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HI SW Fans,

I know we have a Top 20 List, an Alternative Top 20, a Staff Top 20, but where’s the lesser discussed frequently Top 20? I’d like to have this thread be dedicated to those films only us the SW Fans would know of, or simply the films that are under the top 10, 20, 50, 100, etc, mark. I hope we see many unique and interesting lists here. Enjoy, and happy listing. To get the ball rolling, here’s mine

  1. Ammazzali Tutti e Torna Solo (Kill Them All and Come Back Alone) (1969) Dir: Enzo G. Castellari

2, C;e Sartana…Vendi la Pistola e Comprati la Bara (Sartana’s Here…Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin) (1970) Dir. Giuliano Carnimeo (Antony Ascott)

  1. 1000 Dollari sul Nero ($1,000 on the Black) (1966) Dir: Alberto Cardone (as Albert Cardiff)

  2. Black Jack (1968) Dir: Gianfranco Baldanello

  3. El Precio de un Hombre (The Price of a Man/The Bounty Killer/The Ugly Ones) (1966) Dir: Eugenio Martin

  4. Garringo (1969) Dir: Rafael Romero Marchent

  5. Corri Uomo Corri (Run Man Run) (1968) Dir: Sergio Sollima

  6. Un Dollaro Tra i Denti (A Dollar Between the Teeth/A Stranger in Town) (1967) Dir: Luigi Vanzi

  7. Quella Sporca Storia nel West (Johnny Hamlet/The Dirtiest Story in the West) (1968) Dir: Enzo G. Castellari

  8. Sonora (Sartana Does Not Forgive) (1968) Dir: Alfonso Balcazar

  9. Oguno per Se (The Ruthless Four) (1968) Giorgio Capitani (as George Halloway)

  10. John il Bastardo (John the Bastard) (1967) Dir: Armando Crispino

  11. Per Il Gusto di Uccidere (Taste of Killing) (1966) Tonino Valeri

  12. Requiem para el Gringo (Requiem per un Gringo/Requiem for a Gringo/Duel in the Eclipse) (1968) Dir: Jose Luis Merino (as J.L. Merino)

  13. Prega il Morto, Ammazza il Vivo (Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead)()1970) Dir: Giuseppe Vari (as Joseph Warren)

  14. Vado…l’Ammazzo e Torno (Go Kill, and Return Alone/Any Gun Can Play) (1968) Enzo G. Castellari

  15. Ocaso de un Pistolero (Hands of a Gunfighter) (1965) Dir: Rafael Romero Marchent

  16. All’Ultimo Sangue (To the Last Drop/Bury Them Deep) Dir: Paolo Moffa (as John Byrd)

  17. Condenados a Vivir(Cutthroats Nine) (non gory Spanish language cut) (1972) Joaquin Romero Marchent

  18. Il Tempo degli Avvoltoi (The Time of Vultures/Last of the Badmen) (1967) Dir: Nando Cicero

(morgan) #2

A couple of those films are in the established top 20/alternative 20 list (Run Man Run and The Bounty KIller)…

Your criterions are not entirely clear here. But if I were to leave out films inside the established top 20/alternative 20, these will be my 20:

The Wind’s Anger
The Taste of Violence
Boot Hill
I Want Him Dead
And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave
O’ Cangaçeiro
Savage Pampas
The Long Days of Vengeance
Cost of Dying
A Minute to Pray
Challenge Of The McKennas
El Bandido Malpelo
Hate Is My God
Death Played the Flute
The Ultimate Killer
Why Go on Killing?
Terrible Day of the Big Gundown
Vengeance for Vengeance
Fury of Johnny Kid

Then I have left out three films not recognized anywhere here as spaghs:A Town Called Bastard, Antonio das Mortes, Deadlock.

(The Man With a Name) #3

How is this different from the alternative top 20?

(morgan) #4

I’m not sure. For my part: Tepepa, El Puro, The Bounty Killer, California, 10.000 Dollars for a Massacre, Bandidos and God Forgives … I don’t are in my alternative top 20.




Sorry for the mass confusion here everybody,

I had really wanted to do a Fan Special Top 20, but I wasn’t sure if that had already been done on the Forum, and I was trying to make this as unique as possible. My goal here is just for fans to list their personal favorites, films can range from classics to B entertainment, to experimental, whatever comes to mind fist. I hope this clears everything up.

(tomas) #8

Yeah, I already have done that in Official Top 20 thread and Alternative Top 20.


