedcinema used to be and diabolikdvd and kultvideo are now (for me at least). Even FarEastFlix worked fine for me (and Night of the Serpent is $16 there…).

Would of course be nicer if the prices were lower, especially for all the discs that don’t look good, but English OCangageiro looking like Night of the Serpent is worth $30 to me.

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I own a few XRated discs, bought them all new for at or under $20 from hkflix and xploited

I don’t buy the WE discs… I’d like to, but again, I don’t typically spend that much on a single DVD. I do sometimes, but generally when I do, I’ll opt for a Koch disc

I mean to change that, but I have a lot of DVDs in my to buy list and I simply don’t have a lot to spend on a single DVD.

You’re not wrong that a rare release is worth more money, but that doesn’t change the fact that most don’t have the cash for it… you have to sell to your market if you expect to sell… if you don’t expect to sell, then nothing to complain about

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #228

I have paid 40 dollars plus for a number of SPO discs and I regret it and feel like a fool. I could’ve downloaded the movies and saved alot of money. I know downloading is regarded as a major faux pas, but between that and spending 40-50 dollars on a disc with my budget, I would’ve chose the former if I were to do it all over again. I will never get sucked into that trap again. I want to support DVD companies that release spaghetti westerns, and I have graciously done this so far, but I also want to have bang for my buck and don’t feel that I should feel obligated to support DVD companies who charge outrageous prices. As a consumer I think I have the right to expect that I can get good quality releases for under 20 dollars, and most companies like Koch and VCI for example have thusfar been able to deliver on that satisfaction.

Sundance, dvdempire sells wildeast discs for 5 dollars less than wildeast themselves. Hope that helps!

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[quote=“Col. Douglas Mortimer, post:228, topic:563”]As a consumer I think I have the right to expect that I can get good quality releases for under 20 dollars, and most companies like Koch and VCI for example have thusfar been able to deliver on that satisfaction.

Sundance, dvdempire sells wildeast discs for 5 dollars less than wildeast themselves. Hope that helps![/quote]

Exactly. Its great there’s companies releasing stuff and I fully plan on supporting them more if I can someday afford to buy all their discs. But with companies releasing top quality stuff at around $20 a disc and sometimes less, its hard to justify paying the same amount or more for a disc of far less quality.

So does DVDEmpire sell the WE releases at $15 a pop? If that’s the case, I will soon pick some up. I’m not asking for a huge pricedrop here… $15 would be a good price for something like a WE or Global Video release in my opinion.

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Actually to be fair, I think I may have paid a few dollars more for a couple of my XRated… but for a limited, hand numbered release and the packaging on those are really cool with the big boxes (at least in my opinion they’re cool)… so I’m getting something extra for the money there…

but still, I have paid $20 and under for brand new XRated discs before, and I’m in the US…

(Sundance) #231

Yeah, I understand that some people don’t have enough money to use on more higher priced discs. But maybe they should just not buy them then and be silent. Well okay maybe not :wink: , but I suspect Naushad knows more about the market than most of us here. It is not so simple that he lowers the price in half and then doubles his sales.

Unless we know how much Naushad is paying for the rights of the movies, we have no way of knowing if there is even a chance of selling the discs at a lower price. And yeah I know there have been speculation if he is paying anything or no, but does anybody actually know? I know the Night of the Serpent looks so good, and almost exactly the same as the new French disc, that I can’t see how anybody could make a release that good unless they received their print from the rights owners who have done restoration work on it.

How many discs would Naushad have to sell at a price of $15 so that he would make some profit (of course he has to make some kind of profit) out of O Cangageiro? We don’t know. But maybe the amount of discs required is too high based on his prior experience (he has after all sold his discs for years).
We don’t know how well his previous discs have sold either. But I can see that xploitedcinema still has all of them in stock even though they haven’t received any more in at least couple of years.

Koch Media’s boxes sold so badly (even though they apparently weren’t trying to make much profit with them anyways) that they cancelled the Anthony Steffen box (which I think was supposed to have at least a soundtrack CD as extra) and had to move to the cheaper single releases. The Django and Halleluja boxes are still available even though they only made some thousands (at maximum 5000 I think) of them, the release date was 4 years ago and the films look superb and might never get a better release. (And the Halleluja box is probably under $30 already…with three films and soundtrack CD)

Wild East has trouble of achieving 1000 sold copies (that I have understood is the amount of discs they make per release). It takes years for one release to go out of print.

