Django (Sergio Corbucci, 1966)

How do other dubs compare, e.g. French?

I often wondered this in the past. Does the German dub include the final benediction? The English version makes the movie particularly senseless in that regard.

what do you mean by that?

At the end of Django, Jackson says, “in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.” Django shoots back and says, “Amen.” In the English version, the dialogue is changed to “do you hear me, Django?” and it ends with Django saying, “do you hear this?”


Hm, can’t recall, need to rewatch that part… I have a feeling that it’s different. At the very end?

The German-dubbed dialogue is completely different from the Italian dialogue. Also, on the Studiocanal DVD, the German subtitles don’t match the spoken German dialogue. And in the Italian version, Jackson doesn’t open his mouth when we hear the words “del Figliolo.”

Italian: In nome del Padre …
German: Und jetzt, mein lieber Freund, rechnen wir beide ab. (And now, my dear friend, the two of us will settle up.)
First shot.

Italian: … del Figliolo …
German: –
Second shot.

Italian: … dello Spirito …
German: Ja, jetzt müsstest du deine Kanone dahaben … (Yes, now you should have your gun with you …)
Third shot.

Italian: … Santo.
German: … jetzt, wo’s drauf ankommt. (… now that it matters.)
Fourth shot.

Ah yes this I remember… yea all the different languages all vary widely. The best option is likely the Italian track with any subtitle that gives an approximate 1:1 translation of it…

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Yes, that would be great. Unfortunately, the German subtitles on the Studiocanal DVD neither correspond to the German dialogue nor translate the Italian dialogue.

I wonder if the Arrow BluRay is better in this respect?

Probably, since it was announced that there would be “newly translated English subtitles for the Italian soundtrack.”

Thanks, the shooting the different points of the cross doesn’t make sense to me if Fajardo’s dialogue and Django’s response aren’t per the Italian version.

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Exactly, I agree with you. And before Jackson fires his first shot, he says in the Italian version that Django can’t even pray with his broken hands, but he, Jackson, will help him.


Hmm, not?
I assumed it was a translation form the Italian version, and apart from the aforementioned cemetery lines the German dub was close to the subs´, so that I thought that the German dub was better than expected.

What do you think where these subs came from?

Normally these subs are either directly taken form the dub subs, or translated form the original version.

In many cases, due to lack of space and in consideration of the viewers’ reading speed, subtitles render a shortened or condensed version of a film’s dialogue. The above example shows that in the case of Django the German subtitles do not follow the Italian dub but are a variant of the German dialogue.

But wait, there’s a difference between the subs of the old DVD and the newer Blu/DVD.
The older one has indeed only dub subs, but the newer one has, just like I said, the Italian translation. Cause this one has the cruxifixion dialogue correctly translated.

Actually that was the only reason I bought this Blu, and I was surprised that these subs were much closer to the German dub than expected.

Which Blu-ray are you referring to, stanton? The Studiocanal release or the one from ’84 Entertainment? I have the DVD that is included in Django – die Trilogie from Studiocanal.

The one from Studiocanal, but as far as I know the 84 Entertainment one contains the same disc, only a more expensive packaging.

I have also the old Studiocanal DVD, and the subs are definitely not the same.

I never thought about that ending, but it definitely works. It should be a bleak ending. In a sense, Django gets weaker and weaker as the movie progresses. In a weird way, I was slightly disappointed that gets the bad guys in the end.

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