Boot Hill / La collina degli stivali (Giuseppe Colizzi, 1969)

(Phil H) #61

She’s a trooper, I’ll grant you that. But actually I think she’s sat through worse.

(Angel Face) #62

Awful movie. Not sure what went wrong here. The first film is my favorite in this trilogy. Even the participation of the GRIM REAPER himself, Luigi Montefiore can’t salvage this one. It’s been a long time since I last saw it, but doubt my opinion would change on it.

(Lasky) #63

My current owned copy is so dreadful that it’s unwatchable but i’m such a fan of Hill & Spencer/Ace High/God Forgives… that i’d be happy to check out the uncut widescreen disc if i saw a reasonably priced copy somewhere.

(davidf) #64

saw this last night. pretty much agree with the majority of what has been said here already. while not quite as bad as i was expecting, it wasn’t good. not as much comedy as i was expecting from the " dick and dom " double act of the spaghetti westerns, but i agree with what has been said, too much circus, not enough action, too many height challenged persons and you can certainly see why the film is termed " gay" in some quarters. for me film was instantly in my collection but no wish to see it again in a hurry.

(Paco Roman) #65

One more fan of BOOT HILL. :smiley:

(Stanton) #66

Yeah, but why they are all so ashamed to admit that they in fact love this film? What’s wrong with the circus und gay couples dancing?

(Paco Roman) #67


The chase at the beginning on Terence isn’t that bad and I like the few scenes of Woody Strode.

I like the beautiful colourful DVD cover from the Deluxe Special Edition from Starlight Film. It’s the only movie I have on 3 DVD’s. ::slight_smile:

(Novecento) #68

Just watched the first disc of the German 3 disc edition.

There are some great scenes in this one. The first 20 minutes or so are really excellent but it slowly deteriorates with some good moments interspersed among lesser ones. Colizzi’s directing is great; it is just the plot and the comedic aspects that let it down. Ace High still remains my favorite of the trilogy.

(Novecento) #69

[quote=“Stanton, post:56, topic:47”]A copy of the german 3 DVD. It has english audio.
You have the international version (91,20 min Pal) and a special version with some more scenes or parts of scenes, which are clearly recognicable as they were added from a weaker source.

This long version runs about 98,30 min (94,28 min Pal on the disc). Longer was a worse quality italian DVD, which had about 100/96 min and is believed to be uncut.[/quote]

So the second disc in the German set is still cut by about a minute and a half then?

I actually started by watching the second disc but then stopped and restarted with the first disc due to the change in quality of the prints being a little distracting. I’ll watch the longer version on my second viewing.

(Spaghetti Monkey) #70

I caught up with this one recently, and i agree with you pretty much. I think this movie works better as a stand alone movie, than as the third part of the trilogy. I do not feel it is quite as well shot as the other two. (ACE HIGH is my fave too) It seems as if he is trying to do too much in some of the circus scenes, and they come out a bit too busy. Stll a very enjoyable SW with some very fun elements. Any movie which has midget clowns is alright by me.

Fun Factor - 6.5/10

(I...I...Idiot) #71

CLOWNS >:( midget clowns >:( :’(

(korano) #72

Alright, time to come out of the closet about this.

Though I like most, previously hated Boot Hill, the filmhas undoubtabley grown on me. I’ve liked the idea of a circus in a Spaghetti Western ever since I played Red Dead Revolver. And I initially hated this film because I found the mid section unbelieveably boring. But I now find the strengths to out way the flaws as the beginning and end to this film are both very interesting and shy away from the cold courtroom drama of the middle. I agree with Stanton that the title sets a mood. We have a trude and true Spaghetti Western that is violent but has a certain lightheartedness that makes it entertaining. And I just think that the title completely makes the film for me.

The end gunfight is a bit of a let down but iswell timed and interesting in that it takes place at night seemingly but isfilmed as if it were a big daytime shoot out with nothing out of the ordinary. But the day for night lense is too dark and almost completely obscures the action.

I’m really starting to like it. And just a word of advice to all you guys. This isnot a film that is good the first time or even the second time. But give it a third and you may start to enjoy yourself.

(scherpschutter) #73

So we should probably say to people to skip the first two viewings and start with the third

By the way: the verb is ‘to outweigh’ (its strenghts outweigh its shortcomings)

(korano) #74

Or if your a persistent bastard such as myself, give it a try.

(Phil H) #75

Or maybe even skip the third one too. Life is too short :wink:


Only the idea of giving this one a second try scares the shit out of me.

(Stanton) #77

Sigh, and I thought I had convinced you …

I only can say it’s in fact the 16th viewing which brings the real kick. But don’t fudge on it!

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #78

I rather watch a movie that is good the first time around.

(korano) #79

Well said Colonel.

I watched my torrent of it again today and i’d say it gets a 3 star from me. The beginning and middle as I said were good but that mid section really is quite a sleeper. We gofrom wild circus to courtroom politics? Not working for me. But the Circusfinale livens it up and the end battle is nice and wild with the circus music and all. Good mixtureof gunfighing and brawling. Acrobats made it interesting.

But goddam it’s all so very cheesy. Especially the cringe inducing circus act at the finale. And Riz Ortolani wrote that sing along dance with Colizzi thats seen at the end. The clowns are creepy and the performers are annoying but oh well. The strong sense of style helps.

One more thing, that US trailer I found incredably racist. “Justice comes in two colors!” [enterTerence Hill AND Woody Strode] Unbelievable!

(defocus) #80

[size=1][edited repost from another thread]
Because it was mentioned in the book ‘Once upon a time in Italy’ I decided that I could give it a go . What did surprise me is that it starred Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, a duo that I usually try to avoid for their slapstick humor.

Surprisingly, in the first 80% of the movie they act pretty normal, without any of the bad jokes, face slapping, silly comments and long scenes playing catch. In general the acting was pretty good, with convincing and interesting characters (besides the deaf/mute…). The story was good enough to keep watching, although in the latter parts of the movie there are some slapstick scenes (I would have preferred a darker or ironical end-of-movie).

One exceptional thing was the camerawork - it did not seem to belong in an old sub-category spaghetti western like this. Camera standpoints, panning, closeups, compositions. All very professional and I would say reaching best-of-leone levels at times. I think the filmingstyle of this movie is way ahead of it’s time. Although I cannot directly give any titles, it feels like I have seen this way of filming (the closeups of the clowns for example, almost documentary-style) in many high quality recent productions. There are a few outside scenes that are not very special, but overall … beautiful camerawork, best I’ve seen since TGBU.

The lighting was not always up to that level, unfortunately. Rather copious use of reflectors in many outside closeups for example. The editing was very good in some places, especially in parts where there was a lot of play with some staccato rhythm. (The hitting-scene in the circus act where the entire collective memory of the public is depicted, for example). I must add though that the global editing is not as good as the separate scenes.

It is rather miraculous that a film containing mostly circus-stuff can still be good, credits for originality, experimenting and balls here :slight_smile:

I did not expect to get such an enjoyeable viewing experience and thought it to be just a one in a dozen cheap western with a funny name. - all in all excellent to watch, especially if you appreciate good editing and underrated, state of the art (at the time!) cinematography. If you really dig deep characters and good music it might not appeal as much.

8/10 !