Hey everyone, if anybody has ideas or suggestions as to help make this thread unique, I would love the help. I’ve been trying to find something different to talk about, but it seems everything to talk about has already been suggested in one way or another. I’m open to all suggestions. Thanks

(Cat Stevens) #10

I could see this list being a “guilty pleasures” top 20. Films we know aren’t for everyone, but that strike our personal fancy. I would never suggest, for instance, that anyone watch the second Provvidenza movie as a piece of great film, but boy do I love that one.

I would also appreciate a “So you’ve watched everything in the official 20, the various critic 20s, the alternate 20…so what next?” thread.

(Stanton) #11

Why not? It is a great film. Unlike the first one, which is more or less mediocre.

(Cat Stevens) #12

Well, if I were putting together a syllabus of the greatest films, it wouldn’t be on there. If I were putting together a syllabus of the greatest westerns, it wouldn’t be on there. If I were putting together a syllabus of the greatest spaghetti westerns it wouldn’t be on there. If I were putting together a syllabus of the greatest spaghetti westerns starring Tomas Milian, it wouldn’t be on there.

It’s not that I mean to denigrate it, but just to note that it’s so far down the list that it’s otherwise inconsequential. I enjoy it quite a bit, but I don’t think it rises above being a fun, but fairly sloppy piece of entertainment in which the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, in the way that most of the films on the Top 20 lists transcend into something greater. Films like Once Upon a Time in the West, Great Silence, etc., are canonically, almost objectively great. Films like Ace High and El Puro are fringe great, and are best appreciated by those with specialized knowledge or film viewing backgrounds (i.e. spaghetti fans). I think Here We Go Again, Eh Providence? is far beyond even that fringe.

But yes, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of the first! Giant kung fu leaps and figure skating bounds!

(tomas) #13

Is second Providenza even a western? If I remember correctly there was some western bit in the beginning and then it switched non-western.

(tomas) #14

Technically, Outitw is objectively great, but for example, I’m not big fan of Claudia Cardinale and her scenes kind of bore me. Also I prefer lot of other sw actors to Bronson.

(Cat Stevens) #15

I think you could make an argument either way. There are a number of these “But is it a western?” examples as the genre hit the last part of the cycle. Get Mean, for instance, or Trinity Sees Red.

(tomas) #16

Yeah, that one is not a western for me at all.

(Cat Stevens) #18

I would agree, but there’s a page for it on the site without the disclaimer seen for similar films, so it’s at least up for debate at some level. Perhaps inclusiveness because of the “Trinity” in the title that it was marketed under in many countries.

(Stanton) #19

It is first of all a comedy, and as such a western comedy. But yes, sometimes it leaves the the boundaries of a western behind.
It’s also a quite surreal film, filled with wonderful ideas.

Check the film’s thread for some more opinions: Here We Go Again, Eh Providence? / Ci risiamo, vero Provvidenza? (Alberto De Martino, 1973)

(Stanton) #20

But not for me.
I give it a 8/10, which makes the 2nd Provvidenza for me a better film than some of our top 20 westerns. Far better than Day of Anger or death Rides a Horse, and also better than most of the other Milian westerns, actually none of Milian’s westerns is better than 8/10.

(tomas) #21

Anyway, my two cents how I see it: Get Mean is a western, for it is a continuation of the series featuring a gunslinger in a different setting than your usual Wild West (same with Silent Stranger), while it doesn’t abandon the gunslinger mythos, but it is preserved in this different setting. Second Providenza is also a continuation of a western movie, but it features only some western bits and then it clearly gives up on any development of a western mythos - it just goes its own way. So, imo, second Providenza has no place in Top 20.
Let’s say that Vanzi would make Piazza Pulita (a mobster movie) as a continuation of Stranger series - there would be something westernish in the beginning, then Stranger would relocate to Chicago and became a mobster and whole movie would enfold in this manner, just like Piazza pulita. This time, I wouldn’t consider it a western and its presence in Sw lists would be strictly forbidden!!! :smiley:
Trinity sees red as far as I remember is not a western, and if “Trinity” wouldn’t be a part of the title and Terence Hill wouldn’t play in it, we probably wouldn’t talk about it right now.

(Bill san Antonio) #22

Some films that might be worth mentioning in this topic would be the films in my personal top20 and alt. 20 not currently in either of the compiled lists.

Stranger in Town
They call me Hallelujah
Four of the Apocalypse
Sonny & Jed
Ruthless Four
Bullet for Sandoval
Black Jack
Fury of Johnny Kid
Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe