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I thought it was pretty good if my memory serves well. Maybe a 7.5-8.5/10. Only problem I had was the disc from the library had a scratch in it and I couldn’t watch the last 10 min :-
As for the review, I only skimmed it, but I do see a lot of similarities ??? Maybe inspiration from your all’s reviews?

The Proposition is so tense, I was on the edge of my seat watching it in the cinema (haven’t seen it since then)… but in the end I prefer the average spaghetti

Haven’t seen it in cinema, but i can imagine it works better in cinema than on DVD.

I didn’t see it in the cinema, but I did see it on a rather large television. The cinematography was incredible, at times reminding me of the later Leone films.

It is rare that I’m still thinking a lot about a film for the days after I saw it. This was one of those films.

I didn't see it in the cinema, but I did see it on a rather large television. The cinematography was incredible, at times reminding me of the later Leone films.

It is rare that I’m still thinking a lot about a film for the days after I saw it. This was one of those films.

It stays with you, yes, probably because it’s so ‘different’: a western set in the Outback, aboriginals, Nick Cave, etc. You don’t see or hear that every day. I thought the opening (the shootout, preceded by a beautiful song sung by children about a promised land) was great, but what I probably liked most, was this sens of atrocious heat it managed to transmit. The heat almost comes off the screen.
A pity that the performances were so disappointing; Pearce and Winstone are btw okay, but most others were mediocre and I thought Wenham and Hurt were terrible. Hurt is a hit & miss actor, in this case he missed; Wenham is a very bad actor.

I haven’t seen The Proposition, but I have always rated highly any film that can successfully transmit the feeling of heat. Some films, like the beginning of Casino Royale fail - it’s hard to say why, but you don’t away from it sweating, whereas upon watching Lawrence of Arabia, you can feel the Sun everywhere beating down. After seeing Lean’s movie, I went to Jordan where a lot of the film was and I realised how perfectly Lean had managed to capture and convey the intense heat T.E. Lawrence and the Bedouin would’ve gone through.

RIP Fistful of Pasta.

Yeah, it was a labor of love, but I kind of burned out on spags… looking at my massive collection, all of the best stuff had reviews, and I didn’t have the stomach to watch 100 more, many of which were the bottom of the barrel. That, and the site looked horribly outdated, and my web skills hadn’t evolved, since then, and the person who set up all the coding actually died.

The domain is available for purchase, if anyone’s interested, let me know. Thanks for the support.


what’s happening with all these reviews etc. now? Can’t we save/preserve them somehow? What’s the price for the domain?

I still have all of the files, and the domain until Jul. 7. I’d entertain any offer, when it expires, I don’t know who will get it, but in the past, when I’ve had domains expire, whatever gobbles them up usually charges a lot of money to get them.

The site was kind of broken, with problems in the database (PHP). All the article/review files are still intact, though, if someone wanted to set it up again.

HOWEVER, it seems as though a working copy exists at the Wayback Machine, which can be accessed, here: https://web.archive.org/web/20170613222629/fistfulofpasta.com

Well I think we could preserve all these great texts and reviews at the SWDb. I don’t really have much dough on hand and the domain will lose its SEO value rapidly once the site is gone, but I could scrap together some change to buy the domain so it doesn’t end up with some weirdo owner… can you PM me a figure?

Let me see what’s involved in transferring the domain, if it’s easy, I can just transfer ownership to you and you can register it somewhere else… keep in mind, that wouldn’t restore the website, because the databases need some work… the complete working version is at that archive link.

Good news everyone, the awesome @lordradish and my humble self agreed to find a new home for all former Fistful of Pasta content at the SWDb. The domain name is being transferred, and we can use the archive of the website to put these reviews and articles up piece by piece at the SWDb, with a friendly note with each of these content pieces where they came from. I will work up a model with one review and kick it off as a small “special campaign” of the SWDb. Of course it would be great if some others here in the community could lend a hand :slight_smile:


What can we do to help with this Admin Sebastian

I had already transferred all my reviews (and, in some cases, made some changes to them)


But… that means that it WILL end up with some weirdo owner, doesn’t it? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nobody needs to buy anything, as I’m just giving it to you people because you’re awesome.

I appreciate the interest. I was so into the spags for a long time, but as I mentioned above (apart from shifting more of my free time into my music), I saw most of the greats, and it was hard to get jazzed up about spending my evenings watching the bottom of the barrel ones, and then taking the time for a review. I’m glad it’s going to live on in some way. It’s in good hands.

Revived a first text from Fistful of Pasta, and because it’s not a spaghetti western, I took the liberty of re-upping it on Furious Cinema. It’s @scherpschutter 's review of PALE RIDER

More to come…


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