A Man Called Sledge (Vic Morrow, 1970)


So, no boob scene heh! Think i;ll skip the blu-ray then.

(Sebastian) #102

But is that scene really anywhere? Or maybe just on the lobby card promotion image… we don’t really have proof yet that it actually exists on film do we?

(Stanton) #103

No we haven’t.
But they are not that spectacular anyway. :wink:
Too big for my taste.

I recently watched Dallamano’s Venus in Furs, an incredibly bad and boring and totally unerotic erotic-film. I did not like any of the nude scenes with Laura in that one.


Ah c’mon Stanton! They are perfect in my eyes.:yum:

I do agree with you on Venus though, very boring.

(david collins) #105

I watched this last night and was underwhelmed. There seemed as if there were parts missing after the escape and before the last act.
A film with a lot of promise that failed to deliver an exciting story.

(The Man With a Name) #106

I really like it but I’ve only watched the cut version unfortunately. Is the uncut version available?


Which cut version are you referring to? The Explosive Media BD and DVD?

(The Man With a Name) #108


(The Man With a Name) #109

Just watched it a second time. 3/5 stars. Nothing special but definitely enjoyable. It doesn’t feel very spaghetti to me though.


This has been on my list for sometime, it arrives Monday.


Garner does a fine job as a fearless leader of bandits, but the ending didn’t do the film justice and I thought it to be a bit predictable. The scenes in the snow and in the prison were for me the best and most exciting.