Exploitation Films

Anybody like Exploitation movies. My favorites are Foxy Brown,they call her one eye,black caesar,rolling thunder.

I wanna see rolling thunder.i dont know if they would be considered exploitation, but GET CARTER (70s version) and POINT BLANK are great. i watched “I spit on yout grave” recently i thought it sucked,very overated.foxy brown is cool.there is a movie called" the female bunch" i wanna see.

rolling thunder is really nice

one of my favorites

It s hard to get these films here in Germany.But i try everything to see them :wink:

Oh yes, I like 'em !!! Do you all know ‘Coffy’ starring Pam Grier ???

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a few weeks ago I bought the disco godfather and petey wheatstraw both with rudy ray moore. they are funny because they are so bad, the actors dont act they just read their lynes.
Good titels are super fly also great sound track from curtis mayfield, trouble man , shaft , truck turner and foxy brown but that one was allready menchaned. I would like to see 110 street, did anybody see it?

I also used to enjoy the chees and chong movies, hahaha nice memories watching these movies with friends when I was younger

I really enjoy the soundtracks of these old movies, I dont have it so often with new movies that I would like to have the soundtrack…gang of new york has a nice soundteack but they are all old songs

Pam Grier is so hot!

What is your fav pam grier movie? iv’e only seen foxy brown and coffy,are there others worth getting?

i think coffy is way better than foxy brown :wink:
the dvds are bare bones, but mgm offers a soul collection with lots of blaxploitation films in it… you shouldnt spend more than 10 bucks per disc though

110th street is very good movie by any standards actually. I liked it a lot.

What do you think of Ilsa-films? Or Women in prison flicks? I’ve seen the some of them. Ilsa films were quite nasty stuff and Caged Heat is my favorite prison film.

And Russ Meyer… ah, one of the best directors of all time ( 0 )( 0 )

I seen coffy and foxy brown but dont remember much of coffy sadly.

Supervixens!! yay!

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What do you think of Ilsa-films?

Dou you mean ‘Ilsa - Shewolf of the SS’ ???

It’s been quite some time since I saw ‘Shewolf’. I can only remember that it was, as you said Bill San Antonio, nasty stuff !!! Don’t know the other Ilsas !!!

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yes, I’ve seen also Ilsa the Haremkeeper of the Oil Sheiks and Ilsa, Tigress of Siberia. I guess there’s few more too.

What are the other Ilsas like ??? I don’t exactly remember ‘Caged Heat’ but it’s one of those women prison flics !!!

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ahhhh behind the vally of the ultra vixens ahhhhh.
I saw this movie when I was around 12 or 14. the movie is burned in my memory…sutch nice memories…

im also creazy about film noir! brute force, naked city, gun crazy, asphalt jungle etc
good movies to watch late at night on a hot summer night!

The first one is the best of the three. Haremkeeper is good one too but the Tigress of Siberia is very bad and boring. These were released as a boxed set on dvd here in Scandinavia. I don’t know about the availability in other countries.

there’s a box set from anchor bay

Never seen any russ meyer movies are they any good like, Fasterpussy cat Kill Kill!