A Man Called Sledge (Vic Morrow, 1970)

Well considering the makers were newbies, I think it shows lots of ambition on a craftsmanship level. The camerawork is great, the scenery, some of the creativity, the grittiness, level of details… it just suffers from bad storytelling but I thought it was quite a thing. The big budget I think is what did it…

I think it is just another SW, typical for the year, and yes, with a slightly bigger budget than usual. A 5/10 film, but I liked it a bit more after the last re-watch.

What’s the exact runtime? The usual 92 min? There are some sources which list a 96 min runtime, but so far all versions are that 92 min version, like it was released in Germany too.

Yes, but I haven’t sat next to it with a stopwatch… which sources are those?

The Bruckner book and probably other SW books.

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This is all you get in the version i have

Just read up on that and you’re right. So @upbruckner is there a 4min longer version somewhere?

Never come across the longer version in any dvd / vhs print.

Bruckner has only used data from an Italian website, which are from an Italian archiv, which has runtimes in meters from censorship cards, and many of those refer to not existing, or not more existing versions. But these data were also used in some other books. Sometimes these versions exist, sometimes most likely not. It’s difficult.

The US DVD also runs the usual 92 min. And this was an US co-production.

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Without specifying which one Marco Giusti writes in his Dictionary that a long scene with Laura Antonelli is not in the US version, but the film length checked by Italian censors in September 1970 is 2520 meters, equivalent to 92 minutes (all ages admitted, no cuts).

would that be the scene where we see her topless? Definitely on the Explosive Media BluRay :wink:

ive never seen this one. its hard to find in the UK

What’s your definition of hard to find?


Could you post that scene?

How would I do that? Film it off with my cellphone? :wink: I can rewatch if you tell me what it is I need to be looking for in terms of dialogue etc…

i have no purchased a copy of the explosive media dvd :smile:

I have that dvd, and I did not see any topless scenes. Just the shot of Garner getting up after hearing the shot.

Ok then I will have to rewatch and take some pictures… I am pretty sure that was in there…

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:slight_smile: Ha-haa, I often invent nude scenes in my head when there’s a lull in the action too, Seb. I’m inventing one right now, as it happens…

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It might just be the Blu Ray version. I just doubled checked the dvd and its definitely not there.

I think I am referring to an entirely different scene… indeed upon rewatching in that moment there are no boobs, like the black-white picture claims…