Death Rides a Horse / Da uomo a uomo (Giulio Petroni, 1967)

(Spuff vermon) #241

It doesn’t matter where you get it, if you read the negative comments they are negative because of long waits on shipping or because of damaged discs, which will be replaced with another long wait. Thus more negative comments

(Søren) #242

People complain about packages not arriving not being delayed… No communication with seller. Opening ebay disputes. If that is not big warning signs I don’t know what is.

Unless you’re friends with the seller I see no reason for you defending him. There are plenty of bad seeds on ebay but luckily most of them are alright. Kind of like in the real world :slight_smile: The trick is avoiding throwing your money in a hole :slight_smile:

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I’m not his friend, I purchased from him and had no trouble, thats all im trying to say.

Infact he lowered the price to five bucks because I didn’t want to buy from him, so I took a shot and it came out okay. Got the flick for w/ shipping for 11 dollars

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I’ve just watched the MGM UK copy, thanks to my new best amigo, the Col. Still a four-star film amongst spaghettis in my opinion, but for the first time, this situation with the villagers really stuck with me as one of the low points of the movie. I imagined a scene set 15 minutes after the ending where the village girl whom Bill saves in the bar comes back with the women and children and says, “WTF? After we dug him out of the dirt, this is the thanks we get?” At least, provided they can chase it down, they’ll get a significant life insurance payment from the overturned wagon.

I also wonder what happens to Bill after the movie’s ending. Does he return to his hometown to become a sheriff’s deputy? In a way, his situation is like that of Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride: “You know, it’s very strange – I have been in the revenge business so long, now that it’s over, I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life.” Perhaps he too can become the Dread Pirate Roberts.

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Wild East


Wild East


Wild East


Wild East


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Thanks chuck connors brother!

The last two screenshots are not the exact same frame? I wonder because the framing is identical in all the other examples.

The screenshot quality doesn’t seem to be the best though, looks heavily compressed, but to me the WE disc looks like a copy of the MGM disc or the same master (is master the right word…?) that the MGM disc was made from. Any of the small color and other differences can be due to some post-filtering or NTSC PAL difference.
Also there is no way they’d end up with the exact same framing by doing a new scan from film print (well unless they later cropped it to be exactly the same).

(scherpschutter) #247

Difficult to say with only screenshots to compare, but the WE seems a bit sharper.
The MGM I have is a DVD 5, most probably WE used a DVD 9, so their bitrate will be a bit higher
The MGM has some macro-blocking is a couple of scenes, notably during the siege of the Mexican town, when fire is used to protect the town

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Oh yeah, I fixed it

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there is no diference between the two versions now need a blue ray release

(sartana1) #250

Yes! Blu-ray… Nice job WE, I’m going to give this DVD as a gift. I think its a good movie to try to get other people into SWs

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I was encouraged by the screen captures and went ahead and bought the Wild East DVD. I’m not sure the transfer is better than the MGM. It may not be. But it’s good enough. At least the film is in NTSC now and I can watch it at the proper pitch.


(Hoover Valentine) #252

The WE shots look better than the MGM shots to me. I’ve never seen the MGM UK disc, but I have seen the XXX dvd and the WE disc is much better than that one.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #253

Watched the new Wild East disc, looks really nice, I reckon it’s possibly nicer than the U.K. Mgm disc but I don’t know where mine is at the moment to compare it too.

Back when I rated this film I’d only ever seen a horrible pan & scan print and only gave it a 3, I’ve seen it a couple of times since and would re evaluate it as a 4.

I’ve got 3 widescreen editions of this now, Japanese, U.K. and U.S.!!!

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[quote=“ENNIOO, post:20, topic:172”]The MGM British version of this film is cut by at least 4 mins and 54 seconds, as I have a print from Turner Classic Movies which is this much longer, and is in full 2.35 widescreen.

Anybody have any more info?[/quote]
the mgm is cut???
i have the british version what the uncut scenes???

(ENNIOO) #255

That was an error on my part sorry.

I was getting confused with PAL and NTSC frame rates :stuck_out_tongue: .

(JonathanCorbett) #256

The MGM DVD isn’t cut, but the up to now unreleased original Italian version should run for about 123 minutes.

The risk is that as already happened in other cases - for example the two Trinity movies - in future the “additional” parts may be cut to adjust the length of the film to the International version.

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[quote=“ENNIOO, post:255, topic:172”]That was an error on my part sorry.

I was getting confused with PAL and NTSC frame rates :stuck_out_tongue: .[/quote]

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Django Rides A Horse


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[quote=“Lindberg, post:258, topic:172”]Django Rides A Horse

sartana rides a horse, lol ;D

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That’s another one. Are you sure there ever was a 123 min version?