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No harsher than with others I think. In fact he praises Corbucci’s work quite a bit but is unforgiving with the stuff he thinks is sloppy or not up to scratch. I can understand that. Corbucci, for me, is the most frustrating of directors. He created terrific work and also rubbish and because of the high standard he sets in the former, the latter sticks out as unforgivable. If these films were made by a Fidani or a Brescia or such I would be much more forgiving. But I always expect better from Corbucci because he had proved he was capable of it.

That with Corbucci is a bit strange. Cox wants to defend him, to give him the equal honor as Leone, but in fact there are less interesting films in his view than in mine, and i love Corbucci very much even if I’m also very critical with his shortcomings.

But GBU must be a mistake. He has it on #2 of his Top 20, but his review sounds indeed a bit negative. Well, he’s not talking about the qualities of GBU, even more one who had never heard about GBU wouldn’t get an idea what a film GBU is like by reading this article. It’s more like a few impressions for people who already know nearly everything about GBU.

But that’s what I’m thinking about the whole book. It seems to be written for fans who already are firm with several other SW books, especially those by Frayling and Hughes.

I realize I’ve been a terrible slacker both here at the DB and at Fistful. Busy summer will do that, please accept my apologies (and I still haven’t gotten around to fixing the jukebox — LAME!).

Anyways, here’s two reviews, from korano we have Night of the Serpent:

and from our newest contributor, Tuco the Terrible, a positive review of God’s Gun, believe it or not!

Good work by Tuco the Terrible.

I won’t say God’s Gun is a good film, it’s a pretty lousy one, but I thought it was good lousy fun. I must say that I saw it some twenty years ago and never went back to it.

A wise move

Some people get wiser when they become older


I watched “No Room to Die” last night, first spag I’ve watched in a bout two months. Excellent cinematography, but Steffen was about as animated as a department store mannequin. I can’t wait for winter, so I can actually have the time to watch at least one a week.

Well, for once it’s not 2 weeks between reviews. I did a new one of No Room To Die here:


Yes, I’m still slacking. Come autumn, we’ll be back up to one a week, plus a functioning jukebox.

Scherp’s got a review of http://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/coltshadowss, here:

To me the jukebox doesn’t work with Firefox, it works perfectly with IE though

Scherp’s got one of Ringo and His Golden Pistol for you Corbucci fans:


Got a review of Kill or Be Killed for you all…


The face of the violin player seems a little sqeeeezed on the first screenshot
Apparently not a good omen

Never seen it, and problably never will

SCherp’s got one of the American “Barquero”, starring Van Cleef…

Thanks, I’ve been looking for that film! And now I know the story behind Starblack’s avatar.

Well, then… for once, there’s not this interminable wait between reviews. Got one of Blood Calls to Blood:

Scherp’s got a review of Red Sun up for your enjoyment:

Scherp’s got another review for you all:
Trinity is Still My Namehttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/trinitystillss

Got some Fidani for y’all…

A Barrel Full of Dollarshttp://fistfulofpasta.com/index.php?go=reviews/barrel

Ha ha - good review and bad mustache!
Another film with pocket watches, seems loads of sws reference 'em. Stagecoach of the Damned (watched last night) had a watch-seller that had 'em being shot. Think I’ll start a thread…