A Gun for One Hundred Graves / Una pistola per cento bare (Umberto Lenzi, 1968)

(Dr. Menard) #41

Couldn´t agree more, Ennioo. He tried his hand in almost every genre through the years but the poliziotteschi genre was definitly the genre where is direction excelled. He also made some pretty solid giallo´s in the late 60´s but otherwise i find him to be pretty mediocre director. Sure he made such guilty pleasures as “Nightmare City” in the 80´s but he has no real classics on his name that stick out in my mind. I believe this is actually the only spaghetti western he ever directord or am i wrong?

(chuck connors brother) #42

He did another called “Go for Broke” with John Ireland as well, its got a really nice score. But I thought GfOHG was better, I really like this one.

(Major Clyde) #43

This is NOT really a good movie, but I find it enjoyable nevertheless.

Really bad editing. Not a fully developed storyline. Abrupt shifts and unexplained events. Galveston in an arid, mountainous setting? Hey, it’s on the Gulf and it’s humid, hot and flat! (But never mind, this isn’t the West, it’s the Spaghetti West.) The transformation of PLL is unbelievable-- just accept it and go on. But I laughed at the “The madmen have escaped” sub-plot and really enjoyed seeing what a sport (for $, I guess) Eduardo Fajardo could be. I did like his sudden re-appearance in the cemetery at the end…

Then there are all the double-crosses and the silly/cute character so despised by Alex Cox.

Yeah, I like it. Top 20? Probably not, but… To each his own.

(JonathanCorbett) #44

Weak points are

  1. the unconvincing instant transformation of the main character in a lethal, infallible gunslinger

  2. the opening credits passing on the fundamental scene of him finding the murdered bodies of his family

  3. he is called a Jehovah’s Witness: the movement was founded in the late 1870s, but the name was adopted in 1931.

Even so in my opinion the film on the whole isn’t bad.

(alan) #45

I agree with all the points others have made , it is a bit boring , not a great story , P.L Lawrence is a good actor in Leone flashbacks (joke) , no one gets eaten , but i like this one for its bizzare plot twists , it nearly turns into a horror film when the lunatics escape halfway thru . Lenzi tries but is obviously no Leone , and maybe because of the speed it was made there are no visual fireworks ( rack focus , overhead shots , “dutch” angles )still its a workmanlike effort , i recently put this in my top 20 spaghettis, L enzi made another spag. which i would like to see one day… its a shame he didnt make more , cos you can see the improvement in his many crime films … thats it for now.

(StefaanD) #46

Which versions exactly Scherps, the one from Seven 7 or the one from Retrouvé ? I’m actually looking for an English friendly version. No idea where the X-Rated one can be ordered, if not OOP by now.

[size=6pt]Maybe it’s better for my wallet that i don’t know where to buy the X-Rated discs ;D[/size]

(scherpschutter) #47

It’s the retrouvé disc
Not a very good one, it’s non-anamorphic and (just checked) it has only French audio

Here are a a couple of screenshots:



The Se7en disc will probabably have better image quality, but I don’t think it’ll have English audio

(StefaanD) #48

DVD page for Seven7 edition here on SWDB states that it has English audio, but amazon.fr and amazon.it don’t mention it, on the Seven 7 page[/url] it also doesn’t state English audio.

Conclusion: the DVD page for A Gun For One Hundred Graves contains a bug :smiley: and the X-Rated edition is the only English friendly edition, apart from the DVDr’s out there off course.

Only way to get the X-Rated edition is through [url=http://www.tele-movie-shop.de/product_info.php?products_id=12042]tele-movie-shop.de in a bookhttp://www.spaghetti-western.net/index.php/Seven_7_DVD_catalog ? Seems most of the X-Rated discs don’t have EAN codes, which makes it harder to find on sites like amazon.

(Stanton) #49

A DVD-R is just good enough for this average film.

(scherpschutter) #50

If anybody has the Seven7 disc: please let us know if it has English audio (like I said: it’s very unlikely)

Stanton’s right: don’t pay too much for a hard to find disc, a DVDr is good enough for this one, it’s by no means special
I’m perfectly happy with this mediocre French disc

(ENNIOO) #51

Noticed this release which is stated as having english audio. No idea on quality as have the X Rated disc:


(StefaanD) #52

Thanks for information. ENNIOO daaveedee doesn’t seem to be the cheapest around. I’m not willing to spend 22$ for a DVD on this movie, likely will be a DVDr as Stanton and Scherps suggested.

(cochino) #53

Just seen this one and I’m rather disappointed. Bad script, awful pacing, no structure whatsoever. The only things I found good about this were the whole asylum escape bit (reminded me of Lenzi’s sillier yet much more enjoyable Nightmare City) and the multiple double cross at the end. But the movie as a whole didn’t really make it for me. I’d give it a 3.5/10 and it’s certainly one of the weakest SW I’ve seen so far (which I guess shows I haven’t seen that many yet).

(the_ugly) #54

Didn’t enjoy this one. Almost turned me off PLL as a Spaghetti actor, although he’s probably the best thing about this film, as well as the main theme music. I liked the 1st half hour, had some ok moments if the whole film was like this it could have been ok, but the escaped lunatics sub-plot was poorly executed, and there is a bad choice of actors IMO. The villain, Corbett, is almost pantomime-esque, particularly when he appears from behind the curtain and its revealed the “preacher” is actually working for him. The “preacher” character is not convincing due to the wrong choice of actor to play the part imo. I was aspecting some kind of macabre western with lots of revenge/murder and grave-digging, that’s the impression the trailer gives, but I was disappointed after the first 30 minutes. 2 stars.

Also, the German hard box which includes Vengeance has poor picture quality, jerky movements and lots of horizontal lines on the screen. I am returning it as its not worth the money. Poor interlacing? I am not an AV buff.

(Bill san Antonio) #55

Not really that good film but average entertainer. I think the film has some good ideas but they’re not developed fully to make 'em work. PLL being jehovah witness doesn’t really have any important relevance, he doesn’t seem to be really religious or doesn’t mind killing people. Madhouse scene was a weird idea and the most memorable thing in the film.

btw, was it Colonel Blake’s (from Payment in Blood) wanted poster on the wall somewhere in the film?

(scherpschutter) #56

After a short break, I took up the reviewing business


I watched this film some 8-10 years ago and didn’t like it at all, but after the series of mediocre and bad spaghs I have been watching in the last couple of months, rewatching this Peter Lee movie felt like a relief, a homecoming: yes, this is the genre I like, not one of the best, but a very enjoyable one


(ENNIOO) #57

Still never watched this one. Its on the pile, and the pile is getting smaller.


I remember enjoying this one, but it’s ages since I’ve seen it - might give it another whirl :grinning:

(morgan) #59

You have a lot of films to go, no time for breaks.

By the way, seems you haven’t linked your review to this film’s SWDb page.

(scherpschutter) #60

Thanks, I have now