Arizona Colt (Michele Lupo, 1966)

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[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:54, topic:552”]The good reverend is obviously talking complete bollocks again! I watched this last night and was thoroughly entertained - 5 stars!
Well a third offering worked wonders - must’ve been in just the right mood (state of inebriation) because it all gelled perfectly.
I loved the cynical an mercenary aspects of Gemma’s character who’d do dirty deeds if there was a chance of climbing in a filly’s panties at the end; I enjoyed Fernando doing what he does best as the cliche’d Gordo; I laughed at the drunked but honourable antics of Whisky, and I quite fancied Jane myself and understood her changing character from sexual martyr to willing partner in light of the townspeoples cowardice.
Well at least we agree on this! Tosser![/quote]

Oh brother …

don’t drop off the right creed …

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I really like this film, not seen it since the Wild East “Man from Nowhere” dvd came out, the new disc has a much better print than the previous edition, looks fantastic but does show it’s limitations here and there where reel changes take place.

Still really enjoyed it revisiting it and I forgot what a great score Francesco De Masi supplied for the film.

Also look out for Tom Felleghy in a small role (well, his roles are normally small but it’s always nice to see him make an appearance :D)

Old Wild East Release:

New Wild East Release:

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Yes, not seen it since then aswell !

Will give it a view next week I think :slight_smile: .

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Forgot about the fairly high body count in this, with alot down to the efforts of laughing Fernando Sancho. Gemma in a role where he smiles and shoots, and when thinking of Gemma westerns this one always springs to mind. Liked the character Whiskey who is partial to a drink here and there, in this entertaining western.

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Just finished watching the new WE release. Simplistic, violent, goofy, violent, very good film and I have to give it 4/5.

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I’ve probably mentioned this here before; but, ARIZONA COLT is one of my most favorite among Gemma’s films. I actually like it better than DAY OF ANGER!

Anybody else notice the out-of-sync sound near the end of the fist fight with Nello Pazzafini and Gemma on the new WE release? It isn’t a huge issue; but, it sort of irked me a bit.
The picture quality on this one is an improvement over their previous release; but, the audio was a tad disappointing.
Still a nice release…and a very good film!

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Yes, did notice that.

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one of my top 20 i realy liked this SW, it has everything shoots outs, great acting, good music,
a good hero, a good villain, i don’t understand why fans don’t put it in their favorites
it’s a million times better than a ringo series… 8)

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It`s the best Gemma imo and the 7. in my Top 20 :wink:
He came out of nowhere …

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Yes, this one is in my Top 20, too.

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go to movie-censorship and see how many cuts made
i have the old wild east release and they cut many many scenes!!
behind the box said uncut edition but… it was long cut
i hope this time arizona colt wild east it will re-released uncut and digital restored

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The new wild east Colt double bill is great. watched it yesterday and everything looked and sounded fine to me. As far as cuts I have no idea.

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There is a great version from ‘Moviepower’ - 111’19 min. and 2.35:1
Unfortunately (not for me ;)) only german and italian dub

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:13, topic:552”]In the more serious parts, it becomes clear that the first two dollar-movies are his model, with an occasional wink at Django as well (the wounded hands, the execution of the singing cowboys).
(…) the finale, very similar to the final shootout between No Name and Ramon in Fistful, can’t live up to the expectations. There’s an explosion that announces Gemma’s arrival in town, there’s the line-up of Sancho’s men and Gemma’s walk towards them, and there’s the sudden outburst of violence … but was is totally lacking is Leone’s style[/quote]

Excellent review!

Regarding the finale, it should be noted that the confrontation in the gravedigger’s workroom anticipates the similar sequence in Se incontri Sartana prega per la tua morte.

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and the uncut version has almoust 15 or 16 new deaths! ;D

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Just saw this for the first time today and enjoyed it a lot. I too liked it more than Day of Anger. Really good soundtrack and the cast of characters is great. Awesome seeing Whiskey with such a big role, since I’m accustomed to him in For a Few Dollars More as the ticket guy at the railroad station

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From the Forgotten Pistolero thread

Number 13?

The waystation proprietor

Franco Gulà appears as a bank employee but no Pesce

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Number 13! :slight_smile:

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Just watched this today.

What begins as an unremarkable if pleasant enough movie improves considerably as it goes on. Giuliano Gemma’s winking, wisecracking persona felt a little grating if I’m completely honest (it’s only been a matter of weeks since I saw A Pistol For Ringo for the first time, a superior movie but with Gemma in similar puffed-out mode), and for the first hour or so only served to rob the movie of any discernible tension. And: ENOUGH with the card games! Poker is THE most boring pastime to watch, ever. I would sooner watch a staring competition, or a round of “Who Can Stand Still the Longest”. The only thing worse than watching a hand of poker on the telly is watching a scripted hand of poker in a Spag western, where all of the “nobodies” at the table are “only” holding three jacks or a full house or something else that would in any other circumstance definitely win them the hand, except that we already know that the bad guy is going to draw four queens or something similarly improbable, only for the good guy to just rock over to the table, get dealt in and BLAM! Four aces, or Royal Flush or something, all as though it happens all the time. I suppose one could argue, “But, last.caress, you don’t object to similar flights of fancy when it comes to gunfights featuring antiheroes who can hit a ballbag from quarter of a mile away without even looking, or six-shooters than can fire fifteen rounds?” Well that’s true, but sod it; I’m a flawed, imperfect and unique creature. I am God’s own snowflake. ;D

Anyway, fortunately enough things pick up after an hour or so when Arizona is shot to pieces by Gordo the generic “Fat Mexican Waving His Hands About & Shouting a Lot” bad guy, with his face like a bearded collie. That’s quite late, maybe TOO late for me to consider this a true great, but late or not the tone of the movie definitely shifts, and with it, Gemma shifts from “Cocky pretty boy” to “Decent and Fallible” and the entire movie benefits noticeably as a result. Maybe it’s just me but I feel that Gemma is at his best when it feels as though he has something to lose, and might just lose it. By the time we move into the climactic final twenty minutes, Arizona Colt has become a bloody good movie.

Definitely one that rewards those who stick with it. Given that I know that it gets better and better, maybe I’ll enjoy the first half of the movie all the more on a second pass.

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Agree about the poker scenes, worst game (to watch) ever, but somehow they became part of the genre, so I tend to expect at least one in every movie.

Also agreed about the pic: too long, flawed, but enjoyable