Crazy Bunch / Di Tresette ce n'e uno / Carnimeo 73'è_uno%2C_tutti_gli_altri_son_nessuno

Some will say this silly comedy won’t need a thread, but here it is.

Complete italian title is Di Tresette ce n’e uno tutti gli altri son nessuno

<< Like Tresette there’s only one, all the others are nobodies >>
In Italian it sounds better thanks to the rhyme ‘uno-nessuno’

(A Scherpschutter translation with a Scherpschutter explanation, borrowed without asking)

The story is about… well, nobody needs to know what it’s about.
It’s a comedy with George Hilton, many, many fistfights, lots of silly ideas and without any blood, but with a nice and unsilly score by Alessandro Alessandroni.

A follow up to Lo chiamavano Tresette, and this Tresette is a guy who looks suspiciously like another guy called Halleluja, who was played by an actor known as George Hilton, who needn’t to change anything but the character’s name for the later films.

Both Tresette films (the first one is btw a silly comedy) mark the final step of Giuliano Carnimeos 13 films long SW transformation from sinister violence to pure slapstick in only 6 years. Mostly acompanied on this path by prolific screenplay writer Tito Carpi, who’s name appeared on 10 of them.

The film itself is a lektion in sillyness, which makes the likewise silly My Name Is Halleluja look like a greek tragedy, but somehow I had problems to find Dicke Luft in Sacramento (german title, silly, silly) as bad as I was willing to find it.

Watch out for the mad-house train and for Drakeman the magician.

I’ve only seen the English version so you lose a lot of the humor right off the bat.

For english speakers…

Everything before, and during, the first trip to the looney bin is funny but afterwards just fast forward to the closet showdown and then promptly shut it off.
A shame Carnimeo had to go out like this.

hmm, the errorfull “review” on the database page seems to be inspired by Tom Weisser.

Can someone check this before I change it.

[quote=“stanton, post:3, topic:1264”]hmm, the errorfull “review” on the database page seems to be inspired by Tom Weisser.[/quote]haha! Haven’t noticed that before. Sounds like Weisser as this synopsis has nothing to do with this film.

I started enjoying this when Nello Pazzafini showed up, he’s the only one that really made me laugh… the ending was good as well.

Pretty awful slapstick comedy but not as bad as I thought. Alessandroni’s score is really good !

“George Hilton stars as an aspiring gunfighter named Dick Luft in this humorous spaghetti western variation on the legend of Don Quixote.”

I don’t know where Weisser got this from but I couldn’t see any variation “on the legend of Don Quixote.” :o

Also funny is the fact that he must have thought Dicke Luft (in Sacramento = German title) is a name but it means something like Thick air in Sacramento :smiley: !!! [You could also translate: Dicke Luft = trouble]

The Brazilian label Ocean Pictures probably also never heard of the original title and gave their dvd release the title Dicky Luft Em Sacramento ;D :smiley:

Weisser was maybe inspired to this beautiful error by the fact that Tresette is called Tricky Dicky in the english dub.
Still wondering why he didn’t interpreted it as an allegorical comment towards Watergate, a true madhouse affair.

I’m searching for these “Tresette” movies in the Iberian market. The old VHS copy is damaged.

Ok, but why?

My father rented for me, when I was a kid. Later I got a copy, but its gone.
I liked and still remember some scenes, so I guess I need to watch them again.

I was just wondering myself. :smiley:

Well, I would say this movie is like a very long Bugs Bunny Cartoon with a lot of Elmers in it. Don’t know why Comedy SW Heros must have names like Trinity or Tresette. His buddy Paco ( ???) reminded me on Bud Spencer and he is more or less like the Bud Spencer Role of the Trinity Movies. The Beginning with the frypan is somehow taken from Trinity is still My Name. A Bugs Bunny Cartoon is fun but this one is too silly to be funny. At least the music is good. Maybe too good for a goofy TRESETTE movie. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t watch it until the end, pretty bad one and very disappointing if you have in mind that Carnimeo directed it.

But there’s one good thing about this flick. Thanks to Tresette we have one of the funniest reviews of a SW ever written (If you understand German):

I have once said here that this is the worst sw I’ve seen but strangely I’ve started to enjoy it. It really is awful movie but it is so over the top madness that I can’t resist it’s insane charm. I like the stupid cartoony names, Twinkletoes, Frutti Tutti, Tricky Dicky and my favorite Frank the Fruit (Frank Homo on finnish vhs release). English print is strange as in the dubbing they have changed the Klu Klux Klan members talk, they’re after “politicians” instead of blacks. Weird censorship.

Well I’ve seen the first one so let’s go for the sequel at cinema office after a public demand for it.
Not so funny as the first one, in the initial 30 seconds seemed like if they were making some Great Silence or something of the kind type of SW, but no nothing like that.
Hilton is good in this comedies, but for some reason he does not seem so comfortable in the role this time, and Huerta was more fun in the first one, liked the way they put Drakemen character looking like surrealist master Salvador Dali, hey maybe if it was a cartoon would work better, but what can I say I like this comedies (just don’t tell anyone).

I knew what to expect having seen the first one so no surprises, either good or otherwise with this pile of pony.

Awful, awful rubbish. The biggest tragedy with these films for me is that Carnimeo and Hilton could and did do so much better.

I had a German DVD. Biggest piece of crap SW I’ve seen yet AND I love George Hilton so I really wanted to like it… Avoid this one!

The different characters names in this one range from Twinkle Toes to Marmalade. From what I had read this one and seeing the other film starring Hilton I was not expecting much. On this level it worked for a while, but some scenes just go on way to long. The first hospital scene and the end scenes the most. This is just one silly film, probably the most daft Spaghetti I have seen to date. The last half an hour seemed to just go on and on. Did not mind some scenes in the film, mainly the ones with Twinkle Toes in. The bad guy had a way bad pimple which had a beard growing on it, gross stuff :stuck_out_tongue: .