Duck, You Sucker! / Giù la testa (Sergio Leone, 1971)

The car ride was shot in the grounds of an old stately home with an adjacent golf course. There’s a sort of car museum also attached. The golf course would be where they were chasing each other in slow motion.
The bar with the shoot out is Toners in Dublin.
I met a concert pianist who played one of the schoolgirls on the excised bus sequence. Sergio was overly fond of her and got her to ride in his car from the hotel to the location. She says he broke her wristwatch strap when he grabbed her, and then she cried a lot to avoid him.
I’ve forgotten the name of the Hotel too, but I went there. I probably have notes somewhere.

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Oh no … the maestro behaving like a creep! I never knew about this or the deleted scenes. Anymore info would be greatly appreciated.

I did the Duck You Sucker locations in 2002, in Spain and Ireland. The information is probably on a floppy disk somewhere. If I can find it, I’ll post.
The Golf Course is Deer Park Golf at Howth Castle just outside Dublin, where the National Transport Museum is. The guy there had a lot of information about the car used in the scenes. I wrote it all down, but 2002 is a long time ago. Several computers later…
The bus used was the one also used in Ryan’s daughter. It was supposed to drive past Coburn’s car and everybody waves happily to each other.
Yes, the maestro behaved like a creep. We agreed not to share this at the time, but that was a long time ago, so I feel I can blab it out now.


Voilá look here what @Divy wrote on the subject everyone

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