El Condor (John Guillermin, 1970)

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Saw this 36 years ago on Times Square in NYC. Got a tollerably Good VHS of it on Amazon.com for about $5.

It was directed by John Guillermin, and stars Lee Van Cleef, Jim Brown, Patrick O’Neal, Marianna Hill, Iron Eyes Cody, Elisha Cook Jr., and Dan Van Husen. It was made around the Blaxplotation Era, its not great but its not bad as far as an action flick goes. The score by Jaffe is nothing to get worked up about,

Its supposed to take place at the end Maxamilian’s Mexico reign (1867) , but all the Colts are vintage 1873 Peacemakers, so any historical reality is lost at the git go.

Its highlight for me (and the reason for any Lee Van Cleef fan to get this film) is Van Cleef’s turn as a character named Jaroo.

Jaroo is as far from Van Cleef’s Mortimer as you can probably go. Here he plays a somewhat shallow, alcoholic, happy go lucky Indian Trader, an Apachero so to speak, who has lived on and off with the Apaches. He’s a dusty, scrawny looking saddle bum, his trademark hawk like face in this film is transformed more into a beady-eyed weasel. He wears a two bearclaw necklace around his neck and a small poke that holds two gold nuggets. We first meet him as he guzzeling down some whiskey in a bar.

But this is more a vehicle for Brown, and we meet him first at a prison camp, he plays a character named Luke & he is shackled to Elisa Cook Jr. Cook tells him about El Condor fort sort of the Ft. Knox of Mexico. Luke is summond to the commandants office and offered a pardon if he would join up with General Sherman. But he escapes and heads for the gold of El Condor.

Luke teams up with Jaroo since Jaroo can get Apache Chief Santana and an army of Apache Warriors to attack the fort for plunder rather than the gold and then Luke & Jaroo can split the Mexican Treasury.

Patrick O’Neal is the Mexican General in command of El Condor and knockout Marianna Hill his mistress. O’Neal is ok in the role and Hill does a full frontal striptease at a crucial plot point, wow. She’s got quite the uhhh… , rack ;D , and all of us Clint fans will recognise her from her role of town tramp Calle Travers from High Plains Drifter.

Now I know why we never see this film on TV, lots of bare flesh throughout.

There is a great sequence in a Mexican town where Jaroo has a scene with a small Mexican boy that is pretty touching. Later there is another good sequence when Jaroo gets “gold fever”.

Shot in Almeria. Just treat this more as mindless entertainment, with a very good performance by Van Cleef. It could have been way better than it is but it was made to just cash in on the SW craze.

Its better than I remembered.

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Marianna Hill looked real good in this movie!

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:o real good indeed! lol

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Lee Van Cleef became the king of american actors working in eurowesterns after his roles in the Dollars films. For many years that was the only films he did ;D

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It’s on German TV tomorrow. “Das Vierte”, 20.15

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Yeah right ! I’m looking forward to it !!! Haven’t seen it yet !!!

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The same here :wink:

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The movie was pretty good, nothing special though. Well maybe except for M.H.'s striptease ;D !!!

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You all seem to be quite lucky in Germany for spaghetti’s on Tv, we don’t get much in England apart from the leone’s (although Keoma was on about 6 months ago).
The last time there was some good stuff is when Alex Cox put on Great Silence and Django Kill.

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In Ireland we occasionaly get SW’s on our Irish language channel. All the Leones, Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears, Adios Sabata have been on in the last year or so.

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El Condor is a standard western, with no style that a spaghetti has.

There is some miscasting in the film, and the height of Van Cleef classics like Death Rides A Horse and The Big Gundown seem moons away when watching this film.

If you only want to see M.H 's Buns, then go shooting watching a different kind of film so to speak!!!

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Fuck, I missed the flick. Damn, how could this happen?!

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Mediocre film, often boringly made.

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As i already wrote somewhere:
Nothing special, but it’s a good, entertaining movie with some spaghetti western feeling :slight_smile:

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EL CONDOR 1970 Lee Van Cleef Jim Brown Marianna Hill Imogen Hassall

Directed by : John Guillermin Written by: Larry Cohen, S.Karabatsos Spain/Italy/USA

All star cast, powerful, epic western that teams up Lee Van Cleef with Jim Brown for the
1st of 3 magnificent Westerns (Take A Hard Ride 1975 and Kid Vengeance 1977).
Well plotted, ably directed story of a gold hunt and a fort where key action takes place.
A very se-xy/attractive/delicious Marianna Hill strips off to enjoyable effect in a key scene and that is worth the entrance fee at the cinema by itself :-* :-*
El Condor Fort was specially built for the film and Larry Cohen re-wrote the script.
El Condor was filmed in Almeria, Andalucia in Spain with Italian/USA connections.

Discuss this film please: cast/ director, any photos/posters to be posted and more :smiley:

(ENNIOO) #31

Take A Hard Ride is my fav of the three, and of course we have Mr.Laid back himself in this one…Fred Williamson .


TAKE A HARD RIDE 1975 was a memorable, exciting, classic western and I loved
the leading lady CATHERINE SPAAK, DANA ANDREWS all time western man
and of course the tough/cool FRED WILLIAMSON (was excellent In Vigilante 83 too)
LEE VAN CLEEF and JIM BROWN as I said earlier are Pure Gold. :smiley:

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Jim Kelly from Take a Hard Ride was also in kung-fu CULT CLASSIC Enter the Dragon 8)