[DVD] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Sebastian) #1221

it’s not “up to you” but everyone with a login can freely edit the SWDB

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I didn’t mean to imply it was our duty to update it, just that we are free to update them if we please without any “okay from the top”.

(Sebastian) #1223

yes fire away :wink: plus, there is no way to fuck it up, since anything can be undone :wink:

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I don’t have a login for the database. I requested one more-or-less as soon as I landed here, but my request was met with a deafening silence. Not so much as a “Dear last.caress, thank you for your enquiry. Up yours, love the SWDB team”. So I figured that was that and never pursued it. But I’m happy to learn the process and have a tinker for the benefit of the site if I’m allowed.

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I take all the blame. If it was via email, it might have drowned among all the stuff I get… I am happy to create an account for you if you want to help out!

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Yup, I’ll help tidy up if I think I can do it without blowing up the place (I’m not the most computer literate person on Earth, but I learn quickly if I’m into something). Create me up some hot account action, baby!

(Rutledal) #1227

German release of Reverend Colthttp://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/B016UP2N4Y/italowestern-21, the company’s only other SW release I could find does not have English options.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #1228

I would like database access as well so I can work on the hall of fame page please.

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(TucoBene) #1254

German Icestorm Distribution heralds the release of four IW in February and March 2016:

Desperado - Der geheimnisvolle Rächer (Il magnifico texano , only German language, not English-friendly): http://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Magnifico_Texano,_Il/DVD

Pronto Amigo - Ein Colt in der Hand des Teufels (Una colt, in pugno al diavolo):smile:

Django - unbarmherzig wie die Sonne (Sentenza di morte):

Ein Colt für 100 Särge (Una pistola per cento bare):

All four Spags had prior releases in Germany. But especially the former release of Desperado is hard to find for a reasonable price.

(Sebastian) #1255

March 2016:
Il mio corpo per un poker, 1968
¡Mátalo!, 1970
both from Artus (France)

(Sebastian) #1256

March 24 from Explosive Media: Single disc DVD re-releases of FACE TO FACE and GARRINGO. As well as a limited DVD/BluRay release of GARRINGO. Details soon.

(Novecento) #1257

It would be great if they could add the interview with Sergio Sollima that is on the UK and Italian DVDs. It is probably not that hard to license in Europe given its presence on those two versions. It would certainly give the German DVD the edge over the UK one then which only has Italian audio.

(Sebastian) #1258

They usually charge a pretty penny for those extras…

(Novecento) #1259

I know it is very unlikely given that it was not on the original release, but I can still hope for such things…

(Sebastian) #1260

So just got an email from Mill Creek, to be released March 1:

Includes (if I map their titles correctly)
4 Dollars for Revenge
3 Dollars of Lead
7 Dollars to Kill
Paid in Blood (English version)

(Farmer_J) #1261

I wonder if Paid in Blood’s quality is better. I’ve only seen the Greek VHS version, which If I recall was a very fuzzy widescreen version.

(Bill san Antonio) #1262

Nice. I think I’ve never seen 3 Dollars of Lead.

(Jonny Powers) #1263

2 out of 4 that haven’t had an official English release, might just pick this up… Any pricing info?

Edit: Mill Creek listing: http://www.millcreekent.com/paid-in-blood-4-vengeful-western-films.html

The sell sheet has some screens