[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Søren) #2389

Couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:


(kevenz) #2390

I guess it depends where you live… deepdiscount doesn’t offer free shipping in canada so it’s useless for me… amazon canada always offer free shipping and it’s pretty fast too.


Blu-ray.com’s verdict:


Texas Adios:

(autephex) #2392

Would love to see some screenshot comparisons if anyone comes across a comparison link

(Sebastian) #2393

their django bluray review however is that of the Blue Underground edition

(autephex) #2394

they actually have several reviews posted…

here’s the arrow: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Django-Blu-ray/214546/#Review

(Sebastian) #2395

well these reviews all sound very positive, and they do make note of some of the negative aspects. but jeez, this shit is from the 60s :slight_smile:

that guys original critical tweet seems gone, and here u will find some more screenshots also https://twitter.com/HighDefDiscNews

and for those who paid attention, Arrow did announce a while back that the official release will be pushed to 10/11 of december. So a few channels might have aleady received their stock, some others might then receive it shortly. it is a week away

(autephex) #2396

I wonder if Arrow possibly tries to help out retail sales in physical shops by pushing back release of online retailers, allowing shops to compete… Arrow may get a better profit from these shops as well


Someone’s paying attention.

(Sebastian) #2398

Sue me, I clicked on one link in their overall review and it took me to the other one :wink: I’m a horrible person

(The Man With a Name) #2399

Diabolik has just informed me that mine has been shipped. What’s the issue with the angles?


Your excitement got the better of you. Arrow has that effect on people I suppose.

(autephex) #2401

I dunno boys, looks like I may be sticking with my Blue Underground. Perhaps its an issue with the provided screenshots being compressed or something, but I am not impressed so far

Blue Underground top
Arrow bottom

(Sebastian) #2402

the arrow looks by far more like a movie should look, while the BU seems to be sharper (possibly artificially so)?

(autephex) #2403

I guess it depends on taste… but those screenshots are too small for me to tell. I need full resolution screenies… but at that size, the Arrow looks like most of the grain is filtered away and even a bit blurry by comparison, although the BU could be oversharpened

I can’t stand my grain filtered

(autephex) #2404

Ok I just realized that if you click on the photo link, it will take you to a larger resolution image… but you have to click on the edges because they have the faces linked to actor profiles… weird…

I dunno… I like the new colors on the Arrow but it looks too filtered for my taste. Need to see it in action to really tell





(autephex) #2405

Kinda reminds me of the recent re-release of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 - colors were improved and the picture is much cleaner, but I still prefer the old blu with all the grain and noise/dirt

(Sebastian) #2406

Sometimes a combination of edge enhancement and DNR make a picture look sharper than it should be and its not really the filmgrain we’re seeing but the result of the algorithm creating billoons of little specs where there shouldnt be any… you are right, we’d hace to see a full res side by side video comparison

(Søren) #2407

Just got a reply on Facebook from Arrow saying that it isn’t sold out yet so hopefully that means it will become available again.

(Sebastian) #2408

I’d be surprised if it were. The official wide release is a week away. Not sure why everyone thinks its sold out