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I think that’s a great idea. There’s still a few in that list I haven’t seen, believe it or not. I’ll definitely do one of those next. You?

Although I must admit, I’m having a hard time seeing “Man of the East” as an important one. Isn’t that a lesser Hill comedy?

I think it is quite funny. Good comedy. Clucher knew how to make them.

I’ll do A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS if you wish

I wrote a couple of articles on it, but never a review

Man of the East is no worst than the Trinities in my opinion.

I think I’ll do Django Prepare a Coffin.

I wouldn’t mind doing Keoma either but I sold my DVD to a thrift store and I’m waiting to get the Grand Duel/Keoma Blu ray.

Scherp, that would be awesome… I had always hoped you’d tackle the Leone’s, as I simply cannot do them the justice you would with your insight.

I’d love it if any of y’all out there felt like tackling the comedies - remember, a contribution isn’t a commitment or anything, just another place to get your stuff out there besides the DB. I can’t really stomach the spag comedies, so I likely won’t be reviewing them too often. Thanks.

Len, I’ll do Keoma. Maybe I’ll do that next.

Okay, it’s FISTFUL for me

@ Col. Douglas Mortimer
I noticed that there are still some very important films that don’t have reviews on the site yet.
Man of the East

Important! I don’t think so, they didn’t impressed me.

Thanks, Scherp… always glad to have you on board, considering how much you write for this, others, and your own site. You certainly have enough material for a book, should you choose to do so.

Chameleon… I think a few of those (probably those that are on many top 20 lists) are somewhat important… others are merely personal preference.

I think another reason I’m missing some of the more important ones is twofold… I saw many of those before I was either writing reviews or had a greater appreciation for the genre. If you want to see how clueless I was in the beginning, have a look at my review of Django… there’s a lot I still missed and didn’t understand at the time. I am going to redo that one, soon.

Secondly, having a lot of the obscure/forgotten ones in my collection, I tend to gravitate towards those, simply because there’s no shortage of reviews of the more significant films out there.

Chameleon, they may not have impressed you but they are two of the more famous examples of the genre. Each of those films that I listed have at least 600 votes on imdb.

Scherp returns to Fistful, finally closing the last missing review of the Dollars trilogy, with a great one of FFOD. Thanks, Scherp!

The Western Guru returns, with a very different tone than his last one that sparked that bit of conversation … an existentialist take on the 2005 Aussie western, The Proposition


I don’t think she does westerns, but I wonder if Lianne Spiderbaby plagiarized any of our reviews lol.

I liked The Proposition, but 9,5 out of 10 seems very, very generous.

Amazing !..but then again I dislike the film with a passion.

Any particular reason, Ennioo?

I liked the atmosphere, the score and the violence, but din’t like some of the performances, notably John Hurt’s.

Pretty much everything you like about if for example I disliked. The atmosphere of the film was a big killer for me.

Did not like any of the performances in the film, the actors irritated me.

Ok film, but in no way better than the average spaghetti western (for example). The nice cinematography almost makes up for the crappy screenplay. Some stylish scenes of violence, but not much action. Didn’t care about the characters, due to them being poorly written. 6/10

I loved the film, a LOT, and I’d think it was way better than an “average” spaghetti, as most “average” spaghettis don’t have nearly that level of craftsmanship, nor do I remember most of them several years later.

“I don’t think she does westerns, but I wonder if Lianne Spiderbaby plagiarized any of our reviews lol.”

Only just read about this yesterday. Quite a story. Amazes me that someone with that kind of profile thought they could get away with it. I guess because, for a while anyway, she has been.