[Blu-ray] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Sundance) #2429

Looking forward to being able to order it today from Amazon.

(Cat Stevens) #2430

Well, my Amazon order has confirmed as shipped and on its way. I’ll let you folks know how it is when it gets here tomorrow!



(Sundance) #2432

Well it’s 12th here already and still can’t order Django from anywhere. Arrow doesn’t seem to reply to questions about the release. No reviews on any of the websites I visit and would expect to review this (well blu-ray.com had one but deleted it).

Oh and the digital bits said this: " Another update: Arrow Video’s new Blu-ray release of Django has been pulled from the release schedule for unspecified reasons. It had been set to street tomorrow (12/11). We’ll update you when we have new information."

But I mean it’s still 11th in the USA so I’m sure everything is fine and I get to order it if I stay up a bit more.

(Sebastian) #2433

Waiting for Arrow Video to come out of the woods and do rumor control, too…

(Søren) #2434

Lol. Arrow has already said that it is neither cancelled, delayed or sold out.

It’s just unavailable :slight_smile:

This is very unlike Arrow. Hoping it’s a rights issue and that copies will start appearing for purchase again at some point.

(Cat Stevens) #2435

This is not to gloat, but to verify that it exists! Delivered from Amazon today.

(autephex) #2436

Still waiting on official word from Arrow, but personally I find it rather off-putting if Arrow is making it all the way to release day without securing the rights?

(Jonny Powers) #2437

My copy of the special edition w/booklet came in today, albeit with a cracked case :frowning: Anybody know where I can get replacement cases?

(Sebastian) #2438


C’mon Arrow, you’re falling from Grace here :neutral_face:

(ENNIOO) #2440

The only thing I may pre order is a coffin when my time is nearly up ha, ha. Then spend the cash on a last few beers.

(Søren) #2441

So could still be a rights issue then.

(Sundance) #2442

I wonder what kind of an update they will be making…

“We didn’t have the rights to release this but we just pretended everything is okay (and forced people not to review it) and shipped it anyways… but only for those who preordered.”

“Oh yeah sorry it was actually out of print already. And no idea why nobody posted reviews of this or removed the ones already posted.”


From Blu-Ray.com:
The store I talked to mentioned that Arrow just asked them to hold off on selling the product and this store has a box of these just hanging out in the back. So perhaps all the major vendors do have copies available but kind of frozen from doing anything with them until Arrow further updates everyone?

From Amazon review:
5 stars for the packaging and for the movie Django. Unfortunately disc 1 containing the movie Django is missing from the set. Hopefully it will be coming around again. Disappointed with Arrow.

(Søren) #2443

This corresponds well with what I was told by DiabolikDVD when asking about availability namely that they were “unable to offer it at the moment”. So they have probably (hopefully) bunches of copies in stock and just waiting for the word.

(autephex) #2444

LOL so all the people who keep theirs sealed in shrinkwrap on the shelf will open it up in a few years and be like WTF

For real…

I’m trying so hard to hold my tongue for now in case there is a legit excuse. But if Arrow is simply not getting rights while doing these large worldwide marketed releases then that is unacceptable. Arrow are masters of direct marketing to the genre audience, just look at recent twitter feed of fans posting wall length bookshelves full of Arrow products…

(autephex) #2445

Hahaha… I hope there are no rights issues with the coffin :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :beers:

(Piripero) #2446

When the grave robbers find it empty, at least they’ll know why.

(autephex) #2447

The thread over at the blu ray forums is pretty funny…

people saying they don’t even like the movie but still ordered it… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

One guy says Arrow initially replied to him that it was just a stock problem at Amazon and there were no issues on their end… but funny how it was held back everywhere, not just Amazon, and additionally all reviews were pulled offline. So Arrow is lying to their customers, in addition to being silent about what the problem is…

IMO if they aren’t just coming out and saying what the problem is, there is a reason and its probably something that makes them look bad.

But everyone is just clamoring for the product and no one cares about what the legal issues are…

Personally I’m much more interested in what’s happening than I am in the product, because if Arrow is selling movies without securing rights, then I won’t be buying from them

(Nick) #2448

Looks like the scalpers are starting to get into the swing of things with the Django blu ray lol.