[Deu] DVD/BluRay Veröffentlichungen


(Rutledal) #741

And that was a cheap, bare bones release?

(Søren) #742

Yes more or less. It was this one:


Probably in the correct aspect ratio but with only the German dub. I must have watched it at some point but honestly can’t remember how good it looked.

(Rutledal) #743

Thanks, probably the same quality as any of the versions on YouTube

(Stanton) #744

And it was a cut DVD.

I remember that a in TV version was more violence and nudity to marvel at.

(Rutledal) #745

There was certainly no nudity in the version I saw.

(Stanton) #746

Nasty nudity to be more precise. It was a rape scene.

(JonathanCorbett) #747

Which of the two scenes, the one with Monica Randall or Rossella Bergamonti?

(Stanton) #748

I don’t remember that.

Actually I also don’t know these two girls.

(Sebastian) #749

Am 8. August, re-release Time

(Martin) #750

Zwar kein Western im strengen Sinn: Hugo Fregoneses Superpanorama-70-Film Pampa salvaje (1966), deutscher Titel: Die Verfluchten der Pampas, von der Hagener Busch Media Group angekündigt für November auf DVD, Blu-Ray-Disc und 4K-UHD-Blu-Ray-Disc. Leider nur mit deutschem Ton.

Savage Pampas / Pampa salvaje (Hugo Fregonese, 1966)
Savage Pampas / Pampa salvaje (Hugo Fregonese, 1966)
(Sebastian) #751

danke, hab die DVD mal nachgetragen…

(Martin) #752

Spannend wie so oft die unterschiedlichen Angaben zur Filmdauer – IMDb und italienische DVD: 112 Minuten; BBFC: rund 96 Minuten; deutsche Veröffentlichung 91 (DVD) bzw. 94 (Blu-Ray) Minuten. Die Version, die ich gesehen habe – deutscher und englischer Ton, fettes MGM-Logo –, lief jedenfalls 94 Minuten.

(scherpschutter) #753

I have now two versions, one with the fettes MGM logo and another one without. The MGM version runs 94 minutes, the other one 110 minutes, but the MGM hd-version is much sharper, and colors are much warmer. Would be interesting to know what is missing in the MGM version. I have the idea that the film works better in the shorter version, I remember the longer edit felt indeed overlong

(Martin) #754

Will you compare them?

(scherpschutter) #755

I’ll see what i can do. Isn’t there a German site that makes all these comparisons?
If you PM me, and give me your email adress i can transfer the longer version

(Martin) #756

Yes, Schnittberichte.com (“cut-reports”), but no report as yet on Pampa salvaje.

(morgan) #757

Usually I stay away from films nur mit deutschem Ton. But I might make an exception for this one. Even in the Jubal Classic Video release, which doesn’t have good picture quality at all, visually it looks stunning.

Savage Pampas / Pampa salvaje (Hugo Fregonese, 1966)
(Sebastian) #758

Rocco… wird von Koch wohl als BluRay neu erscheinen nächstes Jahr

(Sebastian) #759

Meine Rezension der BluRay von Pampas geht morgen online. Ich schraube noch an den letzten Details

(Sebastian) #760

Release ist der 8. aber Amazon sagt mit wird erst am 13.12. verschickt