Garter Colt / Giarrettiera Colt (Gian Rocco, 1968)

(scherpschutter) #41

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:38, topic:226”]… she who bitchily says at some point in the film to insult another woman that she “dressed badly like a Belgian”.
Now you can’t support that sort of behaviour Scherpy, what with your maternal line being of that camp! ;D[/quote]

I’m only half Belgian (good half, of course).

(Bill san Antonio) #42

This was a… weird one to put it politely. It’s obviously shot without a script as I didn’t have a faintest idea what was happening in the film throughout its running time. Lots of great wtf? moments and yes… cleavage. Not sure what to think about it really, at least the music was good.

(scherpschutter) #43

More or less what the reverend told us. Well, I’ll watch it in the near future, with low low expectations (at least quality wise).

(Reverend Danite) #44

And you like 'em wierd Bill…I’m not sure the subs would make this better though - I presume you haven’t got this English-friendly version yet?

(Bill san Antonio) #45

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:44, topic:226”]- I presume you haven’t got this English-friendly version yet?[/quote]Bit of googling and I found the srt file and I already had dvd-rip of the film so It didn’t take long.

(Reverend Danite) #46

I’d start with one per cleavage close-up - you should be good ‘n’ merry by the end! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

They couldn’t be lower than the cleavage ::slight_smile: :wink:

I think I understand that just a smidge more than i did the movie… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

(autephex) #47

Watching this tonight and wow, I’m loving it actually…

Thank god for fansubs, the dialogue is hilarious at times. About 35 mins in and have had many laughs so far, not only at the dialogue but just some of the general goofiness (and also picturing some of you watching this without the subtitltes… haha)

Its managed so far to be actually funny, but avoid the typical poorly executed slapstick and whatnot usually seen in spaghs.

Its also still got a bit of a hardened tone to it, not sure how its pulling that off but it is…

Totally unique in the realm of comedic spaghetti

Some great quotes:

“We’re peaceful folk here. Give me that rope.”

“You’ll wake him” (said after firing a shot at man next to her baby’s carriage)

“Balls” - must be seen in the subtitles to really appreciate this one

Everything the parrot says.

The guy feeding his horse some drugs (subtitles read “here, have some drugs”) which then takes of with a blast of music… hahaha

And Nicoletta, gorgeous… but Marisa Solinas is also looking pretty nice in this (although obviously very poorly done up)

(autephex) #48

Waited till just now to read Reverend Danite’s review and he’s pretty much on point with everything, but all this stuff is why I enjoyed it so much. I was laughing all through reading the review

I dunno, usually I don’t like these comedic spaghettis but this one was truly strange and kind of mean and irreverent in ways… very different than usual and something about it worked for me.

(Reverend Danite) #49

Indeed it was. Obviously not for me though - but I’m thrilled ONE person likes it! Ahhhh - that’s spaghetti-land for ya.

(autephex) #50

I would add that this is perhaps the only spagh where I don’t mind a bit of extended horse riding scenes :wink:

(adamm07) #51

Maybe somebody know how long was the original cut?
In 87 min version the story doesn’t make any sense at all :o
Of course Nicoletta Machiavelli was nice choice for leading role ;D
She was better than Anthony Steffen hehe :wink:


In memoriam Nicoletta Machiavelli, who died a year ago today, November 15. Not only was Machiavelli one of the Italian Western’s most beautiful actresses, she also possessed the dignity to age with grace and not become a cosmetic surgery casualty.

(ENNIOO) #53

Such a shame when people fall victim of this syndrome.

(MMcG) #54

I bought this DVD (English sub-titled) a few years ago from and just watched it again yesterday. I originally bought this as there are so few SW’s with leading ladies (such as Viva Maria, Frenchie King) or ladies with significant roles (Once Upon A Time…).
As mentioned by others, Nicoletta Machiavelli and Marisa Solinas look good but the story is all over the place. The movie looks like separate scenes just thrown together to make a movie. There are some slap-stick scenes such as Red, Rosie and the soldier rolling around in a haystack.
With a few more scenes and a bit if story & character development this could have been a much better movie.
The DVD quality and the scenery are reasonably good.

(JonathanCorbett) #55

Approximately 102 minutes, the Database is correct.

At the end of April 1968 the initial VM18 rating became T - all ages admitted - after the elimination of a couple of bad words (culo, puttana) and a few seconds of sexy dance.