Savage Pampas / Pampa salvaje (Hugo Fregonese, 1966)

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A very diferent film but definetly western. Supposedly shot in Spain but most likely shot in Argentina where it is set. Hugo Fregonese second Eurowestern. A USA/Argentina/Spain(?) co production. Very low budget feel but worth watching because of it’s peculiar location. Starring Robert Taylor and Ty Hardin.

Waldo de los Rios
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The army has trouble keeping men from deserting as they are missing the company of women. Women are drafted in for the mens pleasure and have to go on a journey a cross country with the men. Plenty of adventure along the way which results in a confrontation with a group of deserters.

Story had the edge of being a little different which I enjoyed.

(scherpschutter) #3

Never seen it, sounds interesting

And yes, several sources mention Argentina (interesting aspect too)
I’m not sure, but I think the word ‘pampas’ specifcally refers to the Argentine countryside too

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Is it a Western set in Argentina? At least it sounds nice.

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Yes, the Pampas are the Argentine grasslands. Home to the Gaucho

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I don’t know what this is supposed to be, the entire movie, only highlights or whatever (but this is called ‘I’, and on the right I see a ‘II’):

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Just watched the first part of 10 mins, if i’m not mistaken there are three, so this You Tube thing seems an ultra short version of the movie.

The first part is quite enjoyable, will watch the other two later today
There are some lip-sync problems, but the audio quality is otherwise quite good, loud & clear

Apparently the film is even set (not only shot) in Argentina. Nice.

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Yeah, it’s set in Argentina according to the books. A quasi western.

And it is a remake of Fregonese’s own Pampa Barbara (1943).

And with Taylor in the lead Westward the Women (Wellman 1951) also springs to mind.

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I’m still not sure were the film was shot, but if it was shot in Argentina, it shouldn’t be here, so it had better be Spain


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I became aware of this film from the SWDB DVD new releases page. And as I don’t watch releases with only a German audio (only one exception from that so far), I bought the Jubal Classic Video DVD. The picture isn’t much. And I don’t like western films with soldiers and Indians. Still this is to me one breathtaking film. And @scherpschutter, when you say in your review that in this film even the prostitutes are all but one-dimensional, that’s a big understatement. They’re so three dimensional that it’s beautiful!

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True of course


Shot in Superpanorama 70, it looks amazing, I think. Incidentally, after Old Shatterhand, made two years earlier, in 1964, Pampa salvaje was Argentinian-born director Hugo Fregonese’s second 70 mm film. Working in Hollywood, Argentina and Europe, Fregonese had a colorful career, directing almost thirty films of a broad variety. An interesting article on his life and work can be read on Film International’s website.

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I’m going to rewatch it tonight or tomorrow night, if I can find the time. I need to work on that review page anyway and it has been quite some time since i watched it. I have a good copy, but unfortunately in (about) 1,66:1, only the opening scene and credits are in widescreen;

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There is a scene in this film I think I have seen in another film: A group of professional women. A man trying to command them. The more he tries to assert his authority, the more funny they think him. Until a superior slaps one of them in the face. Then they stop laughing and obey, silently. But I cannot remember which film. Or is this just a case of déjà vu on my part?


A Western?

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Watched half of the movie yesterday night (after the football game it was getting too late to watch the entire thing) and reached this ‘slapping point’, so to speak. I didn’t didn’t really ring a bell, I must say.


I’ve just checked the version I have, same problem.

(morgan) #19

Yes, I think so, not necessarily an Italian.


If I remember it correctly, there is a very unpleasant slapping scene in Westward the Women.