Exploitation Films


im not much of a horror fan ( ALTHOUGH SUSPIRIA IS GREAT)but Ive always been intriqued by hershel gordons movies,10,000 maniacs,blood feast etc… has anyone seen his films?

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Yeah Im a big horror movie fan of giallo, so far Ive only seen Suspria. anybody seen any of these movies: Zombie,Bay of blood,The Bird With The Crystal Plumage. Ive been dying to see these for some time now


Iv’e seen suspiria,cat o nine tails,deep red and the beyond,i think thats the only italian thillers ive seen.but blood and black lace has been on my to watch list for a while.

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Yeah Ive heard of deep red, heard the beyond was really gory.

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anybody else like classic explotation movies?

Ive only seen freaks and reefer madness

(Bill san Antonio) #26

Yeah, Freaks is great and very disturbing film.

Bird with Crystal Plumage is great too, Argento’s best film in my opinion. I didn’t like Bay of Blood that much, it’s strange movie and I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be comedy…

I’ve been watching lots of giallos lately. I love that genre. Other films worth checking out: What have you done to Solange?, Spasmo, All the Colors of the dark, Strange vice of mrs Wardh, Killer must kill again, Death walks on high heels…

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cna anbody tell me some more classic explotiation movies?

(Yodlaf Peterson) #28

My two favourite types of cinema are spaghetti westerns and Italian crime films.

You should try out “Street Killers” released as “Beast with a gun” on anchor bay U.S. dvd, it is one of the most sadistic of the Italian crime films featuring scenes like, Rape,torture,bodies put in lime pits etc. very grim.

you might also like to check out any crime films starring Maurizio Merli, he is the best at playing no nonsense violent cop roles. A good one to start on would be “Violent Rome” which includes various vicious beatings and a scene where genre character actor John Steiner (the villain in Mannaja) robs a bank, during the ensuing car chase Merli is hot on his tail, Steiner tells the getaway driver to slow down outside a school when the kids are coming out and unleashes a torrent of machine gun bullets mowing several children down! “that’ll slow the bastard down a bit” he relpies as they speed off.

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OK. I’ve just ordered Beast With A Gun. I hope it’s worth it Yodlaf!

(Yodlaf Peterson) #30

it’s one of the most twisted of the Euro crimes out there!

(Bill san Antonio) #31

Yeah, Beast with the gun is definitely the most unpleasant italo-crime I’ve seen. Not one of my favorites, maybe it’s just too violent for me, I guess.

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everybody check out http://www.grindhousedatabase.com

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Yeah Ive seen It its pretty good

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can you put a link in i can’t find it.
(i’m not the greatest with pc’s)!

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There enjoy

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[quote=“me, post:35, topic:369”]http://www.grindhousedatabase.com/

There enjoy (link fixed)

cheers for that, amigo

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Here a site I found : http://www.blaxploitation.com/

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Since someone was talking about cannibal holocaust I thought I would bring this up. Is Cannibal Holocaust worth a buy?

I’ve been dying to see It for a long time but kind of scared to buy It and keep where I live, afraid If someone came over they may think the wrong thing lol

(Bluntwolf) #39

That could easily happen. If you get it you should probably hide it. This is no ordinary movie, it’s a real shocker (uncut). At least I thought so. Back then when I watched it I remember I was kind of stunned. I didn’t expect to see what I saw even though I kind of knew what to expect. It was a real experience !!!

(me) #40

Yeah I’ll probably hide It Im kind of shamed to have “thriller” in my collection

What do you think is better Cannibal Ferox or Cannibal Holocaust