El Condor (John Guillermin, 1970)

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Encore Westerns showed a nice clean print of this (fullscreen) some time back. I made a DVD-R of it. I thought it was an entertaining movie with lots of nudity and some occasionally strong scenes of violence. Jim Brown is the man!

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I would like to see a decent widescreen print.

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I remember Spanish DVD being non-anamorphic widescreen. It’s not KOCH Media quality, more like good VHS. Anyway, it’s not expensive.

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I have this version already, and like you say just like a good VHS.

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The fortress of El Condor, if you were wondering, was the large Spanish looking fort seen n many spaghettis. It was built for the Spanish shot American western El Condor. It was soon reused in many other westerns. Among them, Blindman, A Reason to Live a Reason to Die, Get mean etc…

I love this magnificent location. It is so grandiose. What do you think of it? Is it still standing? Where was it located exactly?

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Would be a good place to live…keep the scum out.

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Didn’t stop Lee Van Cleef, Jim Brown, Tony Anthony, or James Coburn and the dirty 7 though. Hell, I think Tony Anthony blew the place up twice! Once in Blindman and once in Get Mean.

And I surprised this place survived the spaghettis. How many attacks did it sustain? About 3 in El Condor alone.

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Scum are no match for these Spaghetti dudes :smiley: .

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Except Silence.

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Me or the movie carachter?

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I meant the character because he got killed.

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[font=arial]More things I dislike than like in this one. I just cannot get into the Cleef character as for the most part I find the character a bit to hyperactive. Patrick O’ Neil I found obnoctious to the extreme. I did not like the music for a change. And at the end of the film when we find out there is no real gold and Brown was just after a woman I was disappointed. I did laugh at the scene where Cleef shoots two men who are in bed together.[/font]

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Hello SD how are you doing ?

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[quote=“Victoria (Wild Prairie Dog) Vetri”]Where is he ?
Its not you Ennio ?[/quote]
For God sake can I ask both you Victoria and Ennio not to make jokes about SD being on this forum. The only consolation we have is that SD is unable banned to access the forum so he attacks the database. If I thought he was actually here … :’(

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mariana hill

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A review of this pseudo/ersatz/whatever is now available:


I’ve also added a summary to the Film’s Page:

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As some of you might know I’m in the Almeria region for my documentary photoproject ‘Yucca City’. I am researching and documenting the landscape views, buildings and extra’s (portraits) from Leone’s films shot here.

Specially for the Spaghetti Western forum I decided to take a de-tour and do a quick walk around the once magnificent El-Condor fortress location. As you might see, time has taken it’s toll…but even more so the influence of later movies shot on this set.

The area is off-limits to the public, the shortest way just past Leone Ranch being well in view of their staff. The other way, as I discovered, is by trespassing for around 45 minutes in a number of non-public properties. Fortunately I travel by bike and hence can span the distance in about 8 minutes. Down hill, anyways.

The photos below are not point of view’s from the movies mostly, just carefull snapshots since I was uncomfortable staying there very long (Farmers and Leone ranch people not too far away)

#1 The spec in the distance is El Condor filmset - this is the valley that a lot of footage was shot in. You are looking towards Leone ranch and Oasis (‘mini hollywood’)

#2 The once huge wall has fallen down in rubble (visible on the right)

#3 This used to be the main gate, replaced by a later movie with this arch

#4 Part of the original structure near the gate (perhaps the base of a watchtower)

#5 Remains of a well on the foreground (afaik not part of the original set)

#6 View of the main building where the general (was he?) lived [yes, I like the watchtower in my pictures ;D)

#7 Inside main building. The fireplace has an opening used in the movie to access the (fake) gold. Youngsters have used the desk as a bar… :’(

#8 Inside main building. Really prefer the original paint job…ugh. Later movies did not do the interiour a lot of justice. Top room on the left is where the beautiful girl undressed for the army to see :wink:

#9 The only bit of original wall left standing. Facing the Leone Ranch (0.5 km away?) its quite a magnificant structure. Makes you appreciate the huge-ness of this set.

#10 Part of the inner wall (on the hillside). You can see the construction technique (amazing it’s still standing actually…) as well.

#11 Last but not least - the overview. For some obscure reason there are a ton of telegraph or electricity poles all over the place…no clue (some movie I guess).

All in all a very interesting visit…I was there for around one hour. The stairs up the hill appear to be solid concrete but in reality are slabs built on a wooden frame. They start to sag in the middle, walking on them alone was not the most pleasurable thing ;). There is a fantastic sense of creepyness to the site, just as Leone wanted his moviesets. Slamming and squeeking doors in the wind, some risc of being caught and a enough buildings to make it look impressive.

It’s rare to find a (still) large set like this unmanicured by some commercial exploitation. Too bad it’s been massively overhauled for later movies. If it could have been maintained in its original state more or less, it would be a fantastic place to visit for spaghetti western fans.

Keep an eye out for future photo-reports on other places (besides obviously my more extensive and professional Yucca City project 8) ).

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Amazed what is there now is still there at all.

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Great work!

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Thanks for posting this defocus.
Shame it is in such an advanced state of collapse but good to see some still hanging on regardless.
This was the same set Alex Cox used for Straight to Hell wasn’t it?