EDIT: Anyways, I do agree most of the discs by Global (at least the ones I have seen) are not really worth the $20 price tag on them because the quality is quite low. But if I didn’t buy them at that price, then I would most likely be without them. :wink:

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You have valid points Sundance, and that’s why I also said maybe I’m wrong because I don’t know what kind of costs are involved for his pressing of discs.

And you are also right that maybe its not worth it for the companies to lower their prices. I don’t know. What I do know, is that if the Wild East discs sold for $15 a piece instead of $20, I would most likely have nearly all of them by now as opposed to none of them.

I have just checked DVDEmpire, and they do list WE releases at $15.96, so surely if a secondhand company can sell them that low, I don’t see why WE themselves could not reduce their prices and still make money?

Sorry Naushad as this is not all related to Global Video

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You are also right here and that’s part of the spirit of collecting. If you really want a complete collection then you do what you have to do.

I was just discussing the main reason I think is responsible for low sales here. I buy a shit ton of movies, but since I don’t have a lot to spend, I usually go for the best deals. If I could get a good deal on all the different spaghetti releases, I would buy them up in a heartbeat.

But especially with all these companies releasing the same titles constantly at varying qualities… it gets harder and harder to pay a lot for a low quality release, as there’s a good chance it will be released down the line by someone else…

edit this last statement doesn’t apply to the recent global video release, but we are discussing overall sales here, not an individual title

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Thanks for the tip about dvdempire Col. Douglas Mortimer! I think it is quite common with several companies to sell the discs for higher on their own site than what you have to pay for them elsewhere, but I had thought WE sells them at the same price everywhere.

It is true WE would definitely sell more discs if they lowered their prices to $15. But would it be enough to justify pressing more discs?
Even though it takes several years to sell the 1000 copies they make, they will eventually sell them all.
They would have to sell 1334 discs to get the same result. But they could probably do that even in the same amount of time (since they would sell faster because of lower price) so… maybe $10 per disc and 2000 discs would work as well? Hard to say. :slight_smile:

Sorry about the Xrated discs, I was quite sure they are around $30 when you include shipping but maybe not. Though exchange rate will have quite an effect too as the dollar is now very weak (and it was very strong when euro came).

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Well you are probably mostly right about the XRated pirces to be fair. I got good deals on mine, either from being on sale or maybe just because they were old stock and the price was lower by the time I bought them.

But yes, its all speculation from our points of view. Without knowing the numbers I guess we don’t really have much place to be saying one way or another

And maybe it wouldn’t make a huge difference, maybe I would be the only one buying the discs :wink:

I also thought $20 was the standard price for WE discs everywhere, I have never seen them at a lower price.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #236

I think if you press more units, the cost per unit will go down, therefore more profit per unit. But perhaps 2000 pressed discs is too much considering the small market. Maybe somewhere in between would be a good number.

I didn’t have any problem paying 30 dollars for WE Day of Anger and New Ent’s W Django because they were outstanding releases, with good quality transfers, menu screens, extras and stuff like that, but paying more than 20 dollars for a bare bones release is not something that I would any longer do.

I’m currently debating whether I should spend the extra money on the european release of Bava’s I Vampiri. Good release and extras but pricey. hmm…

(Ming) #237

I wasn’t aware that there was another release. Is it any better than the Image disc?

(autephex) #238

Man between this thread and the Cultcine threads I’m starting to feel like a major dick… gotta keep my mouth shut for a while :stuck_out_tongue:

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some very good points raised here
here is what some of the titles cost me

night of serpent 6000 euros without restoration only rights
cangaceiro 8000 euros withoput restoration,they charged me additional 2000 euros to cut a greta digital betacam
blood at sundown 6000 euros -u know the rest
one more tpo hell 4000
ringo lone rider 2000
arzona colt returns 4000
dead men dont make shadow 4000
cchago 4000
unholy 4 4000
man called invincible 4000
kiler adios 4000
one damnd day at dawn 3000

32 calibre 3000

most of the westerns range between 2000 and 8000 euros pending on the title

somemovies i already have the material so i pay for rights only as most of these companies dont have good english dubbed material
thats a few only
the only 2 i releases which i didnt own rights to were

fedra west and revenge of sartana

vamos amatar and 3 gunshowdown will be 2 of my most expensive projects if i decide to go ahead with it and the question is “is it worth it”,answer "i dont think so

(Phil H) #240

Those are quite hefty costs for films which, no matter how much we like them here, will always have a limited appeal in the wider market. I can see your dilemma Naushad and am not really sure how they can be made to work financially. I hope you can find a way.