Exploitation Films

(Bluntwolf) #41

Since I first watched ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ I knew exactly what to expect by watching ‘Cannibal Ferox’. I think CH is harder but it’s been quite some time since I’ve watched those flics, I can’t remember every detail. I had no intention to watch them again. If you are not used to that kind of movies, you shouldn’t watch them alone.

(Bill san Antonio) #42

I haven’t seen Cannibal Ferox but Cannibal Holocaust is great masterpiece of Italian cinema. Yes, it is violent and disturbing film but it’s very well made. The music by Riz Ortolani is awesome!

(me) #43

The Posters make me want to watch them. They look so scary.

I do think using Holocaust in the title is wrong, but thats just me.

(Bluntwolf) #44

The movies are actually a lot scarier !!!

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On wikipedia It said they kill real animals this cant be true Is It? If so that Is terrible! How could they get away with this?

(Bluntwolf) #46

Well they do (turtles and snakes for instance) and that’s not the only thing in those movies that’s disturbing. The killing of animals is only the beginning of things to come !!!

(me) #47

Man thats sad, no wonder Its banned In over 30 countries. When they do something like that Its not even a movie anymore, the animal thing Is really sad. I dont know If I want to see this or not.

(Bluntwolf) #48

They don’t kill animals for fun but in order to survive (for food etc.) ! They still kill 'em though !!!

(me) #49

Yeah but still Its sad

Anybody seen Torsohttp://imdb.com/title/tt0069920/?

(Cian) #50

Yep. A number of real animals are killed in both Holocaust and Ferox. Some of the animal deaths are stock footage of predators and prey that happened naturaly but others are done for the camera. Pretty distasteful.

(Cian) #51

Depends what type of sickie you are! Ferox seems to be filmed purely to showcase the gore and is completely over the top. I mean one minute the cannibals are running around with crude stone implements, the next they have well made steel meat hooks and a “horizontal guillotine” contraption for chopping off peoples craniums! It’s pure exploitation at it’s worst.

In Holocaust, there is some sort of message that we are all savages at heart etc. It’s the more disturbing of the 2 because the gore is almost incidental and therefore comes across as more real. Most of it is filmed in a handheld camera documentary style which adds to the realism.

I wouldn’t recommend any of the cannibal genre films to anyone because of the animal cruelty. I’m no bleeding heart PETA supporter, I shoot and fish for food, but deliberate animal cruelty for the camera is too much. However, having said that, apparently a lot of horses were killed during the making of many SW’s. I read one account of 2 horses being deliberately driven off a cliff with cameras top and bottom to capture the moment. Horses were frequently blown up as well. At least that sort of thing is no longer tolerated in the film industry today.

(Silvanito) #52

Do you know in which sw’s horses were killed?

(Cian) #53

No. I read it in an article written by an english journalist who visited Elios studios in the early 70’s. He didn’t mention the names of any films, only that he visited several western shoots and saw horses being killed. He wasn’t trying to sensationalize it either, only mentioned it in passing. The bulk of his article was about how english speaking actors were adapting to the Italian movie scene. If I can remember where I read it I’ll post the link.

(me) #54

I want to see Cannibal Ferox and Cannibal Holocaust, but that is so wrong to kill animals just for your movie. I dont think I will be seeing this movie after all, I like gore but the animal thing is going to far. Kind of reminds me of “gummo” which I found very offensive, I read what people thought of the movie and they said “It was funny.” The whole movie is just rednecks shooting cats and selling them, I thought the movie was some type great piece of art well I was wrong, BTW sorry to get off topic like that.

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[quote=“me, post:40, topic:369”]Yeah I’ll probably hide It Im kind of shamed to have “thriller” in my collection

What do you think is better Cannibal Ferox or Cannibal Holocaust[/quote]
Cannibal Holocaust is a better made film and is more of a “SHOCK” to watch because the way it is filmed it looks authentic (even though we know it’s not apart from the animal stuff).

Cannibal Ferox on the other hand is really a jungle adventure film with added gore thrown in for good measure.

so Holocaust is a better film but Ferox is more enjoyable to watch. :wink:

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Great news for you who like CANNIBAL FEROX seems Its being released October 31st. From Davisdvd, “will feature all the same materials as its previous release, namely the uncensored director’s cut in anamorphic widescreen, audio commentary with director Umberto Lenzi and star John Morghen, on-camera interview with Lenzi, a still agllery, trailer and liner notes. Retail is $24.95.”

I might buy It depends If I got the cash.


Anyone seen Vampyros lesbos? i’ve been wanting to see this for awhile.

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Not a bad film at all, as it’s a Jess Franco film watch it without expecting too much and you will be surprised, it’s one of his better films anyhow. :wink:

The best version to get is the U.S. Synapse release.

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(Yodlaf Peterson) #59

Saw an excellent Italian crime movie called “DEATH HUNT” (1977), Al Cliver is a policeman after a vicious gang, but the gang also killed a little girl and her father is gradually sadistically wiping out the gang so Cliver is after the gang and the father!

Italian exploitation at its very best!

“No ALLA VIOLENTA” is the Italian title.

Fact: The grief stricken father out for revenge is played by the director of the film Tano Cimarosa.

(me) #60

Anybody like Hickploitation? The one that sticks in my mind is Walking Tall

I cant even tell you how much I love this movie