A Gun for One Hundred Graves / Una pistola per cento bare (Umberto Lenzi, 1968)

A Gun For 100 Graves was my “bonus” SW on the Wild East DVD which I bought for the sake of the not so impressing Fury Of Johnny Kid. It happens sometimes that the other SW surprises and surpasses the “main movie”, and this was the case here.

A Gun For 100 Graves is rather odd, sometimes very amateur-like. It has a horrortheme with criminal lunatics behaving like apes and several twists of the plot.
Some short lines for Peter Lee Lawrence sounded really cheap.
So even if it is not a western comedy or intentional parody I did laugh sometimes.

On the other hand the music sometimes contributed to a “Django Kill” (8/10)-feeling of weirdness.
Most of this SW was filmed in the classic Western town Golden City near Hoyo de Manzanares Northwest of Madrid.

All in all I was in fact more entertained by A Gun For 100 Graves than Fury Of Johnny Kid, and I want to watch it another time rather soon so maybe I now should give it an preliminary rating “good” which is my definition of 6/10. It might be high by strict quality criteria for this SW but it is the subjective entertainment value that I rate as good. At least I found it definitely not boring as some other comments in this thread indicated.

A week later after my second watching I actually dare to upgrade A Gun For One Hundred Graves to a (weak) 7/10 as the last SW with that rating for rank 35 on my SW Top 50 . I did the same with Blood At Sundown (rank 33) some time ago.
Both have a nice rather dark mood and good music and appears to be typical B or C-movies but with a lot of charm I think. A Gun For One Hundred Graves has a slightly more compact and complicated plot with twists which altogether now seem rather logical/plausible.

To be fair and consequent there still might be one or two of the 6/10 rated SWs that also could deserve un upgrading especially Taste Of Killing/Lanky Fellow but maybe it still feels a bit too “clean” lacking some tension.


Continuing my Lenzi kick with one of his westerns and I think I enjoyed a bit more than my previous comment back in 2010.
It’s still a bit uneven but the performances are good and the story kept me engaged.
Always gets me when a bible toting pacifist becomes a crack shot over night though. :rofl:

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I just watched this one again.
If someone could update the main page: Una pistola per cento bare

At least some of the “filming locations” were set at:

Elios Film Studios
Mazzano Romano
Hoyo De Manzanares
Manzaneres El Real


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I saw this recently and thought it was quite poor. Cobbled together from bits and pieces of other movies (TGTBTU, Death Rides a Horse, For a Few Dollars More, Stagecoach even). Not much of a plot so it had to be padded out with extraneous material such as PLL being gratuitously beaten up and then the bandits simply let him go! (no impact on narrative) and the lunatics who are fun to watch but have no impact on the plot. Lenzi seems to have lost interest - the scene in which PLL discovers his murdered family has no impact at all, Lulli is just shot dead and the final gunfight in the cemetery is a couple of minutes short of what Corbucci or Leone would have staged. As others have noted, PLLs transformation from religious pacifist to murderer takes place in the blink of an eye and might have not been there at all. I did wander whether the opening Civil War scenes were from some other (abandoned) movie and they had redubbed them so irrelevant they were to the story.
Bizarrely, the English language print on You Tube is missing any opening credits. The music and visuals are there but no titles. Are they missing on the WE print?

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I watched the WE disc within the last 6 months … and I’m pretty sure there are title credits, otherwise I would have made a mental note of it … my copy isn’t at hand at the mo’, but if I find it I’ll check it out for you.

Here we are: I’d say the guys at Wild East added these titles themselves, as they have a shimmering look, like video, rather than coming from an actual 35mm print. I’d bet my last tamale on it :wink:


You Tube has a French version with French credits and they look ‘fake’ also.

The You Tube print does have a ‘The End’ though. Which suggests there must have been opening credits at some point.

I wonder if the ‘real’ credits should have come right at the beginning of the movie, which cuts jarringly into the first scene, and have been lost from the print in circulation used by WE and stuck on You Tube.

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It’s possible, though I’m not an expert on this movie - There are certainly instances of other films having pre-title sequences / or non pre-titles, being moved around - The Italian DVD version of ‘Lanky Fellow’, aka ‘For the Taste of Killing’ is one, and ’ Degueyo’ another that I’ve noticed … I’m sure there must be others ???

PS: From the Spanish version … this looks more like it! ‘The Taste of Hatred’

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Some versions of ‘Today It’s Me… Tomorrow You!’ have the title sequence bizarrely moved to the start of the film - then followed by the prologue. One to avoid.

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Yes - those Spanish credits look ‘real’.

Odd that the French title refers to San Antonio yet in the English version at least it is Galveston.

Any ideas on the Italian and Spanish versions for the town?

Very often those changes come down to what can be done with lip sync in varying languages. Same reason for character name changes.

I’ve only seen the English version, and Wild East rarely bothered to include other language tracks … so I can’t comment on the Italian or Spanish (screen grab came from clip on You tube)

That doesn’t explain Gunfight at Red Sands though!

Don’t know what you mean about that ?

I’m just giving one reason for name changes … it can also be down to some names not being easily pronounced in certain languages.

The English title of the 1963 western Duello Nel Texas is Gunfight at Red Sands. However, in the English dubbed version the town is Carterville. No sign of Red Sands.

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