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(autephex) #2409

Just saw this bit at the bottom of the blu ray site… so I guess full res shots are available. I appreciate the info offered on this site, but their setup is rather annoying:

Disclaimer : Please note that this screenshot was captured at 1080p, resized to 720p and then compressed using JPEG to improve the loading time.
While it should give you a general idea of what a title will look like, it’s not representative of the true quality that Blu-ray offers.

1080p screenshots are available for Blu-ray.com members (membership is free), click Site preferences and select “1080p screenshots”.

(autephex) #2410

Ok, I’m not going to make a third post with all the screenshots again, but here is one selected comparison at full 1080

And for the heck of it, a third shot where I blasted the sharpening onto the Arrow to see what it would look like

The Blue Underground definitely looks a lot dirtier than the Arrow at full res, but again I’m not sure how to compare them with just screenshots instead of seeing the video. I definitely appreciate the new coloring.

(Søren) #2411

Because this availability pattern is exactly the one a sold out release would display. Seen it before with Arrow releases as mentioned.

Just got a mail from Arrow stating that the US Sartana box was close at going OOP by the way. That was pretty quick for a release also released in the UK. Since the limited Django-box is a US release only importing will make that one go a lot faster.

(autephex) #2412

After looking between the full res shots, I’m still thinking the BU disc has more detail despite sharpening and scanner noise problems… like if you look at the major’s coat, you can see all the dust & lint on his jacket. And its definitely lint that was really there because its only present on his jacket and you can really see it zoomed in full res. You can’t see this at all in the Arrow, or the sharpened Arrow shot.

While the Blue Underground probably has some oversharpening, I think the grain is still much more present in its transfer, along with other dirt/imperfections in the film that I actually enjoy viewing. It feels more like I’m watching the actual film print than a modern digital version.

I like the additional detail, as well as the grainy/dirtier look… it suits both the film and its age, IMO


Blue Underground definitely looks better, but with just a little too much brightness and a cool colour setting … easily adjusted, like so. :wink:

(autephex) #2414

Good point, aldo… I forget that the picture can always be adjusted on the screen


Anticipating the 3D version. :cowboy_hat_face:


(autephex) #2416

lmao :laughing:


Arrow’s transfer has rewritten history…

Django’s outfit was infact black and not blue :scream:

(Sebastian) #2418

Sure it’s not dark blue like a Union Army coat?


I think Blue Underground were just living up to their name :crazy_face:

(autephex) #2420

Its clearly this is the case, isn’t it? Its been a long while since my last viewing, but I’m pretty sure its somewhat obvious that the major represents the failed Confederacy and Django the Union, although Django now doesn’t want anything to do with it

(Sebastian) #2421

Who of you hasn’t added their 2018 favorite to the guide yet? :wink:


I’m not complaining about that :+1:

(Sundance) #2423

Blu-ray.com review has been deleted? Even the links to the screenshots don’t work.

I don’t think it’s grain on the BU, it is mostly scanner noise. I would also like to see the exact frames compared. A lot of Italian movies were released with scanner noise filled transfers and as far as I can remember they were all improved by a new 2K scan with a better scanner. So I can’t believe a 4K scan would do worse. :thinking: (Actually I prefer the Arrow screenshots)

(autephex) #2424

Hmmm strange, you’re right. Its all been removed from their site

(Sebastian) #2425

Another review that says nothing really http://www.frontrowreviews.co.uk/reviews/texas-adios-blu-ray-review/45626

(The Man With a Name) #2426

The Blu-ray looks pretty great to me. I was happy enough with my DVD but this was worth the upgrade.

(Sebastian) #2427


Not much to go on, so let’s wait what comes out of this…

(autephex) #2428

I’ll hold off on my thoughts on implications of this till its confirmed…