[DVD] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Sundance) #1201

When Warner Archive started their discs were DVD-R. Where did you buy your copy from Rutledal?

Amazon for example says ‘DVD-R Note: This product is manufactured on demand when ordered from Amazon.com’. (Doesn’t mean the info is correct though)
Might be old info already (as it was written in 2013) but there is something here
about first runs being pressed discs for some releases but not from Amazon.

(Rutledal) #1202

I ordered it from Amazon because WB Shop doesn’t ship outside the US, I’ve never bought directly from the shop because of its shipping policies. Maybe it is DVDr, I just didn’t get the impression looking at the disc.

(Sundance) #1203

Alright, thanks! If the bottom of the disc is silver or gold it should be a proper pressed DVD. Maybe they did pressed discs for the first run since they apparently have done so before for some releases.
But with my luck if I order from Amazon they will now send a burned disc and I can’t return it since the page does say DVD-R. :stuck_out_tongue: (can’t order directly from WB either)

(Rutledal) #1204

The disc has the purple underside of a DVDr.

(the_ugly) #1205

I reckon a German company will nab the Warner Archives print and do their own release eventually, on a proper disc, so ill probably wait for that.

Im glad I waited on Five Man Army and got a proper disc for that one too.

The Germans have also done the same to Terror Eyes / Night School.

(carlos) #1206

[quote=“Laban, post:1196, topic:43”]And the aspect ratio is not 1,66:1 as stated on back cover. It is more about 1,56:1.
I don’t know if the picture has been cropped or if it is squeezed.[/quote]


TV print

TV print with logo cropped off

Screen shot from Bluntwolf’s review

(Lorenzo) #1207

I’ve just remarked that the German DVD of “Don’t Touch the White Woman!” isn’t published on the SWDB.

(gringo_bastardo) #1208

Subtitles are almost completely missing in last ~8minutes in Sonora. As never seen movie before it was still worthy purchase but this release is still quite a lot f*cked up. Sleeve and slipcase are impressive tho…

I should receive Centomila dollari per Ringo on coming week.

(Sebastian) #1209

do u have a link?

(Lorenzo) #1210


(Jonny Powers) #1211

Considering it’s been a little over a year since it was announced, I checked back in with Retrovision on Django the Bastard. Here’s the email I got back:

Thank you for contacting me, as for DJANGO, we are utilizing the new scan, as the original scan was a poorly done telecine back in the 90s. There are technical issues being addressed with the scan at the moment and being a three-man business, we can’t work as fast as we’d like.

Many apologizes for the delays.

Brannon Carty

(Asa) #1212

It was announced on their Twitter feed 18 months ago. The email they sent you implies that they’re not really anywhere near releasing DtB but the website lists the title as “Available” with delivery (to the US) in 5-8 days. With the greatest respect to them, I fear that the Retrovision guys are little more than enthusiastic amateurs with no actual ability to release and distribute a DVD. I’d love to be proved wrong but I’m not holding my breath. I believe that their intentions were genuine (although listing the movie as available on their site is deeply misleading and wrong, and probably illegal given that they have no such product to sell) but, ultimately, I doubt we’ll ever see Retrovision release a legit copy of Django the Bastard, the Trinity movies which they also claimed at one point to be restoring, or any other picture for that matter.

(Rutledal) #1213

Something called White Pearl Classics are releasing Go For Broke[/url] and [url=http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0155XPFJC/italowestern-21]Jonathan of the Bearshttp://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0145TOLE2/italowestern-21 in Germany. Neither believed to be English friendly.

(Farmer_J) #1214

If Go For Broke has a nice nice transfer and is uncut, I’ll pick up a copy. Beats having the VHS rip.

(Rutledal) #1215

There’s screenshots on Amazon, it doesn’t look great (B-/C+), but it’s wide-screen and there’s no burnt in Greek subs which is better than most boots of it. Someone on the forum might have English subs for it.

(Gritz) #1216

Oh man, the DVD news section is depressing…there are hardly any SW’s DVD’s on the horizon :’(

(Sebastian) #1217

not necessarily, could just mean it’s not being updated as much as it should :wink:

(Rutledal) #1218

There is several upcoming German releases that aren’t listed.

(Sebastian) #1219

To everyone, we could need more help updating the SWDB. While some others and myself do keep adding new DVDs and BluRays to the database, pages like the DVD news page are highly neglected. If you want to help and don’t have a login yet for the main DB, contact me and I’ll set it up for you. Every little help is very valuable. You don’t have to be full-time editor to be part of the time. Fixing a thing here and there is help enough! Please join the Sheriff’s posse :slight_smile:

(Rutledal) #1220

I do have a log in, I wrote a page on here. I didn’t realise it was up to us to just edit the pages ourselves.