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I thought that the beginning was incredible in the shorter version, and I was really surprised that it wasn’t the original beginning. It looked so purposeful.
The beginning is still very good and irritating, but this first shot of the shorter version looked so damn good. It was one of the greatest opening shots of all SWs.

But it’s so obviously the middle of the scene. I find the complete beginning much much better. Like a half assed yet convincing Leone imitation. The rest of the new scenes, save for the General store rampage, are of little importance. Though it is nice to see the film complete.

I saw some similarities to the Hawksian side kicks of Rio Bravo and El Dorado. Though these similarities are more fitting to other drunk heroes such as in Night of the Serpent or Tequila Joe.

I completely agree about McCabe & Mrs. Miller. More interest as a contribution to the genre than the actual film. Same way I feel about most of Altman’s films.

That’s what I liked about it. That it begins in the middle of the scene. A perfect start for an unusual film.
And it looked so mysterious in a beautiful way.

Why shouldn’t a film start in the middle of a scene? And it still is somehow in the middle of the scene, only not so daring.

The store scene was better this way, and the bit in the stagecoach was also good. But apart from that the other new scenes (or better part of scenes) were superfluous, and made the film only longer where it needn’t to be longer imo.

Len’s back and badass as always, with a review of Cry For Revengehttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/cryrevengelen.

Very nice review. This flick really seems to be interesting. Unfortunately there seems to be no DVD version…

Sounds a bit like And Sartana killed them all by the same director: buddies, upbeat score, some nastiness

If only he had cast Garko for this instead of Steffen (I’ve had my share of Steffen for the moment …)

Steffen overkill?


So what about a Steffen triple feature tonight?

Already feel stiffen all over


Maybe another night.

Got one of Tessari’s Don’t Turn The Other Cheekhttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/cheek. He shoulda been slapped for this one.

Scherp’s got a review of One After The Other… enjoy:
One After The Otherhttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/oneafterss

Len’s got one of And God Said to Cainhttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/andgodsaidlen. Enjoy.

Got a review of Last of the Badmen up…

Scherp returns with a review of Moment to Killhttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/momentss. Enjoy!

Hi Scherp,

good review.
Question: The screenshots look good. Are those of the Wild East DVD ?

No, from a copy somebody sent me; I don’t know what was the original source, not the Wild East disc anyway (I guess the South-African disc, the print was in 1,78:1). I wrote this review a while ago, when the Wild East disc wasn’t released yet; I’m still not sure whether I should buy it. I have no official release of this movie, and think I should have one. It’s not a classic, but it’s a very pleasant film. One of those SWs you’d like to watch every now and then, when you have nothing else to do.

Thanks for the infos, Scherp. :wink:

The film is interesting. With a good camera work.
I agree, not a masterpiece, but still well above average.

I have the German disc.
No buy recommendation. Poor image quality, only German audio and cut. A cheap transfer from a VHS.
I think Sundance has screenshots on his website. 8)