Garter Colt / Giarrettiera Colt (Gian Rocco, 1968)

Has anybody seen this film starring the lovely Nicoletta Machiavelli?

No unfortunately not I’m searching for it, but can’t find it. I would also be interested to hear from poeple who have seen it.

It is actually available from CineCity in the Netherlands on a DVD-R, but I don’t know how the quality is.

[quote=“Silvanito, post:3, topic:226”]It is actually available from CineCity in the Netherlands on a DVD-R, but I don’t know how the quality is.[/quote]

has someone bought it?

I have asked information the site but nobody answers me… :frowning:

I’ve bought a few DVD-R’s from Cinecity. The quality is variable. Ranging from excellent to complete crap! You take your chances…

I’ve never ordered anything from them, but I’m thinking of ordering this one and few other titles.

Btw, really nice covers on their bootlegs, looks more like old filmposters than modern DVD covers.

I have it and have seen it, although I couldn’t understand it. It looked good, lots of charismatic Italian actors that we all know, and of course Miss Machiavelli looked wonderful! My copy was Italian language only, not particularly good quality, second or third generation vhs copy.

It wasn’t from Cinecity you got it, or was it?

I’m going to order it, but I hope it’s better quality than third generation vhs ::slight_smile:

No, I got it in a trade with another fanatic–where he got it I don’t know. Still, worth having.

have you watched it yet silvanito? how was it?

I actually have this film also. I have to say that i found it to be a bit of a confused mess, and Claudio Camaso was pretty disappointing considering his work in other genre films. Mine is Italian audio only too, and of merely “watchable” quality. In fact the cover is probably the best thing about it! (And yes, it was from Cine City). BTW, if anyone wants it, they are more than welcome to it.

This has been released on DVD in Italy. Italian audio only, of course. Apparently only sold with some magazine and not outside Italy? The same company (Fabbri) has already released over 40 spaghetti westerns, but unfortunately they are very hard to get (and in Italian only and I believe several to be cut a lot).

The following screenshots aren’t perfect representation of the image quality of the DVD:

Anyone taken you up on this offer yet? Because I’d sure like a copy of it…

Sorry! Yes it went ages ago and i didn’t make a copy. Unfortunately i don’t think the guy i sent it to is on the forum anymore either :frowning:

No problem. I’ll most likely pick it up from CineCity. Just wanted to explore this possibility before buying. Thanks for responding so quick!

Good movie with a beautiful Machiavelli.
The film had some brutality which I had not expected.
Claudio Camaso also makes a good performance, even if he sometimes acts a little overacted.
But the movie is a must-seen. And if only because some optical stimuli by Mrs. Machiavelli: :wink: Very hot !!!

I wish someone makes english subtitles for this.

You took the words straight out of my mouth Bill :slight_smile: .

Any news about a subtitled version?

I heard last year that someone eventually wanted to prepare one. Has the project ever started?