Django (Sergio Corbucci / 1966)

Hello guys,
I’m a little new to western. Of course I’ve seen the odd classic and I’m a huge admirer of Sam Raimis “The Quick and the Dead”, but I still lack a lot of insight-knowledge. Currently I’m looking out for a decent DVD-Release of the very first “Django”-Movie, so which DVD is the best one to get? I haven’t seen it yet, so I also wanna know if it’s worth the hype. And then I heard that the director let himself inspire by certain thematic-elements of classical Samurai-Movies. Can anyone confirm this, or is it just bullshit and internet-gossip? Thanks for any insight on this matter.

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The best available version is probably Blue-underground version. I prefer to watch it with Italian language and english subtitles as the english dub is quite bad.

And yeah, I’d say it’s a great movie but if you’re new to spaghetti westerns you will probably love it or hate it. It depends on what kind of movies you’re used to watch.

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depending on where you are from you might also want to consider the British DVD or the German DVD (in Germany be careful to get the Kinowelt release as there are millions of Django films especially in German).

But yeah, the Blue Underground DVD (more or less identical with the German and British one) is the best to get

as a pretty new spag fan myself,i would say django is a good place to start.just dont expect anything to be as cood as the eastwood about a top ten from all of the experts? so us beginers can know the cream of the far my purchases have been mixed.the good…django,compeneros,death rides a horse.the o.k…mannaja,trade your pistol for a coffin,beyond the law.the bad…tammazo…capt apache,man called noon.

you can’t do any wrong with getting Django first. But django is a very very low budget looking film compared to the bigger Leone films.
I suggest you start with something like Once Upon a Time in the West and the Dollar films, then work yourself over to the films of Sergio Sollima, and then you dig a bit into the Corbucci world

If you can find it at a reasonable price, the “Once Upon A Time In Italy” box set contains 5 very different SW’s. It should give you a good idea of which actors/directors you like. Also, if you check out Shobary’s SW site, there are short reviews of lot’s of films and also screenshots, so you can see if you like the “look” of particular SW’s. Are there any SW’s to avoid? Personally, I detest Bad Man’s River.

Good question. I think many new spaghetti western fans starts collecting Lee van Cleef movies first (like I did). Unfortunately most Lee van Cleef’s movies from 70’s are quite bad (God’s Gun, Kid Vengeance, Bad Man’s River and maybe Captain Apache).

most of the low-priced dvds (under 8 bucks) are shit. it mostly depends on the country of what companies produce shit. In Germany for example you should avoid “Best Media” products although the name implies different


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i’m new in spaghetti stuff too and i love Django

Sergio Leone was GOD

So this would be the best “Django”-Release to buy, if I’m from Germany, right? I only have some issues with the picture-format, because 1,66:1 sounds a little weird. Is it the format that has been originally intended by the director?
What sounds great, though, is the fact, that the DVD seems to feature some additional scenes, that have been cut in the RC1 Anchor Bay release.

yeah get the Kinowelt if you need the German audio, if you don’t need German audio, you can buy the Blue Underground or the British one as well. The format is correct, Corbucci didn’t shoot in cinemascope there

As im sure most people here know,DJANGO was used in many sw titles most having nothing to do with the original.Im going to try to list all the films ive found which were retitled to include django,but they will be listed as american or uk goes!
django strikes again- only offical sequel(i think)

[ul][li]django…if you live shoot![/li][/ul]
django…get the coffin ready
[/list]django the bastard
[ul]some dollars for django
[list][li]dont wait django…shoot![/li][/list]django shoots first
[list][li]django does not forgive[/li][/list]kill django…kill first[/ul]
django the last gunfighter
[ul]requim for django
[list][li]man called django[/li][/list]even django has his price
[list][li]the son of django[/li][/list]django kills softly[/ul]
django and sartana showdown…

[ul]the brute and the beast
[list][li]any gun can play[/li][/list]vengence
[list][li]i want him dead[/li][/list]god will forgive my pistol[/ul]
to hell and back
[ul]black jack
[list][li]may god forgive you…i wont[/li][/list]reach you bastard
[list][li]gentleman killer[/li][/list]mallory must die[/ul]
[ul]the name that cried vengence
[list][li]death is sweet from the soldier of god[/li][/list]death sentence
[list][li]machine gun killers[/li][/list]no room to die[/ul]
7 dollars on the red
[ul]guns of violence
[list][li]one after another[/li][/list]deadly trackers
[list][li]2 sides of the dollar[/li][/list]execution[list]god forgives …idont
[list][li]the moment of killing[/li][/list]vengence is mine[list]vendetta at dawn
[list][li]the unholy 4[/li][/list]gunmen at 100 crosses[list]starblack
[list][li]dead for a dollar[/li][/list]texas adios

:-\whew! and theres probably even more…ridiculous. Now who is gonna do the same for sartana?

How about these:
Outlaw of Red River
Two Faces of the Dollar
Vengeance is a Colt 45
Ballad of Bounty hunter
Rattler Kid
Johnny Hamlet
Longest Hunt
Taste of Vengeance
Outlaw Rider
Chuck Moll
they Called Him Trinity, himself-his colt-his revenge
Fistful of Death
Django Story

These all were retitled as a Django films in some countries. I used the booklet from Anchor Bays Django/Django strikes again double-feature as my source.
Jonah, where did you pick all those titles? I thought that Anchor Bay’s booklet had all the Django films listed but you listed lots of other titles too. has what may be a complete list to all django named also features a top 10 django list. also for django fans check out AKO COLLECTIBLES a ebat store with django t-shirts for sell!

Ok, this month’s focus film!

Is this the ultimate anti-western? At least it feels like Corbucci was trying to do this.

It’s basically a remake of A Fistful of Dollars with plot-elements pushed as far as possible, too far maybe?

This film was a massive hit on the continent in the 60’s, and became a milestone of the genre. It is still a very good spaghetti-western, but suffers from a low budget and a really poor english dubbing.

It was banned in both Sweden and the UK due to it’s excessive violence, and never distributed to the USA.


can you upload that picture to the django pictures page?

Do you Know this one?

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