A Man Called Django / W Django! (Edoardo Mulargia, 1971)

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[quote=“Stanton, post:39, topic:162”]Times have changed, and from my initial 1 star rating I’m now up to a solid 3 star.

W Django is Mulargia last western ,which tells an action packed revenge story of not too much originality, but it’s straightly told and dirty enough looking to be enjoyable. The action scenes are all a bit too far stretched out, but generally well enough made, and here and there are lurking a few nice ideas (especially the last shots) amongst the overall solid directing.

The English version ends with a nice dialogue exchange between Django and his final victim: “Adios amigo” and the soon to be dead answers with a fatalistic and accepting “Adios gringo”.
But in the German and Italian version he says before shooting: “Sorry that you can only die once” and the answer is a simple “merde”.[/quote]

Just what do you think you’re doing Stanton?

LOL just kidding. I’m going to have to rewatch El Puro after reading your post :wink:

(Jonny66) #42

I like Steffen films, and would love to get the New Entertainment German DVD with the english dub. I live in the US. I noticed that Xploited doesn’t carry it. Can anyone recommend the best/cheapest place to get this disc?

(Laban) #43

I´m also looking for the New Entertainment disc. Have only found it at Amazon.de sellers, but they don´t ship international.

(The Stranger) #44

In Germany, the DVD is out of print.
I think the company NEW Entertainment is bankrupt.

There are a release of some films. I have ordered, for example, the DVD of Reverendo Colt. The DVD will be sold (though there are very long Delivery time, sometimes up to 4 weeks). Likewise, California, Adios Gringo, Un Buco in fronte, Wanted. All DVDs are still for sale.

But the DVD of W Django have only very few stores.

(Jonny66) #45

That’s unfortunate about New Entertainment discs as it looks like they had a lot of interesting Spag (and Kung Fu) titles with english dubs when I saw them listed on HKFlix. Thanks for the info.

(Laban) #46

Some German here who can help me to buy the New Entertainment dvd from one of the sellers on amazon.de and then send it to me in Sweden?
Of course I will pay the total cost + a little bit extra for the trouble. I use Paypal.

(Stanton) #47

Have you tried to contact the sellers? Maybe they ship to Sweden if you use Paypal

(The Stranger) #48

[quote=“Laban, post:46, topic:162”]Some German here who can help me to buy the New Entertainment dvd from one of the sellers on amazon.de and then send it to me in Sweden?
Of course I will pay the total cost + a little bit extra for the trouble. I use Paypal.[/quote]

Caution, caution: Not all DVD’s (W Django) from the amazon market places are from the company NEW. The low for about 10 € is a rerelease of the company Maia. Source is the NEW DVD: The picture quality is the same, even uncut. But there is no Italian or English. audio. Only German audio.

(Phil H) #49

For UK based forumites who haven’t got this one I noticed it available at only £3.99 on (of all places) the Sainsbury’s website. Have never seen this available through any other regular UK retailer so am surprised to see it here. But there it is. Good price too.


(ENNIOO) #50

Amazing ! Would never have thought Sainsbury’s would sell this :stuck_out_tongue: .

(scherpschutter) #51

Usually delivers within 13 days ??

(Phil H) #52

Gives you plenty of time to practice your roll and shoots.

(chuck connors brother) #53

I haven’t seen the dvd but its bad apparently…

This was from amazon
"The source quality is worse than a second generation copy of a VHS tape. The image is drastically cropped from the original 2:35.1 to 1.70:1. And it is also the cut version missing over 10 minutes of footage. "

(Phil H) #54

Yeah, doesn’t look great does it.
My German release runs at 90 minutes I believe so certainly 4 minutes missing. And Full screen too.
Oh well.

(Sundance) #55

If that is the Dagored release (like the page claims it is… it was released in 2005 though and not 2010) then AVOID AT ALL COST. Honestly one of the worst releases out. The correct runtime for the Dagored disc is under 80 minutes.

Dagored: http://www.sundances.net/spaghetti/screenshots/wdjango-dagored-0h40m49s.jpg
Surf: http://www.sundances.net/spaghetti/screenshots/wdjango-surf-0h46m14s.jpg


More here: http://www.spaghettiwesterndvds.com/movies/a-man-called-django-w-django/screenshots/

(Silence) #56

The Dagored release doesn’t have German sound. It is in Italian with English subtitles, which you can choose if you want (if I remember right).

(DollarsDollarsBills) #57

I’m not sure how to put spoiler tags so I’ll just say this post contains some MAJOR SPOILERS. For those who haven’t seen it, SPOILER ALERT.

I gave it 2 stars. It’s a mediocre western, plain and simple. Entertaining enough, sure, but the character Garcia was ridiculous. It’s like they tried to make him this interesting, dynamic character but ended up just making him look bipolar.

And another thing, what is the deal with the whole “machine-gun-in-a-coffin” plot twist? It was cool in “Django” but it seems like it happens in almost every non-Leone western. Corbucci uses it in pretty much every movie. It’s unbelievable. In the final scene when he’s digging the grave and David’s gang starts to surround hime I was just waiting for Terence Hill to open up the coffin and pull out a machine gun. And sure enough, he busts it out shoots everyone to shit. “Django” and “The Mercenary” were about the only ones where I actually enjoyed it, now I’m just watching every movie expecting someone to whip a machine gun out of nowhere.

(I love you M.E. Kay) #58

Seriously, that’s a widespread plot twist? I don’t even remember that there was a machine gun in a coffin in The Mercenary or any other Corbucci or non-Leone spaghetti westerns. As for normal machine gun, what’s wrong with that?

(Stanton) #59

No MG coffin in The Mercenary. But in the SW coffins there is mostly something else than corpses. A surprise if we consider that the SW job-wise actually shows more undertakers and pallbearers than cowboys.

At least more coffins than coffee in SWs.

(Stanton) #60

I didn’t liked it either when I first watched it some years ago. I gave it even only 1 star in the poll at the top. But I like it much more meanwhile, and honestly don’t know why I thought it was that bad, and it gets a solid 3 now. (Too bad I can’t change my vote)