Adiós, Sabata / Indio Black, sai che ti dico: sei un gran figlio di … (Gianfranco Parolini, 1970)

[quote=“sartana1968, post:79, topic:96”]the first sabata has nothing to do with the last one
there two completely diferent movies only the title was the same :)[/quote]

The last one is Return.
Adios is the second one. But you are probably talking about Adios. Yes?

Better judge for yourself.
I for example (and there are a few more) like Return. I even think it is slightly better than the first.
I still have no clue why people who like the first hate the sequel.

Check the thread of Return of Sabata for more fun.

i have no clue why the first one is so popular :-X

Cause LvC is in it?

i thought about that in this way, but many movies have LVC in it and they are just crap
maybe Berger, no no no, it´s not that
maybe music…

But Sabata is not a crap film. And the score helps, of course.

i didn´t mean by that Sabata is crap, but i have it on my TOP list at the very bottom
i know i´m probably alone in this, but the God´s Gun is higher :stuck_out_tongue:
now, you can throw me in some hellhole

[quote=“tomas, post:87, topic:96”]i didn´t mean by that Sabata is crap, but i have it on my TOP list at the very bottom
i know i´m probably alone in this, but the God´s Gun is higher :stuck_out_tongue:
now, you can threw me in some hellhole[/quote]

There is indeed not much hope for you

I loved Sabata when I first saw it. I was still very young and thought it was - like kids would say today - cool.
Lee was cool, the villain was cool, the weaponry was cool, Banjo was cool, the score was cool and … in short: it was cool.

I still like it, but I like Adios Sabata more.
It’s probably not as cool as Sabata, but it’s a better movie.

i´ll rewatch it someday, it´s little suspicious that i don´t like it, maybe i will discover it was a hidden gem for me all the time ;D

Still enjoy Sabata, but not as much as I used to do. Van Cleef smiles to much.

[quote=“Stanton, post:81, topic:96”]The last one is Return.
Adios is the second one. But you are probably talking about Adios. Yes?[/quote]

I think of Return as the second (and last). :wink:

At long last not the least. Or at least the second best.

Watched this today - I really enjoyed it. Nice tongue in cheek fun with some terrific directorial flourishes (e.g. the knife through the canvas kill) and an amazing score by Bruno Nicolai

Coolest bit = Sabata’s duel when he’s unarmed and sitting at the table and kicks the rifle over - scared the life out of my missus shouting “CLASS!!” at the top of my voice ;D

Also loved the running gag of Dean Reed’s character forever being caught red handed trying to peg it with the gold.

A healthy 7.5 out of 10 from me

just five letters for me… BRILL and a treat to watch time after time for me,but the follow on after this film or films were a no no forever in my book…think they ran out of script

Well I must confess I liked the film but not that much, for a fun to watch propose I think its ok, but making a more careful analysis the film fail in some important aspects, being the most important one the fact that if I had the choose someone to do a character already played by Lee van Cleef (even if another Sabata film wasn’t the initial intention) I would hardly choose an actor like Yul Brynner.
But Ok these are the main reasons why I think the film could be a lot better and its not:

  • First the story was a pretty uninspired one, and to make things worst, after the second half, the film lost some rhythmic and starts to drag a bit. Could not avoid the GBU comparison also, honestly the all thing seemed like a variation of that one (and a bad one);
  • The narrative was so confusing that at one point I was lost on who was trying to get away with the gold;
  • Brynner is no LVC and for a comedy kind of film, he wasn’t the right guy, just too serious, so the film suffers the tongue in cheek complex, this type of comedy to work it has to work always in every gag, but no that doesn’t happen, with the serious elements, things like the flamenco of death, Dean Reed and Spalla comedy skills are just wasted and sometimes looked weird in the film dynamics;
  • In the end the film would have gain more if it had followed the comedy element all the way;
  • Another thing that bugged, me was that they tried to put a Zapata western story in what was the Maximilian affaire, with lots of Viva la Revolution, when that would only came later, back then was a pure civil war with the support of a foreign power, still no Viva la Revolution.

Anyway the film does have its moments, but those are not enough to save it and make it a classic, Dean Reed was a good surprise but that son of a b… scream already got credits for, Spalla also gives a solid performance. The soundtrack was a good one even if a too much Morricone one, which is not a bad thing of course but its shows some lack of imagination fro Nicolai.
In the end I still prefer the first Sabata, this one like the others is entertaining enough for an hour and half, but not more than that. Regular 3 stars stuff for me.

Yes not that it matters that much, but Indio Black is a very historical inaccurate film, I’m not taking about guns or that, it’s a question of armies. The Austrian characters do look cool in the film, but the adventure that was the story of the Emperor Maximilian of Mexico didn’t had one single Austrian Hungarian soldier in it (portrait correctly with their usual white uniforms in the film), apart from the Emperor own entourage and some soldiers of fortune, the all thing in terms of foreign armies was a French affair with Napoleon III behind it (the British and Spanish cleverly pull out at the beginning). The French supported the Monarchist with troops from 1863 to 1867, being their main fighting force the still new but already battle hardened Foreign Legion (mostly made of troops with combat experience from the Northern Italy campaign against the Austrians, and from the hard Crimea campaign) becoming famous the Battle of Camerón where a small detachment of the FFL fought against an entire Republican Mexican Army corps to the very last man, the last five man all injure but still standing and with no bullets, only surrender when asked to, if their wounded where spared and treated, the Mexican Coronel asked who where those men that fought like devils (it was62 against more than 2000) and spare the wounded and let them kept their weapons. So all this to tell that after 1865 the Monarchists even had a lot of US officers from the defeated South Army in their side, but never any Austrian army landed in Mexico, their empire was a continental one, and they had their hands full in Europe never searching adventures overseas, and in any case an alliance with French would have been a most unlike one at the time.

So true!

Adios Sabata is definitely not serious but it is filmed as if it is.
There are many tongue in cheek references to other famous (Leone’s) spaghetti westerns, from acoustic guitar & whistling main theme, to final “sons of ***!” scene, comic book letters, and off course Sabata is sharp dressed man in black with gadget weapons - obvious parody of Colonel Mortimer from Few Dollars More, both Yul’s wardrobe (and thankfully only his) and gadgets are (too) ridiculous.

My verdict: I didn’t like Yul’s performance nor his over the top character, but other than that other tongue in cheek jokes and movie all together are amusing.

I’m surprised so many people didn’t like Yul in this one. I thought he was pitch perfect in this, and i’m hard pressed to think of any other actor who could have pulled off such a dead-pan performance in such a campy outfit and make it work. Now that’s acting. I do agree with El Topo that the story did lose it’s momentum in a spot or two, it probably could have used a bit of judicious editing to tighten it up. But beyond that, nearly everything in this one worked for me. I absolutely loved Septembre’s drop-kicking the lead shot like it was out of a cannon, great stuff. I prefer Indio Black to the real Sabata’s any day of the week, and when i re-do my top 20 this will likely be on it.

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