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Scherp’s got a new one:

A Hole in the Foreheadhttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/foreheadss

I have written my thoughts regarding this review (and Phil H’s of the same film) in the films thread here in the forum.

Ghidra was incredible in this one:

And Then… A Time for Killinghttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/tequilajoe

Ghidra is great isn’t he? Don’t think I’ve seen him in anything where he was less than first class. Would have liked to see him in more Spaghettis for sure.

Absolutely. It just stuck with me because it’s so much better than most of the acting we see in the genre. He’s no hack.

Scherp has a review of Vengeance Trailhttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/vengtrlss. Enjoy!

Been a while. Have a book review, Jordan Krall’s twisted homage to the spaghetti western, Fistful of Feet:

Also, Len wrote a review of Sartana’s Here, Trade Your Pistol For a Coffin that went up last year, but never was entered into my database, so you might have missed it:



Still gotta review that one myself. An ok read with enough twisted stuff going on.

korano returns, so pray for your death.

Silver Saddle:

A review of Hughes’ book, Spaghetti Westerns is now up.


Good review JD. Sums the book up nicely.

Yes, well done. I have the pocket version, 96 pages (excellent read)
Can’t make out what the exact differences are (the pocket seems to have the same sections)

Ain’t it still the Pocket version, only with added films and pages?

Stanton…Phil might be able to answer that. I’ve never read the pocket version. This one does have a section on websites (which, unfortunately, didn’t mention FFoP :(), so that’s probably some of it.

Scherp’s got one of El Puro:


I was under the impression you liked the film until the very last sentence, Scherp. Fair enough at times but some of the strange cuts are due to the version you have being more than likely the TV rip circulating. Autephex’s version clears up some of the cuts.

Regarding the Buddhist rebirth stuff, Woods is also barefoot during the finale gunfight to symbolize rebirth as well. Did anyone else notice how the Mexican guy seems to disappear at the end?

Yeah, I had hoped the longer version would make clear what had happened to him, but it didn’t.

All in all, the longer version doesn’t change much. I’m sure there was more material and nowadays a director’s cut would appear on DVD.

I don’t hate the film, korano

It’s, so to speak, the McCabe & Mrs. Miller of spaghetti westerns to me, a more interesting than enjoyable contribution to the genre.

But the film was shown all restored at the Venice film festival, wasn’t it? Wondering why I it doesn’t surface…
5/10 stuff for me, but I’d watch it again in a good looking version.

Especially the beginning which looks weird in the cut version is much better in uncut version.