Death Rides a Horse / Da uomo a uomo (Giulio Petroni, 1967)

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[quote=“John Welles, post:220, topic:172”]Not too many, I’m afraid.

I’ve only seen the following:

Black Jack
Once Upon a Time in the West
Death Rides a Horse
God’s Gun
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
This Man Can’t Die!
The Great Silence
Challenge of McKenna
El Puro
A Fistful of Dollars
For a Few Dollars More
Sartana in the Valley of Death
Any Gun Can Play[/quote]
Oke! I’ll drop you a PM amigo!

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So, to this date, which is the best release of this film? English-friendly. The MGM-release?

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The U.K MGM release is the best I have seen so far for an english friendly version.

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easy a phenomenon!!! :smiley:
only for a few dollars more come close!

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i agree with you

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:213, topic:172”]I have been looking for a CD of Russian Circles in Brussels, but could find one

I have most of Mogwai; Russian circles sounds a bit like a cross between Mogway and Tool
The Japanese group Mono is very good too

[quote=“p.pereira, post:214, topic:172”]I love that post-rock sound. If you guys like Mogwai, I’d recommend a portuguese band called The allstar project

I took the name of my blog (por um punhado de euros) from one of their songs. It sounds like a post-spaghetti-rock!

Sherps which album are you looking for? I could find it for you here in Portugal.[/quote]

I love Mogwai, probably been my favorite band for the last 5 years. May even do a bit of traveling this spring to see them live… have seen them once before, but don’t often get the chance here in the States. Will have to check out these bands you guys mentioned… for some reason, I always picture dueling scenes from spaghettis when listening to certain Mogwai tracks…

Explosions In The Sky is another favorite post rock group, from the US and heavily influenced by Mogwai… also a great live show

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Lee Van Cleef anf John Phillip Law form an unforgettable bond.

4 stars for a great plot and acting as well as Morricone’s score, but a bit over worked in my opinion.

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Any idea where to find that? The only version I’ve seen is some 99 cent DVD at Wal-Mart.

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Various ones at Amazon U.K (please note this is the cover you want):[/url]

Or this one for example on E Bay U.K :


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In latter days this picture is indeed considered a classic in SW. Too bad it’s not yet been remastered, though :confused:

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The XXX release of Death Rides a Horse is the only region free english widescreen copy I know of (thats not dvdr). Get it from Thiland off ebay. $10 bucks, takes about two weeks to ship to the states.

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Hey,i am new here glad to be here with you…

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Here’s the one Spuff is talking about. It looks way better than anything you can get at walmart. And it’s region free and anamorphic widescreen! ;D

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[quote=“Hoover Valentine, post:234, topic:172”]Here’s the one Spuff is talking about. It looks way better than anything you can get at walmart. And it’s region free and anamorphic widescreen! ;D[/quote]

Looks good but that ebay seller only has a 95.3 percent positive feedback rating! I generally only buy from sellers with 99.6 and above.

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He ships from Thialand bound to have some trouble, long wait for package, damaged package, long wait for new flick ect…

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A bit late but should go for, cheaper and free shipping worldwide

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Well he ships from Japan that’s basically the same :slight_smile:

But, I agree with Mr. Mortimer, sellers with that low feedback rating should be avoided. Other sellers from distant countries have no problems with keeping a high feedback rating so when you hit upon one that fails roughly 10-12th time he sends a package you should be alarmed.

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Not at all, actually.
The Japanese postal system is among the best in the world. Having dealt with individuals and sellers in Japan for well over 25 years I can report that I have never had a problem with any package shipped from there. In fact, I usually receive items shipped from Japan in less time than it would take a package to reach me here in Oklahoma from New York!
My point is…
If this guy’s feedback rating is so low due to “lost packages” and he is truly shipping from Japan—then, I would have to say that he is a crook, or at least a very shady seller.
But, he also may be lying about where is shipping from—to trap guys like me that really trust the Japanese postal system. And if that is the case…he is definitely to be avoided.
I agree with you guys about those feedback ratings.

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made your top 20 friend and enjoy the spaghetti dream