Here We Go Again, Eh Providence? / Ci risiamo, vero Provvidenza? (Alberto De Martino, 1973)

Having a reputation of being a very strange movie. A continuation of the Providence charcter started by Giulio Petroni and Tomas Milian. A comedy western. How is it? Is it really that weird?

Well, it starts as a musical and ends in kung fu fighting, so yeah, pretty weird. I think this is one of the funniest comedy westerns there is, Tomas Milian is great as his chaplinesque Providence character.

Even though it’s not really a western I think this kicks the originals arse, it’s better in every aspect imo. It seems like Tomas took his characters role much more seriously as well.

Haven’t seen the 1st Provvidenza movie, but this one was very good. One of the sillest things i’ve seen in my life for sure, most of the time it’s silly in a cofusing rather than funny way. But that’s not the problem for me because it avoids the main trap that makes most of the SW comedies bad or average - it’s not boring. Tomas Milian is over the top but it’s quite hillarious performance nevertheless; Carole Andre is very pretty and Morricone’s score is a very nice one as well. So all in all it’s a winner in my book and it gets 8/10 from me

The two Providence films are among my favorites in any genre, love them! But if your not a Milian fan i guess they´re just too much. This second one is so over the top mad it´s almost unbelieveble, could only wish more of the spaghetti comedies were as wild as this one…

I’ve got only an italian dubbed copy.
Great picture quality,but i understood nothing.
Thats the main thing at the movie,i think - you must understand the language,that you can laugh at the jokes

Amazed at all the different inventions in this, was wondering what was going to come up next. Much better than the first film. Enjoyable from start to finish, with the star really getting into the role. The most silliest Spaghetti I have viewed yet, and probably the most silliest film I will view this year.

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:7, topic:1363”]Much better than the first film.[/quote]Agreed.

“Provi, Provi, Providenza” ;D

This must be the craziest sw ever, at times it doesn’t even look like a western at all with its painted backgrounds and weird sets that look like something out of a surreal arthouse film. As a film the first one is better I think but the sequel is funnier and just totally insane with many wtf? moments. Craziest moment in any sw must be the one where Providenza is about to be shot by execution squad so he starts to imitate a pigeon thus summoning a flock of crapping pigeons. In my favorite scene Providence and Hurricane Kid build a bank from big lego bricks. And my favorite joke was indian chief giving Providenza an oscar for the best supporting rainmaker. :smiley:

Morricone’s score isn’t as memorable as in first one but it’s a good one featuring snippets from famous pieces of music like popcorn and Green Hornet theme.

Anybody got an English version?

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