A Gun for One Hundred Graves / Una pistola per cento bare (Umberto Lenzi, 1968)

I just saw this. I was expecting a total borefest since some people on this thread found it boring, but to my surprise, I was entertained throughout. It was certainly a very uneven film, and the lunatic subplot and Jenovah’s witness bit felt a bit out of place, but coming from Lenzi I can manage that.

While I don’t hold it in as high regard as SD, 17 out of 20 seems a little bit generous, I would say that this film is above average.

A few plot holes here and there, like how did PLL learn how to shoot so good when at the beginning he was asking some dude to teach him how to shoot.

Are there any horror elements in this movie? Also which Spaghetti Westerns would you say are similar?

[quote=“Col. Douglas Mortimer, post:21, topic:591”]While I don’t hold it in as high regard as SD, 17 out of 20 seems a little bit generous, I would say that this film is above average.[/quote]Any film with Peter Lee Lawrence is 15+/20 for SD :smiley:

a nice movie, not good (therefore the story is too uneven), but you get a wonderfull score and nice pictures.
I think, Lenzi made absolutely the best of a bad story.
one more plus factor, Peter Lee Lawrence looks very good in this movie.

I’m not really known in horror movies, but I don’t think so (in comparison to the films of Margheriti).
There’s only one scene, which have some horror elements, but this is a special part of the “uneven strory” and not important for the main story.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a PLL fan but I tihnk SD probably has a shrine in his home that he worships, talks to and makes sacrifices to everyday.

There might have been some freudian thing goin’ on, CDM, about subdued passions and all other things bubbling up from the subconscious world of our most intimite but suppressed desires :wink:

I never put this forward, because it would’ve outraged him, and I never thought this was the right place to drive people to frenzy

How many westerns have the Freudian thing going on? We’re talking about Sigmund Freud right?

I was hinting at a very specific aspect of Freud’s theories, Korano

To answer your question: I think quite a lot of westerns (Italian as well as American) were influenced by Freud
In the first half of the 20th century, or at least large parts of it, Freud and his psycho-analysis were the dominant tendency within psychology (and psychiatry). In the sixties, when the spaghettis were made, he was still considered as one of the great thinkers in human history, and his work was very popular among students, along with the work of, for instance, Adorno, Sartre and Foucault.
Since then his reputation has paled, some people have even sustained he was a charlatan and quack doctor
(I can give you some titles if you wish to know more about the subject)

As far as I know, psycho-analysis has become rather marginal within psychology and most scientists and philosophers think Freud’s work should be read as ‘literature’: his theories are not scientific in the sense that they can’t be tested or falsified, they’re just an interesting (or if you hate him: boring) look at the human condition and a way to explain human conscience. In France psycho-analysis still is of some importance (both as a docrine and as a therapy), mainly due to the works of Lacan.

I’ll have to agree with scherp, PLL’s psychology changes abruptly after he finds his family murdered. It all happens too fast i guess. Same thing happens when he see him becoming a lethal gunslinger (remember, he refused to use a gun before), not convincing and hastily shot. It’s not all crap though, i’d say that it is a watchable one. The score was nice. Someone said that Lenzi’s crime films are a lot better- i definitely agree. 6/10

I found it a little to weird when I saw it, but it was long time ago so I think I’ll rwatch it soon.

I’d give it a 4, I think its underrated, Peter Lee Lawrences best performance imo.

I’ve rewatched it a lot of times, I like it very much now.

I remember this as one of PLL better flics
It’s a long time ago,maybe i have to rewatch,too

Very uneven and unconvincing film but I do like the three main actors (Lawrence, Ireland and Lulli) so found enough to keep me entertained.

Just started this yesterday before Phill posted. Coincidence?

I really ejoyed this oe on the first viewing. Very entertaining and nowhere’s near as boring as everybody says. Good amount of duels and gunfights. The finale is especially strong.

i saw this last night finally after getting it free with the django book and i thought it was quite good and an effort at trying something different at times. did not think it was boring at all, easily watchable. good music, and i thought Peter Lee Lawrence was ok. the maniacs were a bit over the top but that was the different part, and proberly made Lenzi feel at home. The climatic duel was straight from Sergio Leone, of course. entertaining film 6/10

I have the French DVD, when I watched it, I found it a complete bore, but maybe I should give it a second chance

When I him first saw, I found him not very good.
The second time, I found him good.
OK, change the character of Lawrence, a Jehovah’s Witness to a Gunsliger is very implausible. But whatever.
There are some unusual ideas, such as the mad prisoners.
Here are some Italo Western specialties like the coffin-maker or a stranger (Ireland).
Entertaining, not more.

I have the X-rated DVD with Vengeance. I’m very satisfied. The picture quality is good.
Is perhaps the reason why he gave me the second time like it better.
The first time I saw him in a bad quality in television. :wink:

Also watched the X Rated DVD recently but i was sorely dissapointed with this Lenzi western. He hasn’t made that many SW and it’s pretty obvious why. Granted the presence of PLL is reason enough for me to dislike a movie, his pretty boy looks just don’t gell with the spaghetti western genre IMO. Although i did manage to appreciate his performance in "Raise Your Hands, Dead Man, You’re Under Arrest ". But his performance here leaves me stone cold.

But considering that Lenzi directed this you would expect something spectacular action like his later poliziotteschi flicks. There also so many weird plot developments which lead absolutely nowhere. Like the insane people who are kept in the jail cause the asylum burned down. Yet nothing is done with this subplot and one wonders why it was included at all. And like most i found PLL’s character shift in faith to be hardly plausible. In the end i only held on to the DVD because of the bonus feature “Vengeance” which i enjoyed a whole lot more.

If i have to say something positive then i guess i would be the beautiful poster artwork which they used for the DVD…

This is the genre which Lenzi excelled… in my view.