Adiós, Sabata / Indio Black, sai che ti dico: sei un gran figlio di … (Gianfranco Parolini, 1970)

I thought this film wasn’t that good. The story was quite confusing, the characters too unbalanced and the film too comedic. The fact that it was well made is mostly a budget thing i guess.
I hope this was the worst of the Sabata films, because I haven’t seen the others yet :slight_smile:

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In my opinion this is much better than the second LvC Sabata. ADIOS SABATA has the better score and to me Dean Reed is slightly less irritating than Reiner Schöne. In addition, ADIOS is more a countryside (Almeria) western whereas RETURN is more a town western iirc. So, that’s another plus for ADIOS in my book.

yeah but story and characters and all just looked quite cheap actually. i found the film pretty boring. there wasn’t much consistency or suspense it was just one thing after the other. the dialoge was pretty bad.

funny thing though: in the german dub, the austrians are all voiced by austrians, which is pretty funny (I live 10 mins from the Austrian border and I know how to speak it…)

Given that this isn’t even really a Sabata film… but I personally think castwise and plotwise this is preferable to RETURN, although both could be improved immensely by Ignazio Spalla’s early death. And much as I like Giombini, his slightly irritating “bom-de-bom” score for RETURN isn’t a patch on Nicolai’s fantastic work for ADIOS. For FUNNY comedic westerns, I would recommend either of Hilton’s two Tresette films - Lo chiamavano Tresette… giocava sempre col morto and Di Tressette ce n’è uno, tutti gli altri son nessuno, or, possibly less extreme, the Hallelujah pair: Testa t’ammazzo, croce… sei morto… mi chiamano Alleluja and Il West ti va stretto, amico… è arrivato Alleluja.

For me the biggest problem in this film is Yul Brunner. He’s just isn’t a spaghetti western actor! All the other characters are stealing the show from him. I wish they could have had Lee van Cleef for this one also. Good music though.

I havnt seen this yet. But i do like Yul in the Magnificent Seven.

Adios Sabata has always been one of my favourite non-Leone SW’s. Probably because it’s one of the first I ever saw, I won’t say how long ago. I just love the completely implausable plot, the over the top costumes, larger than life characters. The Bruno Nicolai score is great. Not a film to be taken seriously, but a very enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours with a few beers.

The problem i have with Sabata, is the cat dude, i don’t like him.

I think the film is great, but the cat guy brings it down a touch…

You mean the Alley Cat. I didn’t like him when I watched the film for first time but now I think he’s quite funny. The same guy (Aldo Canti a.k.a Nick Jordan) was also in Return of Sabata but he wasn’t in Adios Sabata.

Yeh, i was gonna call him the wild cat, but i forgot his correct name. So ‘cat dude’ is the best i could do :smiley:

He’s too circus like, and the bad guy looks like a transvestite. I’d prefer it if the bad guy was less of a transvestite looking “thing” and the alley cat was replaced by a quick drawing gunslinger.

He's too circus like, and the bad guy looks like a transvestite. I'd prefer it if the bad guy was less of a transvestite looking "thing"

Transvestite?? Transvestite “thing” ???

Not trying to be critical, but I’m lost - who on earth do you mean?

The bad guy, whats his name…

The bad guy’s name is Stengel, played by Franco Ressel. He certainly does look a bit “camp” in Sabata. He usually plays seedy gambler types in films like The Mercenary and Have a Good Funeral My Friend…Sartana Will Pay. But then again, there’s something a bit camp about many of Parloni’s film characters. Just take a look at William Bergers lovely crushed velvet suit in If You Meet Sartana… !!

…and Yul brynners’ costume could have been stolen from the Village Peoples wardrobe!!!

@ Sebastian
The first Sabata is the best one. If you live in Germany, like I do, buy the DVD.
Its about 10 Euros. You can’t do nothing wrong.

i thought i watch it on tv first, but i missed it twice :slight_smile:

I think this is a very entertaining SW with a wonderful score by Bruno Nicolai, but I agree the story is a little confusing and the film is a little lightweight. But nevertheless this is one of the best spaghettis by Parolini.

Definatly the first Sabata is the best.

Although I prefer LVC’S Sabata over Yul’s it is still a worthy 4 out of 5 stars imho…a worthy SW to be sure and well worth watching.

Van James