Death Rides a Horse / Da uomo a uomo (Giulio Petroni, 1967)

I was at the walmart the other day and saw this western with Lee Van Cleef For 99 Cents. I bought it and enjoyed the movie a hole lot. The only problem the quality was bad. What do you think about Death Rides A Horse? Oh, and it was so cheeply made on the package it said “What One Man Will Do To Get His Rewenge”

One of the best non-Leone spaghettis ever with great revenge story, expert direction and highly memorable Morricone score. Lee Van Cleef is in peak form. At $0.99, it will be an unwatchabe full screen crappy transfer. I’m glad you only paid 99 cents because I paid about $6 for a crappy copy of it several years ago. I highly recommend the UK MGM edition if you are region free. There was also a very expensive Japanese edition years ago as part of a Lee Van Cleef boxset. Came out in the UK at about the same time the Sabata trilogy did but did not get an R1 release like Sabata did. I do not believe this film can be appreciated fully without the benefit of a decent transfer. Aside from the Leone films, this is in close competition with “The Big Gundown” as my favorite spaghetti.

One of the best. I love LvC in this movie. Like you said great revenge story. There is nothing more to add. Maybe that a better DVD release than the german one could be out in stores…

Gets five!

You need the wide screen version, its a beautiful transfer, forget the Direct Source version made in Canada. :wink:

Greetings everyone, ;D

I own the Canadian Direct Source dvd also, but I guess its better than not having an R1 available at all. Another board I’m on was trying to petition companies like Synapse to create a better transfer of this wonderful film (the opening sequence is excellent IMO, ruined only by this lousy transer).

why not import from France, GErmany or the UK? those bootlegs are so expensive, the German DVD is just 8 euros or something

That option was not available when I bought the cheap fullscreen version.

You will like it even better in a pristeen widescreen version amigo ;D

i downloaded it form Bit Comet p2p program. The quality is shitty, but the film’s fucking good! Great story, in the middle it was a little worse, but just in the middle and just a little. Lee Van Cleef is half-God and Morricone is GOD! I really loved the music

the Region 2 is just 10 euros, that’s really okay I think, no need to buy p2p stuff in that case :wink:

…and a DVD in the shelf is nicer than a file on the pc :wink:

and i’m gonna buy that DVD as fast as i can! it’s sure worth it :wink: but first i’m gonna get a Sam Peckinpah’s DVD Collection (Ride the High Country, The Ballad of Cable Hogue and special 2 discs editions of the Wild Bunch and Pat Garret & Billy The Kid)!

yeah that one’s awesome.

if you can’t find a good online retailer that ships region 2 dvds to wherever you live, just contact me and i can go to the store, buy it, and send it to you (you pay me by paypal then). or something like that

OK, amigo! :slight_smile:
where are you from?


This is 4.97 pounds at It’s the price drop I was waiting for. I recommend buying it without hesitation.

I loved everything about this movie, for those who get Starz western It comes on a couple of times this month.

Death rides a horse dvd

This movie kicks ass. I’m a huge fan of Lee Van Cleef. I even used this movie as a referrence for my screenwriting class project.

Yup its one of LVC’s best and one of my all time fav movies…I must have seen it 25 times over the years…great music,good plot twists and excellent performance from LVC and good performance from John Phillip Law who should have made more SW’s…love the early target practice scene.

Van James

The MGM British version of this film is cut by at least 4 mins and 54 seconds, as I have a print from Turner Classic Movies which is this much longer, and is in full 2.35 widescreen.

Anybody have any more info?