El Condor (John Guillermin, 1970)

(Silence) #101

Great Job Defocus! They still look pretty good actually. Makes me want to watch El Condor!

(scherpschutter) #102

You’ll have to ask Alex, but I’m sure it was used for A reason to live, a reason to die
The 11th pic is shot from the position where the camera was when the final reels of that movie were shot.

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:6, topic:2018”]You’ll have to ask Alex, but I’m sure it was used for A reason to live, a reason to die
The 11th pic is shot from the position where the camera was when the final reels of that movie were shot.[/quote]

yes, it was definitely used for A Reason to Live. On second thoughts I think Straight to Hell was shot elsewhere.

(sitedecinema) #104

“Is it still standing? Where was it located exactly?”

(defocus) #105

You mean some kind of photo reportage of the site would be nice ? Something like…drums …this :

The photoreportage has been on the forum for many weeks now… :slight_smile:

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Congrats on a bunch of great histotical picures, friend!!!
Superb jõb.

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Thank you for your reply/pics!

(Toscano) #108

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t ‘March or Die’, starring Terence Hill and Gene Hackman, also filmed there?

By the way, ‘defocus’, well done for such great photos of the ‘El Condor’ set. The last time I was in Almeria was eight years ago, and I, unfortunately, never had a chance to visit the place.

(sartana1968) #109

the same fortress was used to the movie conan the barbarian

(Phil H) #110

Felt like something light and easy this morning so popped this one in the player.
Like some have said above, I prefer Take a Hard Ride of the 3 movies made with Van Cleef and Brown but do enjoy this one. And yes, LVC sans rug is always a bonus.

(sartana1968) #111

warner bros re-released the film in dvd and make a very good job
crisp picture and clear sound for 27 dollars
i like the movie a lot but in the end it looks something it’s missing

(pedro james) #112

Well i,ve got to come out in favour of this film…thought it was pretty good and entertaining…we need to look at the film as it was made nearly 40 years ago and pretty good at the time…again its a case of “ONE MANS MEAT IS ANOTHER MANS POISON”…The film appears to be one of those you just love or hate…maybe some others from our circle of friends around the globe who hav,nt seen this film yet can give us a bit of input…would be interesting to get more feedback on this …
quote from a reason to live …a reason to die …( same film)

(TheBigSmokedown) #113

This is a really good movie and I’m sad it’s not getting much love. If you like 100 Rifles or Take A Hard Ride (I do!), you should enjoy El Condor as well. The leads are mismatched, but likeable nonetheless. The real star of the show is the set design; the incredible fort in Spain was built especially for this film. They rewrote the script to make good use of the fort and it turned up again in the Conan film.

(TucoBene) #114

Hm - this movie left me with some ambivalent impressions. One the one hand it’s really entertaining with lots of “bang boom bang”, a wonderful Mariana Hill - and I always liked good old Lee van Cleef (unfortunately I’m slowly running out of movies he stared in :slight_smile: On the other hand there are some scenes which are explicitly inhuman. For example the killing of the two gays those stick together under the blanket by LVC. This is very strong misanthropic, anti-homosexual connotation - I really can’t stand that! What confused me was the hidden agenda of some of the protagonists. What drives for example Mariana Koch to help Brown and LVC to conquer the fortress? At the end of the day she had lost everything so her action doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe someone can explain to me?

(sartana1968) #115

the very ending was a bit let down, the very end after the masacre at the el condor scene

(The Man With a Name) #116

El Condor is a personal favourite of mine. :slight_smile: I have quite a special relationship with this movie.

(ENNIOO) #117

I have noticed :slight_smile:

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The American cut is quite different from the version they broadcast on British television. There is another cut of El Condor that contains a sex scene between Jim Brown and Mariana Hill. It has been a very long time since I watched El Condor on TV (I was just a little kid then) but others have also remembered more nudity and violence in the film. Does anyone know if any European VHS tapes contain the longer, uncut version? Maybe somebody out there taped El Condor from the TV and has it? I’d be curious to see it since this is one of my favourite westerns.

(The Man With a Name) #119

I hope this post gets noticed. There must be a copy of the uncut version out there somewhere.

(scherpschutter) #120

I’ll check what versions are available on cinemageddon. I have one of their downloads, but I have no idea if it’s uncut