Boot Hill / La collina degli stivali (Giuseppe Colizzi, 1969)

This is the third installment in Colizzi’s trilogy starting with God forgives, I don’t and the sequel Ace High (Four for an Ave Maria).

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I thought this was the worst of the three. It was somehow schizophrenic. Part comedy and part sinister spaghetti western. Maybe Colizzi already had the producers in his neck when shooting it…
I loved the other two though, they had better music, better acting and better script.

His last Western, Okay, I love Terence Hill, I’d watch him do anything, however, I never liked all the creepy circus stuff Colizzi thought was interesting. You have to admit watching midgets beat bandits up is somewhat amusing in some sick and twisted way. Also it’s worth mentioning Woody Strode’s performance.

I really like all three movies from Colizzi. Next to “Ace High” I like this most". Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are two of my favourite actors. :smiley:

despite hill,spencer,strode…this movie blows.

well it has a lot of potential, but it’s ruined by some slapstick, and the lack of tough violence (at least the version I saw), but it has good ideas. but in this trilogy, it’s the weakest part, I agree

I agree also, weakest of the trilogy -my favourite is God Forgives… -but I haven’t seen this in widescreen, only in poor quality fullscreen version. I’d probably like it more if I had a decent copy.

But then again, I’d seen also only cut fullscreen version of God Forgives… but it’s still one of my favorite films.

you should get the uncut one, it’s so much greater, and widescreen! but neither the italian nor the german dvd are english-friendly ;-(

Boots Hill is crap if you compare them with Collizzi´s other 2 westerns…it starts good with close-ups of sweety faces but then the “funny” circus-music begins and all the cowboys start to dance :o ??? and after that the movie just goes downhill.

For me Ace High is the best (Eli !) followed by God Forgives, to much dwarf-clowns in this turkey.

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What’s the original length of Boot Hill? Finnish dvd is good quality but it’s only 86 minutes.

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:9, topic:47”]What’s the original length of Boot Hill? Finnish dvd is good quality but it’s only 86 minutes.[/quote]I thought you’d be an expert on Boot Hill Bill? :slight_smile:

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:10, topic:47”]I thought you’d be an expert on Boot Hill Bill? :)[/quote]Really? Actually I can’t stand the film. I’m watching it right now but I keep pauses all the time because it’s so boring.

i just thought that because of you name choice :wink:

But Bill San Antonio is in God forgives… , not in Boot Hill.

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I know but he’s mentioned in all three :wink:

I must agree with Bill, very boring… Good cast, but the plot fails to bad…
Haven´t see the others, must be better.

Wish I could see a good, uncut copy of this. Surely this movie is better than what’s available out there.

Get the Dutch Videofilm Express version.

I’ve seen several versions of it, but neither of them was something to write home about.
God forgives … I don’t is a good spaghetti western, well-written, well-acted, good-looking, Ace High isn’t great, but it’s an enjoyable pudding of a movie, but this one … the opening scene is good, the shoot out near the end isn’t bad, but that’s about it …

Arguably the worst of the trilogy.
But Stanton is the Colizzi expert, so maybe he wants to argue …

I have found the Colizzi films I have viewed so far boring and overlong.

This film is just frustratingly disappointing. Terence Hill, Bud Spencer, Woody Strode, Victor Buono, Lionel Stander and George Eastman all in the same film but Colizzi is more interested of making a circus film than western and giving the clowns and trapeze artists more screentime than Hill & Spencer.

By the way, I was just reading imdb comments about this. Many reviewer mentions that this film has homo-sexual undertones in it. Hmm… well the dancing scene was quite… er… queer. :stuck_out_tongue: